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Song of the Day- "Alright" by Kendrick Lamar

Best opening song and performance I’ve ever seen for the BET Awards and one of the top openers for an awards show I’ve witnessed period

Song Of The Day

The danger of secrets and chasing sex at cost of family

I am going to relate a short tale of a lesson I learned this week, it involves me chasing sex too much at the cost of my family and the lies necessary to make it happen. 388 more words

Breaking It Down

Adrenaline in the ‘service of others’ – only drugging a hole in our heart

Soldiers, Fire Fighters, Police, EMS – heroes or internally broken?

I have been in a weird low point lately, but the mark of any man worth anything especially in the manosphere is the ability to actually deal with adversity in their mind and get back up, the major revelation I have had recently is that the group above – of which I was two of them for nine years – by and large actually are internally self-deficient and need the adulation of the crowd and the action of the job to medicate a hole in their heart. 1,698 more words

Breaking It Down

Eradicating neediness and desperation from our souls

A criticism leveled at MGTOW is that they are ‘basement dwelling virgins’ – as if any of those are really that big of a deal, and forget that the major point is simply accepting the stacked deck against us and proceeding from there to improve ourselves, the topic for today is about neediness in our hearts, and the desperation that infects us. 1,173 more words

Breaking It Down

Remember the basics with women: Actions > Words

I am going to present to you two girls in my life that are ready to get the boot from my mind as a lesson for those occasionally stuck in girl’s wiles.  1,027 more words


Of Africans and Europeans

I was running a drilling rig today – yes some men actually have jobs and do manly things, and oddly there was a  group of students from a university with us to get samples, all of them were graduates, and all of them were foreign, despite it being a USA school – guess despite their bitching about americans still want to be here… 292 more words


Breaking It Down: Who won Season 14 of American Idol came down to one thing and Nick Fradiani had "It"

The one reason Nick Fradiani deserved to beat Clark Beckham for the American Idol Season 14 title happened in the opening number.

With Fradiani and Beckham singing with Fall Out Boy, the appearance started to look like the old Sesame Street bit of “One of These Things Is Not Like The Other.” 1,075 more words

American Idol