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Don't forget how long knowledge took to acquire

As long as you are making new mistakes it means you are still learning, a mistake I make recently I want to remind my readers is forgetting how far you have actually come – and that this gulf is very real when trying to talk to others. 294 more words

Breaking It Down

Why you should vote Trump even if you don't believe in democracy much anymore

I have been critical of Trump in the past.  Especially how cozy he seemed with isreal.  I am not going to repeat his negatives (of which I do NOT consider the ‘pussy grab’ at all anything) because they are real and it is completely likely he is controlled opposition.  213 more words

Breaking It Down

The left/globalists/NWO/Illuminati etc would be legit if they weren't so faggy

Like some in the alt-right I had my chances to shine and get picked up into the deep state, where I’d be flying drones or assassinating people in the name of democracy but never went down that path due to a gut feeling of their side ‘not being right’. 281 more words

Breaking It Down

Debate r2

So now we see, are we mere pawns watching a modern roman gladitator match?

Hillary’s/podesta emails gets covered up due to how ‘bad’ trump is.  I guess do we have a self destructing idiot as the only one who can lose to clinton, giving us a fake illusion of choice? 29 more words

Breaking It Down

Is Trump a sacrificial lamb or actually legit?

So by now you have probably heard how ‘horrible’ trump is because he wanted to fuck some girl and grab her by the pussy – in case someone you dont realize EVERY GUY EVER has said things like this or worse.  254 more words

Breaking It Down

Meanwhile from the front

The more I read about how absolutely overran Europe is, the more hopeless it seems over there.  I see videos of muslims streaming everywhere, entire cities overran etc etc.  69 more words

Breaking It Down