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Are You Eating a Bowl of Candy for Breakfast?

The Low-Down on Breakfast Cereals: How to make the right choice.

Food packaging and labels can trick you very easily. Sometimes you think you’re making the healthy breakfast choice but in reality you’re choosing a high glycemic index, low protein, sugar-filled cereal with poor nutritional content. 315 more words


March 12 (Day 71 of 365)

A cheerier image today. Presenting King Willy Weeties, a presence on the family breakfast table for many a decade.

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IPhone Project 365

Peeps® Porridge Hot

If you have nine days to spare waiting around for pea soup to sit in a pot, then go for it. If however you’re up for a more timely repast, Peeps® Porridge Hot is for you. 403 more words

More Peep Fun!

Review of Kellogg's Frosties

When I am on holiday I like to have these as a little sweet treat for breakfast. I think they can be an occasional great part of breakfast as they can be easily enjoyed without milk. 179 more words

Lactose Free

A-Z Challenge 2015 - C is for...Crunchy Nut Glorious Oat Granola

Ok it’s got raisins and dried fruits and nuts, all healthy. And it’s  got clusters of rolled oat granola which sounds healthy too. The end result is that it’s damn tasty, but this is one sugar-filled cereal! 285 more words

OatBox Cereal

You can literally have everything delivered right to your house these days…even your breakfast.

Oatbox is a subscription service that delivers two seasonally-inspried, artisan granola mixes to your house once a month. 230 more words