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'Better Call Saul' is exactly what we needed

While there may be dozens of fantastic shows out there, in my opinion, “Breaking Bad” is by far the best. The artistic appeal, the impeccable storyline, and the strong acting performances are only a few of the reasons why I can sit down and watch “Breaking Bad” over and over. 443 more words


'Stakes are a lot higher' for Better Call Saul in Season 2

Sacrilege though it may sound, I must confess that I prefer Better Call Saul to Breaking Bad.

Of course, this is just based on the first 10-episode season of Better Call Saul and two already-viewed instalments of Season 2, which debuts Monday at 10 p.m. 1,514 more words


Who Writes This Stuff?

Hubby and I are probably the last couple in the U.S. to discover the drama series “Breaking Bad.” Living and traveling in an RVĀ using Wally World parking lots, family driveways, and over-the-air antennas will seldom get you much in the way of serious TV other than news and weather–if luck is holding. 483 more words

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Men Who Drink at Breaking Bad-Inspired Coffee Bars.

There’s no denying that Breaking Bad was among the ranks of the great shows of the past decade. Be that as it may, a themed coffee bar (it’s too sophisticated to be called a coffee shop) in its honor is hardly the look it needs to perpetuate its roguish persona. 104 more words

Going for the kill

Note: Spoilers follow for the X-Files episode “Home Again.”

One of the unexpected but undeniable pleasures of the tenth season of The X-Files is the chance it provides to reflect on how television itself has changed over the last twenty years. 1,025 more words