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How to Make Plain and Simple Sweet Dalia | Recipe

It’s been quite a time I had blogged. I underwent a small surgery recently and so the irregularity in posts. It would be for quite sometime. 177 more words


Chai Spice Pancakes (vegan)

I made these pancakes for brunch this weekend and they were a big hit! My entire house smelled like delicious Chai tea. I was craving Chai tea this weekend which inspired me to make pancakes with the same flavors that are in it. 387 more words


Avocado Spirulina Protein Smoothie Bowl (vegan, gluten free)

Have you ever heard of Spirulina or had it in a smoothie and wondered what it is? Spirulina is actually a type of algae that is found in some bodies of water naturally. 460 more words


Creamy French Toast

French Toasts have been HI’s favorite weekend breakfast items since forever (that’s ever 362 more words


an old favorite ... Date Nut Bread

I’m drowning in dates right now and not the good kind of dates a girl would like to be drowning in. Actual dates. Dried fruits. With pits. 819 more words


Calming Green Protein Smoothie

If you’re looking for a “go to” smoothie to make every morning – this is it! This smoothie is high in plant based protein and fiber and also contains calming turmeric. 223 more words


use it all ... Post Christmas Eggnog Buns

Every year while visiting my mother for the holidays, I buy eggnog. Every year, I forget to drink it. And every year, a few days after Christmas when I’m back in Chicago, I receive a phone call from my mother that is basically this: “I TOLD you, you wouldn’t drink the damn eggnog. 933 more words