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Better Call Saul 1.7 - "Bingo"

I was away from Better Call Saul for two weeks. The Mexican prison in which I was caged had neither televisión nor computadora, and for some reason the chip in my brain that live-streams anything and everything related to… 745 more words

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Incredibly Cool Details You Might Have Missed From This Week’s ‘Better Call Saul’

1. The Better Call Saul Insider podcast was taped several weeks ago, but in the meantime, the writer/director of the episode, Thomas Schnauz, got married. 795 more words


Men: Why Are They All Sociopaths?

Throughout the course of history, a great many “men”–both real and fictional–have proven themselves to be utterly sociopathic. From Napoleon Bonaparte to Walter White, tendencies toward megalomania and a general lack of conscience have run rampant among the collective male psyche. 89 more words

The Truth Comes Out In The End

So I thought working this Sandpiper case with my brother Chuck was the best thing ever to happen. Finally, Chuck and me were a team. Just like it should be. 950 more words

Better Call Saul

My Big Bro

For so many years I’ve looked up to my brother. Always wanted to be as great as he is, always tried to make him proud and trying to give him something to be proud of. 373 more words

Better Call Saul

She Who Makes My Heart Skip A Thousand Beats

There’s this girl I know. I’ve known her for a long time and we’re close friends. She’s always there for me when I need her. She’s always got my back despite the risk of losing her job because her dick wod boss can’t stand me. 208 more words

Better Call Saul

A Selfless Act

I had the chance to advance, to have my own fancy office and at least look successful. To move out of that dangerous, cramped back room in the salon and at least step up a notch but then came a time when I had to make a selfless act. 631 more words

Better Call Saul