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What's for Dinner?

“What’s for dinner?”, is the first question I was asked during a late afternoon phone call.  Followed by, “not chicken”.  Several thoughts quickly ran through my head.   340 more words


Blueberry Ginger Pie Milkshake

Somehow it quickly turned into one of those Breakfast for Dinner nights, tonight.  And, even then I needed something to feed them immediately.  When this happens, I have time to throw together a pre-dinner veggie snack plate or dump a bunch of stuff in the Vitamix and bust out a satiating smoothie. 234 more words


Too Good to be Contained

Hey kids,

Breakfast is the best meal of the day; let it happen anytime it wants and especially for dinner.

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Jamie's super eggs

I received a copy of Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food cook book for Christmas last year. I haven’t used it all that much but am planning to sit down this afternoon and bookmark a couple of recipes to try out on the family over the next week or so. 383 more words

Blog Magic

Breakfast for Dinner tonight.

Sometimes the kids enjoy what we consider, a FUN dinner!

Tonight was one of those nights. Homemade waffles with a dash of vanilla extract and cinnamon…topped with strawberries, honey, and whipped cream. 38 more words


Waffles for breakfast... or whenever

Aren’t waffles, real waffles, the greatest treat!  I mean, I will pop an Eggo on a school morning or make a quick “breakfast stack” with a frozen waffle (more on that another time).   427 more words


The Art of the Leftover

No sense in letting good food go to waste. Leftovers are economical for you and better for the environment than throwing out your extra food. Even if you don’t have enough to make a full dinner, that doesn’t doom your leftover food to the garbage bin or compost pile. 145 more words