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Weeks 15 & 16: Back to Black, Holiday Break, and Christmas


So I decided I wanted to go back to black hair…my blonde was growing out, my roots were showing, blonde was washing out to more of an orange, and it really just wasn’t looking that great. 177 more words


Weekends are for me.

Today was another long day of walking through Barcelona. I didn’t do much today: I slept in, made lunch at home, took a nap, and then walked for miles through the city and along the beach. 159 more words

10:04 p.m.-Soon

there’s always a innocent soul in us waititng to be loved. we all wear hard shells outside, pretending to be stronger than we are. we don’t want to see the pity for us in someone’s eyes so we make ourself strong. 136 more words


Fast Friday 22/07/2016

After a week off to focus on some other writing, welcome to another week of ‘Fast Friday’ where I write about a few things I have been doing this week… 284 more words


sidetracked by a cutie: a limerick perhaps?!

there is a man in brighton,
who’s sat in starbucks, slowly writin’
’cause it may be health & wellbeing*,
but all he is seeing,
is the beautiful boy who he’s adorin’ … 23 more words


A little while longer....

Thank you so much for your support and caring. Thank you especially Pri and Amy, your messages meant so much to me during these difficult times….. 62 more words



On a summer afternoon, while Mira was washing dishes, the doorbell rings. She opened the door and found a kid from neighborhood in search of his ball. 229 more words