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Brandy Pancakes

I did have a girlfriend called Meg, at one stage in my life, who was the receptionist at the firm of Collins Street Lawyers where I started out trying to grow up. 732 more words


I am broken inside, the pieces you mended, you crushed again. I can’t count on you, I can only count on me. The world knows my story and you won’t even open the book. 90 more words


Her shame

The shame of my existence is overwhelmingly tragic. You are robbing me of all my self worth. You plunge a knife into my heart with every word you say and every word you don’t. 132 more words


My Heart

My heart is graying this morning…its slowing its beat and filling with sorrow. There are so many highs with you that when I fall into the pit, it is so low, it scares me. 92 more words


Pain Is Beauty

Pain is beauty because all I ever feel is pain. You envoke it in me and continue it on. I don’t handle this world perfectly and I don’t handle you well. 243 more words


Saturday Sonnet: Cracking

I wrote this poem years ago and thought I would share it here today. I’m putting together a collection of short stories and poetry that will be in book form soon. 180 more words

On Life


My heart breaks with each passing day I spend with you. I love to be in your presence and spend time with you but all I feel is helpless. 54 more words