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Climb Every Mountain Higher

Yes, I am quoting a song that undoubtedly helped shape the early noughties pop scene. The shame of it.

However, I am doing so because it so describes me at the minute. 649 more words

6 Tips For Surviving The Next MRT Breakdown

(Source: blog.moneysmart.sg)

MRT delays are a way of life in Singapore. Over the last decade, we’ve come to terms with the fact that those days of near-100% reliability are never coming back. 773 more words

Money Matters

Taboo Table Talk #59-Looping Back To OCD with Liz Tripoli


Comedian Liz Tripoli brings her Zhoozh and breaks down the ideas and categories of comedy and the reason why we find things funny. Also, how both Krish & Liz’s mental illnesses led them to the stage to do comedy! 28 more words

Cultural Commentary

You've lost me at 'fucking Russians' - Solar Flare by Rodney Romig

I do not usually do this. I do not quit books mid-way because they are boring, confronting  or outright bad. Being a Journalist and Writer myself I feel for the author. 369 more words



I have been suffering from a crushing migraine since Sunday.

I was fine until barely husband came to drop Raven off.

We hardly spoke but I am convinced his negative energy caused it. Ugh!


My favorite buffet resto

It was only my third visit to Guevarra’s but I can definitely say that this place is my favorite non-hotel buffet restaurant.  This is me trying to breakdown and understand what I like about the place and the food. 896 more words



Had a full-on breakdown in the grocery store last night. 9pm. In an empty aisle filled with granola bars. I just wanted to pick one and go. 144 more words