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Insight After Yesterday's Meltdown

Don’t let this world make you bitter. Don’t let the actions of other ppl make you cold inside. Stuff happens. Ppl come, and then leave us. 175 more words


Photorealism is the Holy Grail of visual effects, and yet also one of the art form’s most challenging propositions. Read on to find out how Image Engine tackled the issue head­-on in a ground­-breaking shot for natural disaster movie. 12 more words


You Aren't Falling A Part, You're Just Living Life

Despite what you may think and feel when the world seems to be crashing down, know that it isn’t. Your heart may be torn in to pieces, but it’s still beating isn’t it? 978 more words


when your brain becomes the enemy

“You need to break up with him. You need to do what’s right for him, and send him packing. You are unworthy of him. You are a piece of shit.” This is what I woke up to yesterday morning. 637 more words

Talk to Me

I woke alone today,

Even though she slept at my side.

I haven’t anything to say,

But nothing left to hide.
Why do we suffer the quiet, … 192 more words

That Which Binds Us

Why must everything be so fragile,

And everyone so verbally docile?

Can’t we speak out minds

And shatter our binds?

That which holds us down, … 81 more words

The Committee has voted...

,,,,and says we’re fine.

The Committee, is the group of make believe members residing in my head. It seems most days the different members all feel, think, act different from each other so you end up feeling sort of like a train wreck sometimes. 16 more words