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Always to Blame, I am the Trigger

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing can ever erase the things you say to another human being, let alone your significant other. You can try, for years, to wipe certain slates clean but take it from me, when it comes to hurtful words which includes words that you must have spat out in the heat of some argument or insults you did not mean at all, you will regret them for the rest of your life. 489 more words


You Can't Yell the Anxiety Out of Me

I want to first make note of my progress.  Since starting this blog I haven’t had an appearance related breakdown.  Yey!

I’ve been doing pretty good with the mirror thing.   1,007 more words


Another Year Older

For as long as I can remember, every time a New Year or a birthday strikes me I am hit with some kind of epiphany about life. 728 more words


What It’s Like To Be In An Abusive Relationship

I’ve never really spoken to many people about what happened to me four years ago. I kept it quiet as I was ashamed what I had lead myself into. 2,036 more words


can you calculate
the half life of a mind
from the first
nervous breakdown


A Little Better

Yesterday was a cry-fest.
It’s when you know that you have no way out but to have your total surrender.
Somehow, it felt good. Way, way better. 99 more words


Oh Hello Mental Breakdown

This kind of never happens to me. Myself and most of my family has been very stressed out over a number of “aww dang, SERIOUSLY?!” Events this last week. 227 more words