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Breaking and Entering - chapter 6

The boy had to use his utmost concentration to walk down the steps to the ground floor. His body was experiencing something that he couldn’t place. 581 more words


Breaking and Entering - chapter 5

The woman was – and had never really been – aware of the anger that could shoot out of her eyes at moments. Her inner world was a maelstrom of mixed emotions. 951 more words


Breaking and Entering - chapter 4

The boy had entered the bathroom almost visibly shaking from excitement. He had broken into the queen’s den, the holy of holies. It was like he had been following a tv show and he had just entered the stage. 938 more words


First World Problems

These past few days have been the worst. Two days ago I had a guest at work that was basically the devil incarnate. She made my job for those fifteen minutes a living hell (seriously, I almost quit on the spot because of this woman). 637 more words

Breaking and Entering - chapter 3

The woman walked away from the boy’s house consciously slowing down her breathing, a trick she learned from one of her friends who could only talk about yoga. 1,012 more words


Breaking and Entering - chapter 2

Like every morning his alarm clock rang at 7:55, and the boy jumped out of bed, straight to his new favorite place behind the curtains. He never used to be a morning person before – his mother had given up on him ever being on time at school, she had pretty much given up on him completely – but ever since he had discovered the woman behind the window across the street, the adrenaline rushed through his body when the eight hour of a new day was approaching. 1,098 more words


Breaking And Entering Presents: An Evening With Eagle Trace and Hemispheres

Breaking And Entering is proud to present Eagle Trace and Hemispheres live at The Tonic Tavern on February 17th! This is the first of a monthly concert series to be held at The Tonic Tavern, and we have two great acts to kick things off. 184 more words