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Bumblebee break down

Some disadvantages have advantages. While Ophelia brings heavy storm to Ireland the Netherlands are experiencing some of the warmest Autumn days ever on the other site of the Channel. 637 more words


Breakdown: How to pass all the guards, with Rob Biernacki

Rob Biernacki, of Back Attacks fame, taught a guard passing seminar at Gracie Barra Kirkland recently and they were kind enough to put the whole thing on YouTube. 82 more words


Dragons In the Dark - Chapter 18 - Secrets & Lies

Glory was awake. She felt groggy like she shouldn’t be awake yet. When she tried to move, she couldn’t and looked down to see the restraints on her hands. 3,202 more words


I guess I was hungry, I mean, that’s the logical explanation as to why I scarved down that burger in record time. Logic, it’s definitely not something that’s controlling my actions right now. 123 more words


gaps under doors

I can’t recall if the hydrangeas were in bloom

the blues        the crisp        the chlorine

the promise of a sharper life   or if they had died… 187 more words

Gesture Drawing and Landmarks

In the past weeks I have been exploring the first chapter of Hampton’s book and practiced Gesture Drawing with additional figure breakdowns. I have also established the formal elements of anatomy based on the terms most referred to throughout the book, which are… 1,158 more words

Abertay University

My Top Ten Tom Petty Songs

I’ve listened to a whole lot of Tom Petty over the past few days since we’ve learned of the legendary singer’s untimely death. Yet more than most artists, his songs (the majority with his group The Heartbeakers) have been part of our fabric forever. 138 more words