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Ink Ribbon #3 - Silent Hill 2 LP, Project Zomboid and lawyers

Bit of a short week this week as I’ve been away since Friday visiting some family down south. Four months ago my sister gave birth to a little baby boy, Thomas. 1,954 more words

Ink Ribbons

mad man

haven’t even started my day yet, but yet i’m still so tired. what was it that ol’ benny frank said? i wish i never had to go to work, even though my job is so fucking easy, it’s that i’ve worked there so long, the work is entirely uninteresting, unchallenging, and there is such little to do that it makes it even more boring, when i actually go in. 1,487 more words


Acting Spotlight: Anna Gunn in Breaking Bad | Seroword

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Breaking Bad is an acclaimed television show that ran from 2008-2013 starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer.  193 more words



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Television as a medium is less than one hundred years old, yet in the sense of a broadcast over radio waves, it seems doomed as the rise of “streaming” sites takes over the role of providing the entertainment traditionally provided by broadcast television. 1,237 more words


TV's Top Five Badasses

So we’ve been binge watching Netflix’s Daredevil series lately, and with Charlie Cox’s performance as Matt Murdock/Daredevil we’ve found ourselves with a new TV badass. Cox’s performance got us thinking about all our other favorite screen badasses, so here’s our list of the most memorable list of tough guys and girls. 758 more words

The Small Screen Scene

The Staycation

I’m all about stepping/driving/rickshaw-ing outside your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territory, but sometimes you just have to settle with a staycation. Ah, the staycation. A vacation at home for those who most likely maxed out their credit card on a rickshaw experience in a foreign country. 197 more words


Q-boy Short # 27 The Man To Plan Your Scam's Sam / The History Of Q-boy Part 25 (Censored)

Q-boy Short # 27 The Man To Plan Your Scam’s Sam / The History Of Q-boy Part 25 (Censored)

If you know your Breaking Bad you probably get where I was going with this one.  130 more words