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A week of fun & laughter

FOUR DAYS on, and I am still absolutely gutted to be back home… Back to the dull lifestyle, of the North East! Last week, me and Yargs headed down to… 317 more words


Back...After a while.

It has been a while. A long very while. But I am back. To writing. To my dormant Passion. A lot has changed. A lot has been the same. 94 more words



Woke up again,
in the same desultory life,
to drag myself through yet another day
of fake smiles and fake words.

I need a break from existing, 66 more words


... of you in the marketplace

How much of myself must I trade before you finally begin to realize there isn’t much more to give beyond here. I cower when you speak for the fear you would lash out so venomously the acidity might reduce my being to a molten sludge as a slip away to nothingness in your mind. 614 more words

Random Thoughts

London - Frankfurt - Tokyo

My last three months – suits, ironing,  americanos, the client office, ms excel, paper, meetings, timetables, stress relief beer, stress relief chocolate and escapism netflix. 629 more words


Life Of Lynn: Summer Textile Exploration Program at NC State University

Hello readers! I am back again with the second half of my time at the STEP program at NC State University! This is going to cover Wednesday through Friday. 1,113 more words


How to recover from family dysfunction

How to recognize dysfunctional patterns from your family of origin, plus,, how to recover from family dysfunction…plus, the length of time required to break dysfunctional patterns… 26 more words