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Levels of understanding, and why most never leave level 1

Trump showing his true colors is a good wake up call for a lot of us, as I admitted in an earlier post of falling victim to myself, is nothing more than controlled opposition.  259 more words

Breaking It Down

Why I no longer support Trump

A major thing to intelligence is being able to see when you are wrong, and accept it; this is one of those times for me, I admit I was wrong to support Trump. 491 more words

Breaking It Down

Europe will be dead, and west media (helicopter shot down) major reason why

In the USA our media is so utterly controlled we know very little other than that big bad men want to stop the poor refugees from making it into europe.  188 more words

Breaking It Down

The strange war against Christianity - Mithraism

This has been an interesting topic to me for a while, and my own research has become a bit interesting in it regarding the ‘war against Christianity’.  503 more words

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Your smartphone is making you dumb

Here is a challenge that if you take it up will fundementally change your outlook on people, truly be aware around you of just HOW many people are on their smartphones – at the gym, on dates, running, driving, walking across traffic.  605 more words

Breaking It Down

Tubman on 20$, any doubt of culture war yet?

When I first got into ‘red pill’ / ‘alt right’ thinking I quickly came across the idea that there was a war of culture going on, and that all the talk of ‘the poor blacks/fag/females’ etc were not so much based out of caring but of wiping the white male out.  330 more words

Breaking It Down

American Idol's final did what it was supposed to do - prove that La'Porsha Renae should win Season 15

So how was that final final of American Idol?

The originals weren’t great songs, they repeated a song and Simon Fuller’s choices leaned more toward bland and boring instead of an emotional rollercoaster that can win you the damn show. 1,305 more words

American Idol