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A Review: August Loot Crate, Villains 2

It’s about time that I’m back on the Loot Crate subscription. After canceling to save money for SDCC, I am back! AND THIS CRATE KNOCKED IT OUT! 198 more words

A Review:

'Mythbusters' Tests Out Final 'Breaking Bad' Showdown

Oh, so it’s really the “Mythbusters” team who are the ones who knock?

With all the loose ends tied up in the “Breaking Bad” finale, which aired in 2013 on AMC, there are some things in particular that fans still want to know: Would it really have been possible for Bryan Cranston’s anti-hero, Walter White, to build his ammo-filled booby trap? 110 more words


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Most and Least Satisfying Show Finales, According to IMDb

“Seinfeld”, “The Sopranos”, and “How I Met Your Mother” all have one thing in common. They all left fans/viewers unsatisfied when it came to the final episode. 120 more words


The 'Breaking Bad' Trunk-Mounted Machine Gun Gets The 'MythBusters' Treatment

Discovery aired a Breaking Bad-themed episode of MythBusters earlier this summer, so you may have already seen the clip above, but they didn’t upload the video to YouTube until now. 201 more words


Unboxed: Villians 2 August Lootcrate

I have been ordering Lootcrate for almost a year now.  I used to be one of the first to get their crates but the last two months though, it seems I’m dead last.   162 more words

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