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Wanting to be the good guy: a review of "Better Call Saul" Season 2.

Spoilers ahead, you are advised not to read if you have not finished season 1 (but it’s safe to read if you have not finished season 2). 970 more words

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The Cousins

Marco and Leonel Salamanca (known as ‘the cousins’) were twin brothers and hit men who worked for the Juarez Cartel, a Mexican drug cartel. They were referred to as the cousins because they were cousins to Tuco Salamanca who was a psychopathic kingpin for the Juarez Cartel. 16 more words

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Hank Schrader

Hank Schrader is a very important main character in this series. He is the brother-in-law to Walter White, and works as an agent for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). 48 more words

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Best Eps: Breaking Bad - “One Minute”

In this feature I take a look at one episode that marks a high point in a television series.  It’s not necessarily the absolute best a series has to offer, but it’s an episode that remains lodged in memory long after I first watched it. 427 more words


... or: How I learned to stop bingeing and love the wait

Let’s say I was given a choice: either I give up all the movies in my collection or I say goodbye to all the box sets I’ve got. 734 more words


Banshee… Murder and Mayhem in Mayberry

A Banshee is a fabled, wailing creature, usually a feminine presence – fairy or spirit. Tales and legends about these beings are common throughout Ireland and Great Britain and range from beautiful specter to hag to murder victim or a woman dead from childbirth. 577 more words

Review: The Path Season 1 Episode 6 "Breaking and Entering"

While some new additions and storylines are exciting, The Path still seems focussed on more unecessary charactesr who do add significance to the story, but seem too much of an afterthought to be interesting to the viewer, however, the show’s ability to reveal details in a subtle but still intriguing manner is able to keep the interest high, with some beautiful parallels between Sarah and Cal that works wonder for their development and allowing the audience insight into their reasoning. 8.7/10