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Sneak Attack.

So you know where you think you are passed shit from the past, then all of a sudden it just comes back to you in full force? 760 more words

Pathway through hell

I feel I must begin with an apology and also a warning that this blog will be at times upsetting for vulnerable people but I feel I must at all times remain honest about my feelings and thoughts,as you read on you will begin to piece it together and understand what I mean. 511 more words


Good as Gold

Look at me when I’m talking to you!

Childhood numbness.

Adult depression.

“You don’t say much, do you?”





Half moons.

Bedevilled, dishevelled, in need of a level. 13 more words


Third year breakdowns

Third year breakdowns are definitely a thing. So much pressure, but at the the same time I’ve got so little motivation.

It’s just that I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life  228 more words



I’ve lost a little part of me.

I was really busy with my uni project last week and was invited to a wedding on Saturday. The problem was, I had arranged to meet a friend on Friday night but still hadn’t sorted my outfit and needed to buy a few things, so I was rushing around the city all day didn’t get home until 11pm. 1,048 more words

ILLUMINAE - up to 202

So this virus is seriously messed up. The survivors from the Copernicus are now being held in lockdown in bay 4 of the Alexander. When the commanders went to check in on them, the people went completely crazy and took out a lot of the people on that team, including Ezra’s best friend McNulty. 148 more words


- Take a Walk Around - (7/13/13)

Many of my journal entry titles come from lyrics in songs – this one, I remember, came from the Jack Johnson song, “Breakdown.” At the beginning of this entry, I am giving a picture of what my depression looks like (I do not presently condone suicide, though I did at the time of the entry). 652 more words

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