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Patterns of subtle emotional abuse from women NPD/BPD

For any long readers of my blog the thing that started this was me recovering from a BPD girl, which is the case of a lot of red pill / manosphere types, but it is a pattern a LOT of women exhibit.  889 more words

Breaking It Down

Hello Everyone, and Welcome to FAQ! (STICKY)

FAQ! of course stands for what it has always stood for; Frequent Answers and Questions. We are a podcast that discusses a variety of topics with no care for organization. 71 more words


The Cultural Marxism / Dialectic of the 'RIGHT/LEFT'

Im on the road again with a republican coworker so that means endless Rush Limbaugh and Fox news.  The painful irony is a LOT of what he says is true, but its wrapped up in the Dialectic that no one sees the real deal going on here. 188 more words

Breaking It Down

Jingoism, police state lock downs, and no one giving a shit

I just got back from a parade at my new town, it was pretty decent sized, of course a million flags waving everywhere and ‘thanking the vets for their service’, but it always felt so shallow to me.  356 more words

Breaking It Down

Song of the Day- "Alright" by Kendrick Lamar

Best opening song and performance I’ve ever seen for the BET Awards and one of the top openers for an awards show I’ve witnessed period

Song Of The Day

The danger of secrets and chasing sex at cost of family

I am going to relate a short tale of a lesson I learned this week, it involves me chasing sex too much at the cost of my family and the lies necessary to make it happen. 388 more words

Breaking It Down

Adrenaline in the ‘service of others’ – only drugging a hole in our heart

Soldiers, Fire Fighters, Police, EMS – heroes or internally broken?

I have been in a weird low point lately, but the mark of any man worth anything especially in the manosphere is the ability to actually deal with adversity in their mind and get back up, the major revelation I have had recently is that the group above – of which I was two of them for nine years – by and large actually are internally self-deficient and need the adulation of the crowd and the action of the job to medicate a hole in their heart. 1,698 more words

Breaking It Down