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Holy (Calorie) Bomb! Chicken and Waffles

This marks the beginning of a random series (meaning I’ll post when I find them) called Holy Bomb! which will highlight times when something looks so innocent, but then you find out it totally isn’t. 129 more words

Hypoglycemic Diet

Stacked Breakfast Sandwich

Stacking your food isn’t new. Nor is stacking it on or in bread. This method can be handy, & quite helpful really. It’s pretty tasty as well. 738 more words

Sausage, Egg N’ Cheese


Sausage, Egg N’ Cheese- Keeping on the theme of breakfast sandwiches, gave Shake Shack b-sandy a shot. If you’re looking for a traditional breakfast sandy, this nails it. 88 more words


PLT w/ Egg


PLT W/ EGG- This is the golden standard of all breakfast sandwiches. Fresh pancetta (sold), lettuce, and tomatoes. Housemade Aioli (you win). Although there’s no egg that comes with it, it’s well worth the extra $1 to add it- it really completes the sandwich. 106 more words


Vegan Slow-Cooker Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili

Here is a simple and quick slow cooker recipe for my delicious and filling black bean sweet potato chili. It is vegan, healthy, easy to make, and cheap too, so you and your wallet can stay full and… 9 more words


Wednesday Special Spotlight HL Carpenter The Demise of Fyne Literature

Wednesday Special Spotlight

Shines On

A breakfast sandwich by HL Carpenter that makes you want to wake up in the morning.

Cheese sandwiches for breakfast anyone? 721 more words


Family Home: How To Make The Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever

Sandwiches are perfect for breakfast, snacking and lazy days. In case you were wondering how to make the perfect sandwich for breakfast, here’s an idea for you. 200 more words