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Breaking Bad Season 1 (tv)


most people don’t want to watch this show because it is about drugs. It is about drugs but it also isn’t about them in a good way. 173 more words


My Top 5 Dark TV Shows

Dark fiction makes me feel like I’m being let in on a secret. In our daily lives, few people want to talk about death, hardship, or pain. 1,734 more words



‘Trumbo’: Scribe refusing to name names meant carrying on by adopting others

By Tom Meek

Back during the Red Scare and Cold War years, Hollywood relegated many talented filmmakers and artists to the blacklist, making them untouchable and unhirable through the naming of names by people themselves worried they’d be called out as Communists and become unable to keep working. 429 more words


Let's Talk About... Breaking Bad- Season Three

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be discussing Breaking Bad season three! 1,196 more words

TV Corner

'Better Call Saul' Debuts On Netflix

Before he was called Saul, he was just Jimmy

Season Two of the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series Better Call Saul, consisting of 10 episodes, will premiere exclusively on Netflix on Tuesday 16th February 2016. 150 more words

Culture & Arts

Something about welcoming, Breaking Bad, and my laziness

It may interest you to know that I almost titled this “Welcome to my blog, BITCH!” and then I remembered I’m not Jessie Pinkman and can’t get away with excessively referring to everyone and thing as a “bitch”. 192 more words

Circling the Sun, Breaking Bad and Making Sense of the Senseless

I’ve read West with the Night twice. The memoir by Beryl Markham – an extraordinary woman born in England and raised in British East Africa in the 1900s – is so good that I would run my fingers over the page to experience the texture of her words and absorb the wisdom of her experience through the tips of my fingers. 962 more words