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Lazy Day

There comes a time in every person’s life when you have to take a step back and just slob for the day.  Today is that day. 71 more words

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The Height Of My Fame

Last week I went to the doctors for the start of my ‘looking after myself phase’.
There was the typical height and weight check, two things I have not checked in a very long time. 219 more words


The Break

You were fading away
Step by step
Then all at once
Taking away all traces of your existence
Like you were never a part of me. 127 more words


Summer(ish) Break

I decided a few weeks ago I’m going to run the Seattle Marathon in November. I haven’t run regularly in a couple years and getting back into the swing of it has been fun, if not a little tumultuous. 420 more words


Blogging Break

I’m leaving for a real vacation tomorrow. Decided to take the stress of writing blog posts off my shoulders at the same time. Looking forward to returning refreshed and energized when I return. 8 more words

Little Holidays Break

Just letting you know that I’ll be on holidays for 5 weeks. :)

Since I want to enjoy my holidays to the fullest, I won’t be using the internet much.

Take care everyone!