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Cooking Breaking Bad cocktails at ABQ London

“Cocktails, bitch!” would have said Jesse Pinkman if only he had known about London’s Breaking Bad inspired pop up cocktail bar ABQ. And since we’re all trying to fill the void that the the end of one of the best TV series of all time left in our hearts, it seems only fitting that I went out and filled it with cocktails. 411 more words

What To Do In London

i am the one who knocks

In recent news – the paper that I submitted over the summer was accepted! It’s a start and I wish we could have done more in it, but there’s always more to do. 860 more words


Spotlight: Krysten Ritter - Why You Should Trust the B----

A few short years ago, the name Krysten Ritter was not nearly so recognizable as it is now, despite the ringing of familiarity most people would have at seeing her soulful eyes and pretty face. 731 more words


SN: The simplicity of Good vs. Evil

SN: The simplicity of Good vs. Evil

The idea of good vs. evil is as old as time. It’s reflected in countless religions, myths, and art dating back thousands of years. 426 more words


Why We Love....Breaking Bad

Well where do you start? There’s just so much about this show that works. It didn’t outstay it’s welcome is an important one. I don’t think there’s many fans of the show who think “well it started good, but it went a bit downhill in the later seasons”. 610 more words

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Afternoon Funnies- Life In a Modern Age Edition

Also known as “Watson Didn’t Want to Write an Article today and Just Dumped a Bunch of Pictures Off His Phone”. ¬†Click on for a mild chuckle.

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