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Double Shot: Breakdown (1997) & Freeway (1996)

When one just isn’t enough! Guaranteed to keep you up all night seeing double by dawn! This week’s double dose: 


It’s the middle of the summer and people everywhere are hitting the road in an attempt to beat the heat and the mundane of life. 1,237 more words


How to escape from Cuba

Do you like river crossings?

Plan B?

While we were trying to come up with an alternative way to get to Santiago now we knew there was no chance of a train, a guy comes up to us and had seen me towing Egle into town. 1,928 more words


Precarious space

Knowing that I am in a precarious space and I should turn to various coping skills and distractions is not helping me actually do that. I *should* stand up and go get the clay for AJ to mess with because her desire for pain is increasing by the second, but I can’t seem to get myself unglued from this chair. 67 more words

Mental Health

Sudden tears and self deprecating thoughts. Yeah. No reason. Just stretched too thin.

Mental Health

On Insecurities and Self Sabotage -- I Just Can't Be Happy.

Right off the bat, I don’t know how long or short this post is going to be, because it’s mixing an idea I wanted to write about earlier in the day, forgot about, combined with another idea I had later. 874 more words

New Blog

Mid-Thirties Meltdown: What If the Universe Has Your Back?

By Denise Mills

Before my mid-thirties meltdown I was fairly successful, according to society’s standards of success. I was a Chartered Accountant and had been working in public practice for almost ten years and even though the wages started low (first year accountants often earn less than retail workers, just FYI), I’d earned my stripes and was finally doing reasonably well financially. 1,346 more words


Day of the Cyclone - Journal Entry 24th Feb 1980

It’s Sunday and the time is 4:50 pm. Destructive Cyclone Simon, also called Small Destructive Cyclone Simon, is 40 km away NNE and travelling toward us at 10 km/h. 1,015 more words

Journal Series