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Tad's New Car

1. The day the car breaks down

Once upon a time,there was a kid named Tad. They always went for a drive.

One day,the car broke down. 204 more words


Don't Lose Your Heart by Dream on Dreamer

This is such a powerful song. It reminds me how we should never lose hope, never stop spreading love and support, and never give up on what we believe in. 824 more words


Summer 2017 #6 : Phong Nha, Vietnam

Phong Nha

Arrived: Sat 22nd July 2017 Departed: Mon 24th July 2017 Hostel: Heritage by Night

So, after arriving in Phong Nah by bus the night before, we gave ourselves a fully chilled day, waking up to no alarm and heading down for our free breakfast by the pool… One awesome thing about arriving somewhere new at night, is that when you wake-up, you see where you’ve arrived in daylight for the first time, it’s like going somewhere blindfolded to experience a big reveal in the morning.

3,236 more words

Keep it simple!

Cars are a fabulous thing – When they’re actually working!

You’ve met the vans, so now you get to meet ‘Big Blue’

Big Blue is my 2010 Renault Clio and my daily run around. 631 more words


Big Shaq Visits Singapore, Declares "Man is hot."

“Man is hot,” reported Big Shaq, recent worldwide-sensation rapper. “Man thought Man can never be hot, but here… here, Man is very hot.” Big Shaq continued to say, in the blistering 34°C weather. 97 more words

Big Shaq

Minimalist Watch - Breakdown

Today we do something more simple. This one you can make quickly and easily but still gives you a nice render.

Software & Plugins: Cinema 4D, Octane, Adobe After Effects, Frischluft Depth of Field. 870 more words

Rewrite by Darling Thieves

This is an originally Japanese song which was used in the original Fullmetal Alchemist series. The song I’m about to break down is the ‘official’ English version… 462 more words