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Honey Bunches Of Woes

Cap’n Crunch is part of

Military-industrial cornplex

Shredded wheat is, well, shredded

Post Toasties are shy

But, very modernist.

Life should not be simply cereal… 201 more words


The 5 Lessons I’ve Learned about Breakfast Cereals

I started this article with the rather provocative headline, “Are breakfast cereals bad for our kids?” Three weeks, 20-plus packs of cereal, one hard-working calculator, and a very understanding husband later, the answer to that question is somewhat fuzzy – (you can read a summary in   1,223 more words

Breakfast Cereal

What does a good breakfast look like?

How much sugar, salt or fat occurs naturally in a food is something we can’t control – apart from choosing not to eat it. 1,154 more words


Deciphering the Code: An Easier Way to Read Nutrition Labels

If you buy a supermarket own-brand breakfast cereal then chances are you’ll see something like the photo on the left on the front of the packet. 1,029 more words


Breakfast Cereal: My Wake-Up Call
This article started life as a short 300 word blog post that I was meant to publish two weeks ago. I’d read some particularly negative reports and articles about how breakfast cereals contained high levels of fat, sugar and salt despite claiming to be healthy. 1,052 more words


Are Breakfast Cereals Bad for our Kids?

Did you know that the amount of sugar in your children’s bowl of cereal could add up to more than half of their recommended daily limit?  443 more words


Feel Free To Skip Breakfast Again

My apologies for inadvertently publishing an incomplete post this morning. And my thanks to my many readers who notified me of same.

I was asked a question on my Facebook page: “Do I take requests? 539 more words

Diet And Heart Disease