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Mini Banana Muffins - Vegan, Gluten Free

I was doozing off on my yoga mat, in an attempt to read about the mircobiome, while waiting for Jie to come home on Sunday. 378 more words

Chocolate Chip Strawberry Oat Bran Nutty Muffins

These moist and flavorful muffins packed with beautiful strawberries and speckles of chocolate will start your day off with a guiltless smile and maybe even a happy dance. 502 more words


Fresh Orange and Dark Chocolate Muffins


These muffins are great for breakfast with your coffee or tea or just for a pick-me-up snack in the middle of the day. 463 more words


Amazing Omelet Muffins Recipes for Breakfast

Watch the video of Omelet muffins recipes; you can yummy omelet muffins easily by watching this video. Follow the steps showed in this video to make omelet muffins which are in taste. 33 more words


Not all muffin tops are bad

Good morning everyone,

With 2 kids in the house, we are normally up around 7am every morning. However, my hubby and I recently came up with a weekend deal so we can both enjoy a bit of “time out” and being spoilt with a cup of coffee and breakfast in bed before the day starts. 188 more words

Healthy Eating

Day 5! The end of week one is in sight........

Today I kept myself busy, another longer lie in bed mind you took up some of the morning ­čśĽ going to need to change that asap with a new job starting 1st Feb and working office hours which is my first office hours job in a year and a half, minimum. 281 more words

Breakfast Muffins

Love omelettes, but don’t have the time?

simply whack your omelette ingredients into a muffin tin and pop in the oven.


1 egg per muffin (Beaten with salt and pepper to season) 154 more words