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How Breaking Bad Breaks My Bad

Let’s start off with a little mad science why don’t we …


I will not be held responsible for damages to self, relationships, or property due to not following the directions. 581 more words


Better Call Saul is Perfectly Serviceable, and that's the Problem

The challenge that Better Call Saul came up against when it premiered was how it could create drama even though it’s destination has already been predetermined. 601 more words


Notes on pain and survival

I had begun to limp due to a life sized pimple which was full of pus. Oh God, the pain was excruciating. I couldn’t eat properly, neither could I sleep independently. 944 more words

Disability in Breaking Bad

*Be advised. This article contains plot spoilers.*

Breaking Bad, a show which focuses on the life of meth-cooking chemistry teacher, Walter White, features a surprising number of characters with disability for a show which deals ostensibly with the construction of a drug empire. 833 more words


It’s Back … Better Call Saul. Scenes from the Los Pollos Hermanos Promotion in NYC.

Better Call Saul, created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, and starring Bob Odenkirk (shown in the promotional poster above), Michael McKean, Jonathan Banks, and Rhea Seehorn, makes its Season 3 premier on AMC on April 10, 2017. 284 more words

"Better Call Saul", Mempelajari Cara-Cara Marketing dari Jimmy McGill si Pengacara yang Baru Merintis


Better Call Saul (2015) merupakan sebuah prequel spin-off serial televisi US Breaking Bad (2008-2013). Kisah buatan Vince Gilligan ini menceritakan kisah Jimmy McGill sebelum ia menjadi Saul Goodman. 838 more words

Customer service assistant swears he'll repeatedly stab you in the throat with his Bic ballpoint pen

ALBUQUERQUE—Having had enough of your bullshit, a customer service assistant “just snapped” yesterday and swore that he will, at an unspecified time in the future, repeatedly stab you in the throat with his Bic ballpoint pen. 323 more words