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The mysterious recount of wisconsin

This is an interesting little story in case you haven’t been following.  Essentially (((Jill Stein))) of the green party has got enough money to force a recount in a few key states of the election. 226 more words

Breaking It Down

The degeneracy of society is far worse than you might think

I live in the mountains of a fly-over state, I rarely make it into proper ‘society’ and feel like Nietzsche’s Zarathustra coming down out of the mountains to the subhumans around me.  371 more words

Breaking It Down


I’m experiencing a new form of Outer Place; I’m watching everyday go by in a different form of involvement. I’m present, however present in a sense of a vibrating silence. 229 more words

Breaking It Down

Solving Simultaneous         

Do you remember that time, growing up, when you heard someone speaking and you spontaneously replicated what they had just stated in another language? Wait, you can’t remember doing that? 801 more words


Despite Trump winning, I am wary

I have been hot and cold on trump and I actually bet money on him to win.  I am a bit surprised by it, but here are some thoughts I have regarding his win.  240 more words

Breaking It Down

Racial suicidal whites

I am watching the polls/election pretty close and got some good money on Trump; one thing that surprises me time and again though are these racially suicidal whites.  210 more words

Breaking It Down