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Breaking it Down: Geo News Sexual Harassment Case

Farhat Javed is an employee of Geo News and had brought a complaint of sexual harassment against a colleague in the Islamabad office. After an internal investigation, the responsible committee decided that harassment had taken place, and ‘let (him) off’ with a warning. 810 more words

Keep the military machine rolling / Syria refugees

What a sick state of affairs where on one hand we have noobama endlessly tell us how ‘american’ it is to take in endless Syria refugees…then those exact people are the ones absolutely going crazy on france, and only a matter of time here. 86 more words

Breaking It Down

Cultural Marxist 'Veterans day' - google where are the white guys?

Good pictures are worth a thousand words, so what better way to celebrate DIVERSITY than to celebrate Veterans day with our old friend google…and what a rich tapestry of diversity it is. 79 more words

Breaking It Down

Mistaking a Maximum for a Minimum

Using the 1-and-1-and-1 Plan to coordinate your tasks means that you give yourself low thresholds to step over—that is, an easy task to do—for two reasons: 1,281 more words


Democratic debate / Sanders

The debate is happening right now, predictably its a lot of grand standing, esp. Hillary unloading endless divisive issues, lets see in her opening she proceeded to invoke women issues about 3x, dumped so pro-gay things and got a class warfare in. 180 more words

Breaking It Down

The Syrian 'refugee' crisis latest in bold take over of white countries

I believe that time is getting critical in terms of western civilization (ie white) culture as evidenced by the blatant diffusion of these poor hapless refugees into the last remnants of society.  321 more words

Breaking It Down

The Importance of Sex pt2

Continuing on with the prior post, from this book – again a biology book (The Importance of Sex) that was really well referenced citing multiple cultures there were a few points that really stuck out: 359 more words

Breaking It Down