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7 tips for coping when your spouse travels ✈️

Believe me when I say that whether you have a toddler or a pre schooler, managing kids and yourself while your spouse travels on work is not easy. 463 more words


Breakdowns- redirecting your path

Having a breakdown is a crucial part of life. There are different types of breakdowns but the main focus here is when you’ve reached your limit. 899 more words


What's my age again?

I very clearly remember the first time someone told me I was funny, when I had been funny on purpose, obvs. I was young, at the kids’ table in a restaurant somewhere in Surrey, and was learning, I suppose, how to improvise. 604 more words


Land Of Lost Souls

Roses are bleeding.
My tears too seem red.
Then I heard a whisper.
“Soon you shall be one of us,
Dweller of the land of lost souls.” 42 more words


Avenged Sevenfold Discuss "Mad Hatter" In Second Episode Of Their "Breakdown" Video Series

Avenged Sevenfold have shared the second episode of their “Breakdown” video series. This one features the band discussing the writing and recording process for “Mad Hatter.” That track was written for “Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4” and it also appears on the group’s “Black Reign” EP along with their other “Call Of Duty” tracks.


So, now what?

  • work hard at school
  • go to university
  • get a good job
  • meet someone
  • buy a house
  • be miserable and unfulfilled

I’ve done a pretty good job at ticking off life’s to-do list and all before my 25th birthday, go me right? 134 more words


The ugly truth of People Pleasing...

I always thought that I could make a difference in the world. I learned early on that helping people and solving their problems was a great currency when it came to making new friends and fitting into a group of people. 1,063 more words