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Think paid protestors or activists are not real? Think again

I think most people reading are smart enough to realize main stream media aka fakenews has an agenda, of which one of them is to act like all these endless protestors and rabble rousing is NOT soros et al funded nightmares. 114 more words

Breaking It Down

The german economic miracle

Reading a book that is pretty heavy/dry but is interesting given its historical implications.  Post ww1 germany was enslaved by interest and the versailles treaty.  Essentially this guy named Gottfried Feder wrote a book roughly translated as ‘breaking the interest slavery’ where he goes through how just utterly forgetting interest works in the long term for everyone. 109 more words

Breaking It Down

Taboo Tales Newsletter - Breaking It Down

In the whole three days since we decided to launch Taboo Tales Blog (wow, has it only been three days now?!), we’ve had a lot of interest, and a lot of questions about our goals, what we see in our future, what we hope to accomplish in the long-term. 651 more words

Taboo Tales Newsletter

A girl is just a girl

I don’t talk about girls much anymore, esp. given the way this blog started.  I guess that is the natural flow of a lot of redpill writers. 527 more words

Breaking It Down

Trumps escalation with Iran - not good

One disturbing thing about the alt-right is a vast majority of them are enamored with Trump and ‘can do no wrong’.  Much like the left was with obama.  199 more words

Breaking It Down

Reddit's ban of altright is symptom of censor gone wild

Here are the facts before I comment: Reddit banned the altright sub because of promoting ‘Due to abuse, harassment, racism, shitposting, racist-shitposting’ (no I am not making that up, that is the real reason, straight from the site) it caused a predictable reaction from wing leaning people, but surprisingly there was a LOT of leftists celebrating ‘the banning of these genocidal nazis’.  268 more words

Breaking It Down

Jewgle racism pt. infinity

Sometimes I wonder if I fell off the deep end and maybe seeing conspiracies where there aren’t actually any.  Then I see this stuff and realize how true and insidious it is. 122 more words

Breaking It Down