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Boss and Rain - Bifrost 2017 by Igor Zanic

Workflow for rain ripples:
– create rain with nParticles,
– render nParticles from top but using camera clip plane only to isolate particles around grid area… 12 more words


September Income and Spending

Gross income: £5,232.50

Minus tax and NICs: £1,349.67 (25.7%)

Net Income: £3,882.83

  • Spending: £1,949.61
  • Saving/debt repayment: £1,951.29

Savings rate: 50.02

Spending breakdown:

Net worth: 47 more words


Obstructions to overcome

Some people make me feel like I am talking to a wall. It is so thick, I have no idea if I am getting through to them at all. 504 more words



I felt a deep shame about what he did to me. I was humiliated.  I didn’t want any of my family to know, and I didn’t reach out to any of my friends.  211 more words



We had another fight this weekend. To be honest, it wasn’t a fight per se; it was more of a discussion, a civil argument, but the contents were just as meaningful as the big fights. 917 more words


Thoughts on training diary.

When I started training, I managed for quite some time (read months) to write down almost every technique we did during class. Although I felt that this helped me review and remember some techniques, it soon started to feel exhausting and almost mechanical. 386 more words


Meltdowns: When NO isn't enough

If it didn’t hurt so bad it would be funny how fast and severely things can deteriorate.

Saturday went from fine to confused enough for vodka to seem like a good idea – it wasn’t. 854 more words