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PeKaNo - Starlight's Redemption | Breakcore

ANOTHER STARLIGHT SONG, WOOHOO! And it’s breakcore, a genre we don’t see that much of too. This lovely song is about Starlight and her journey. It seems to be encapsulating the season 5 finale, beginning slowly and gently and progressively building more power and speed. 17 more words

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As dawn comes, jungle noises mix with future technology. The beat is broken and yet it fixes, as a tropical heartbeat, the dystopian atmosphere of a happy but decaying mankind. 6 more words


[PTY] アイスベア - スパイクブレーク! | Breakcore

Ice Bear does it again! Coming from the Ponies That Yawn compilation of 2017, Inkling gives us a really trippy and psychedelic breakcore track. The breaks were well done and the synths were amazing! 18 more words

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Music: Runnin' (Lose It All)

This song is by, British record producer Naughty Boy, featuring American singer Beyoncé and English singer Arrow Benjamin.  It was released online on 18 September 2015.