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Breaking dawn

light dominion

stars buried in our hearts

Talk of the sun’s dominance

A joy behold

Being and keeping a happy face

letting the breathless be a breath to talk about… 205 more words


Disney Song Tag

I saw this over on Books Over People and thought it looked like fun. I’m also stealing all the gifs she used! Feel free to tag yourself if you want to do it! 224 more words

Breaking Dawn-Stephenie Meyer Review

I finished Breaking Dawn earlier this week and it’s been so long since I was able to finish a book that fast. I had a serious book hangover. 307 more words


Immortal Love

In the passenger seat of my cousin Kelly’s 1993 Toyota Camry, I observed the time on the car radio; 10:45 am. If I was responsible, I would’ve been in class then, staring at the clock in agony. 1,088 more words


Are you a Twilight Saga fan??

If the answer is yes, then you really should give National Twilight Night a like on Facebook.

NTN is a haven for all the lovers of the Twilight saga :) 31 more words


Review: Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer

Twilight #4

Bella Swan is finally marrying her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen. Her father Charlie seems to be accepting this all the more, though he is still not thrilled. 1,159 more words


Go Ask Alice Cullen: 5 common search terms answered

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that much of the traffic I receive on Go Ask Alice Cullen doesn’t come from those who subscribe to my blog – it comes from Twilight-themed Google searches. 1,458 more words

Alice Cullen