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SoCS: “Shake·spear·e·an·a:”to break or to brake, that tis the SOC ?

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I need a brake. Put on the breaks. Brake the bad news. Lunch brake. Heart brake.

Sure the grammar’s ssa srdawkcab; but think for a moment. 217 more words


summer's here

And i FINALLY have some time to write things down.

This last semester has been hectic AF. Grad courses while working on two different things at the same time is something I won’t recommend to anyone. 50 more words


#2: Injuries

Moo, thank Christ, has lived out her first three months pretty much injury free. She hasn’t even done the pre-requisite ninja roll off the changing table yet, which I’m taking as a testament to my great parenting (a questionable statement, as you’ll soon learn). 1,284 more words

Icebreakers And Introductions

Summer Break

I don’t know about all you, but summer break is just around the corner for us. Last summer we had a friend stay with us all summer (her husband was on deployment and she came to Michigan while he was gone) and our days were crazy but tons of fun. 157 more words


Coffee Break: How To Save Your First $100,000

Is it Wednesday?


No, it isn’t.

I am having some technical difficulties with today’s post so I changed up the order for the week so that I could stay on schedule. 211 more words

Oculus Break Update Prevents Playing Break Games on Vive

Last month, Alice reported on a hack that could possibly allow HTC Vive individuals slip right into the Oculus Rift event as well as play several of their unique online games including Lucky’s Tale as well as Oculus Dreamdeck. 14 more words