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When the snow melts my ashes will disappear with it…

Breaking Heart


Here I am stranded in my own thoughts…my thoughts of you…the thoughts i want to share. The things I can only say to you…the thoughts I only want to say to you but here I am stranded on my own wondering what else can I do except talk to myself…You have no idea the impact you had on me in the short time we had together and I honestly know this time is not over with us. 194 more words


Selling Souls

I am selling the souls who have a piece of me in their existence. I am not going to allow the trauma brought on each of them to continue. 44 more words


A windowed seat

I silently watch you as you wither away. There’s so much more going on and you have shared very little. My heart is full of sadness for you and I want to understand what is wrong. 86 more words

Breaking Heart


It is me…It is always me. People reject me for so many reasons but in the end, its me. My whole life I have wanted to know what is wrong with me and no one can explain it. 277 more words


It's gone...

Because you took it ¬†all away….


Last Breath

No matter the distance in heart and mind, I will always miss you and love you. We are a tangled bundled of love and energies revolving around the planet. 19 more words

Breaking Heart