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He was Buckwheat Kasha

I regularly go to Saturday markets and I often see a man there who makes grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup to sell. He has often given me an eye and I’ve just smiled back giving it no further thought. 591 more words

Bad Date

Men and Cereal

Men and Cereal are very similar. You walk down an aisle with your cart looking to try new varieties and experience different taste some leave you unsatisfied and others are so entertaining with no nutritional value others are very healthy choices but with no excitement and at the end of the day you are looking for that bowl of cereal or man who you can wake up to every morning that makes you happy with out the thought of what else is down that cereal aisle.

Bad Date

Food Reviews: Invasion of the Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cereal

My name is Leona, and I am a pumpkin-o-holic.

I happily admit to ticking off the calendar days until the pumpkin spice latte makes its fall debut at Starbucks. 500 more words


'Brexit' to officially become a breakfast cereal

The Government has unveiled a brand new breakfast cereal to help boost optimism about the prospect of the UK leaving the EU – ‘Brexit’. 486 more words


Kellogg's Ancient Legend Sultana & Seeds

Kellogg’s has launched a new range of musli, cereals and granola made with Ancient grains. The product range comes in 6 variates including 2 Cereal, 2 Muesli & 2 Granolas. 219 more words



The appeal of kid’s breakfast cereal is undeniable. Nutrition has nothing to do with it. I’d even argue that flavor isn’t much of a factor. I think it’s sugar, bright colors and, in many cases, the character on the box. 208 more words

Opposite Day

Fruit Islands Cereal

Fruit Islands is my Rosebud. It represents a lost childhood innocence that I shall likely never reclaim, and I have a Proustian relationship with this cereal such that as I write this, I can actually taste, ever so faintly, these Cookie Crisp-shaped pieces, hear the satisfying crunch as each “island” succumbs to the force of my clenching teeth and feel the resulting shrapnel tearing through the tender flesh along the roof of my mouth. 648 more words