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From 1882: Hot Egg Salad

My semester is finally winding down – my first PhD semester. How do I feel? Bad. That’s it; just bad. I mean, I’m loving all the stuff I’m learning, and I love researching and writing, but talk about taking a lesson in humility. 488 more words

Historic Kitchen


     Breakfast.  It was what was for dinner at the Westover house.  Yummy!  I use both AP flour and bread flour in my waffles, but you don’t have to.  291 more words

Pumpkin Waffles

Last night we had over 200 trick or treaters! That is unusual for us. We usually have about 100-150. It was extra cold this year 38 degrees and overcast so I thought maybe we would get 100. 296 more words


Pumpkin Roll Pancakes with Sweet Cream Cheese Filling

Is it dessert? Is it dinner? Why yes it is! Have you seen the pumpkin rolls with the cream cheese filling? This is a take-off on that idea. 338 more words


Crustless Quiche Lorraine or as My Family Says "Egg Pie"

My family likes quiche but when the kids were little they would not eat quiche. That was too weird sounding to them. They would eat egg pie but not quiche. 224 more words


Pear Butter Weight

Let’s be honest: there’s baby weight, and then there’s grad school weight.  And as long as we’re putting on weight, may as well make it worth it.   232 more words


Learning Kitchen: Cornbread Failure and Success - BfD pt. 2

The other night, I tried to make cornbread using a pretty basic recipe that I found online, and while the flavor was terrific, the texture and moisture level were pretty dismal. 232 more words