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Crispy Waffles!

This morning I woke up and decided, hmmm I think I’m gonna make some waffles.  When I made waffles as a kid, I used to use instant pancake mix so the waffles always turned out soft rather than crispy with a fluffy inside.   231 more words

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First Breath

first breath in morning

slowly leaving land of dreams

smell of smoked bacon

entering busy kitchen

family greets with warm smiles


Image: http://photobucket.com

Tanka style poetry by David Andre Davison

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Ice Cream, Stat!

Straight from the oven, it’s piping hot.

With speed so fast, I would shame a cheetah,

Molten cheese fuses to the roof of my mouth. 9 more words

3-Minute Poem

Breakfast is ready!

Griddle Creek.  It’s a Breakfast Story!  Books now available.