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I’m sorry for the absence. We’ll be back soon with more updates and stories.

Unfortunately, we’ve had a busy 2016. It started with our house getting kind of broken into (drunk girl broke the window in our room trying to get in, said she thought it was her friend’s house), then Savannah’s sister got extremely sick and had to be hospitalized, then Brian’s seizure and breaks, then my best friend started getting divorced, then my sister started having problems (and she misses me and my brother), Brian’s grandma was admitted to the hospital and now my lovely grandma passed away after a long fight with Alzheimers. 19 more words

Life As Danielle Knows It

Talking Point: Exactly what Games Are You Playing This Weekend break?-- Problem 101

After Event
Invite to What Games Are You Playing This Weekend break, our light-hearted attribute where we talk regarding exactly what games we’ll be enjoying this weekend break. 32 more words



Right now everyone is hectic in their perform.People awaken in the morning and pick work and this continues each day. Cash has grow to be so vital that individuals do not have time to devote with their families. 11 more words


Everything that begins has an end

Life leads to death

Growth to stagnation

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The simple cycle of nature

The simple path… 25 more words


Sinning while fasting [does it break the fast?]

It is reported that ‘Umar – Allâh be pleased with him – said: Fasting does not mean keeping away from only food and drink, it also means keeping away from lying, falsehood, inanity and swearing . 577 more words


How To Pick The Perfect Romantic Getaway

Nothing beats a spontaneous trip abroad…

With the best months of the year nearly upon us, we at HIPE wanted to dig deeper into what really makes a weekend break abroad, truly romantic. 284 more words


Coffee nap

The clock show lunch time, and in 20 minutes an important presentation and you feel as if you had not slept the last 18 years? One, two or eight cups of coffee here is unlikely to help: for the years of office work you have clearly developed a strong immunity to them. 110 more words