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Pancakes for two.

I woke up this morning with a real hankering for pancakes. I quickly brushed this off. ‘Don’t be ridiculous Tess. Alex is on nightshift. All of this effort with a 6 month old babe for one.’ Then as I was feeding Emilia and trawling through ‘wholemeal spelt pancakes for one’ archives, it dawned on me. 604 more words

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Protein Oat Pancakes

What better way to refuel after a workout than some yummy protein pancakes !! These are so simple to make, very macro friendly and the perfect filling breakfast! 72 more words


Oat with Mango

I used to think cooking oat and instant oat are not much different other than their preparation method. But when one day, my mum prepared breakfast using cooking oat, oh my! 107 more words


Oat & Flax Pancakes (gluten-free + dairy-free)

I absolutely love pancakes…but I’ve been avoiding gluten lately due to some personal health reasons (may have a gluten intolerance or celiac…but still being tested), so I’ve been exploring many gluten-free food options that taste just as delicious as they look! 293 more words


The sea and the sky

What do you see when you look out to the blue ocean? What do you see when you look up to the clear sky? Yes, but what do you feel? 50 more words


Winter Spiced Quinoa Porridge

It winter here and Melbourne, and mornings are becoming harder and harder to remove myself from my bed.

When it’s this dark and cold everyday, you really need something that’s going to warm your insides up and put that spring back into your step! 224 more words


Phantom Eggs (Now you see them, Now you don't)

About the Name:

I’ll be honest.  I’m not entirely certain where this name comes from.  I think it comes from the 42nd Nancy Drew book,  424 more words

Nancy Drew