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Bijna Pasen

Het is bijna Pasen en ik heb er nog niets mee gedaan! Hoe kan dat nou? Normaal ben ik zo into the holidays dat iedereen er gek van wordt, maar met Pasen ligt dit toch een beetje anders. 228 more words


Guacamole poached eggs with crispy speck

I love this as a brunch it’s really packed with flavour and the chilli gives it a nice kick..great if you’ve had one too many the night before. 221 more words


Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss

No longer do you have to rely on the plain and simple egg whites and oatmeal morning routine. There are many other tasty meals you can add into your breakfast mix and still successfully lose weight. 248 more words

Health And Wellness

Celtics Game Recap & Monday

On Sunday, my friend Erin (my old co-worker) kindly invited me to attend the Celtics game against the Clippers and clearly I accepted!  One, because I haven’t seen Erin in a while and two because it’s always fun to go to sporting events! 488 more words


Healthy Tip Tuesday - 4 Simple Tips to Eat Healthy

I’ve been considering recently slowing down on my Healthy Tip posts, I posted on Instagram yesterday that I just wasn’t sure if I was giving these tips my all and because I don’t want to deliver rushed content to you guys I’m wondering if I should move these tips to once a month or possibly leave them up to spontianity and post whenever I’ve got a good tip! 551 more words


Lemon blueberry loaf/cake

I am not a huge cake fan – any kind of dessert involving cake or sponge does not really get me very excited.  I especially don’t like tier cakes, they look beautiful (well at least the ones other people make, mine tend to look like a toddler’s craft project) but the combo of cake and then very rich icing is too much of a good thing for me. 400 more words


Banana-Almond Butter French Toast Sandwiches

I was in Vegas two weeks ago and one morning my friends and I went to breakfast. (This doesn’t always happen). It was our first morning there and we hadn’t yet been sucked in to all the Vegas has. 335 more words