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Now I know what that really means...

I suppose we’ve all heard the phrase ‘choking back tears’, well I’ve it and read it many many times, and until today I thought I really understood what it meant! 266 more words


Jan Blachowicz vs Anthony Rumble Johnson

KO at any moment

Jan Blachowicz vs Rumble Johnson we have Jan a high level fighter with great fundamentals are grappling ability. Rumble as many know I’m a huge fan of his striking tactics, he has brilliant trapping ability and ridiculous speed and subsequent power. 175 more words


Not feeding it

Social Media has transformed relationships and break ups.

In spite of the fact his wife blocked me on his twitter, he told me that he checked my feed out several times a day through another account. 464 more words

Ptsd Relationship Breakdown Advice

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. My introduction thread is here https://www.myptsd.com/c/threads/this-is-me-thanks-for-reading.55388/ What I really need help with is this: I met my partner in 2012, we were together for a year and then I struggled to balance my relationship with my studies (I was severely depressed too, but in a world of pretending). 21 more words

Day 2

Finished work and walked into supportive friend mode. I spent so much time trying to help my friend want to fix herself that when I left I was ready to crumble. 122 more words

Breakdown: Sephiroth Vs Kefka

I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t the question: Is Kefka or Sephiroth the better bad guy? I love both Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII. 100 more words


Two kinds of awakening

My capacity to forgive has not stood me in good stead where he’s concerned. That, mixed with love and it’s been a disaster. Today my friend researched a brilliant set of blogs filled with compelling research about why men don’t leave their wives – and it could have been written about he and I. 336 more words