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killing me slowly

Chipping away at my heart is killing me slowly…I can’t take much more of this life. I am drained in all areas of my life…there is no relief for me. 27 more words


In Pieces

Shattered into a million pieces

I thought you were here to pull them back together

Instead you stomped them into a million more

The pieces of my life are bandaged together… 93 more words

Breaking Heart


I am so mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. This morning, I realized, I don’t matter at all in this…all the hearts at stake and mine doesn’t matter. 270 more words


The Darkest Part of Me...

I am finding more and more relatable songs from the band Red, Darkest Part is my new favorite.

I let you into see the darkest parts of me and you didn’t run away. 101 more words


Bionic Love

The future is looking bright…Id rather love a machine…no hurt, no pain, no worries. You hurt me pretty badly and I’d rather fuck plastic than you.


Nothing left...

You never had a chance or was it me that never did. This is how I love….you!

I did love you this way…but you wouldn’t let me love you this way…you didn’t want me in this way but I did, so I completely unconditionally, wholeheartedly, love you and now, I have nothing left to give…and I am sad to say that. 234 more words


This chapterĀ 

This chapter will become our book…give me time.