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The Syrian 'refugee' crisis latest in bold take over of white countries

I believe that time is getting critical in terms of western civilization (ie white) culture as evidenced by the blatant diffusion of these poor hapless refugees into the last remnants of society.  321 more words

Breaking It Down

The Importance of Sex pt2

Continuing on with the prior post, from this book – again a biology book (The Importance of Sex) that was really well referenced citing multiple cultures there were a few points that really stuck out: 359 more words

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Woman and biology with resources - secret woman like money

Been reading this good book called ‘The Importance of Sex’ which is about evolution and what makes woman actually chose in males – it was written in the 90s before feminism went totally crazy, you can tell because it talks about how woman want money – a harsh truth that is suppressed now. 183 more words

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Why Trump is the most legit republican candidate

Any long time reader knows I view most politics as vastly rigged as a pseudo left vs right, when the reality is both parties serve the same elite/corporate interests.  178 more words

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Post Break up

Well, been a pretty busy last couple of weeks, I broke up with the nurse a little over a week ago.  Ironic coming off a 2 day stint of having sex with her repeadedly in a hotel room.  512 more words

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Patterns of subtle emotional abuse from women NPD/BPD

For any long readers of my blog the thing that started this was me recovering from a BPD girl, which is the case of a lot of red pill / manosphere types, but it is a pattern a LOT of women exhibit.  889 more words

Breaking It Down

Hello Everyone, and Welcome to FAQ! (STICKY)

FAQ! of course stands for what it has always stood for; Frequent Answers and Questions. We are a podcast that discusses a variety of topics with no care for organization. 71 more words