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What is Method?

The Art of War goes to some rhetorical extremes when talking about discipline and obedience. A lot of the time, based on The Art of War, man has become a herd of mindless machines, and while we understand human beings can not be turned into automatons. 1,025 more words


Accidentally On Purpose

Accidentally On Purpose (The Remains of the Day)


Breaking down my script

Taking my script idea as the basis for this discussion, I’d present my breakdown as follows:

The inciting incident is when the (as-yet unnamed) other customer mistakenly believes Michael has a gun. 157 more words


Just a little light bulb

I haven’t written much for this blog in a while, and for that I apologise. The main reason is I have decided to spend time in reflection. 461 more words


From Flashbacks to Breakdown

I went on a trip last night, back in time to 3 years ago. It wasn’t something I was expecting and took me by surprise. The flashbacks were intense and flooded me with panic. 629 more words

Girl, Interrupted

TW: Breakdown, self-harm 

‘Maybe I was just crazy. Or maybe I was just a girl…interrupted.’

No, this post is not about the book or film of the same name (although they are very good and I heartily recommend them). 1,748 more words