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Having compassion for yourself is not about self-pity. Just because you are aware of your suffering, pain or struggles does not mean you have to become a victim only to have compassion. 411 more words

Breaking Patterns

Too Many Ideas?

Normally we are asked to help people or teams to get ideas. Because they are stuck, running around in circles, blocked, don’t have inspiration or are just not creative “by nature”. 683 more words


Breaking the Pattern

The last few months have been a little different. Each day before i go to work and when I come back I start to think if I am truly meant to do this. 735 more words


Understanding  the Barriers to Change

People often resist change even when not doing so can bring great peril. Individuals remain stuck even after significant losses, broken relationships and failing health. Many will say that change is impossible because it is scary,  unknown and uncomfortable. 654 more words

Breaking Patterns

Breaking Your Commitments

When you hear the word commitment, what exactly comes to mind? Perhaps being faithful to another person. Being attached to an idea or system. Or adhering to a contract at the gym or sticking to a diet plan. 453 more words

Breaking Patterns

The Value of Personal Rituals

Why are rituals necessary?

When people hear the word ritual, they often think of religious practices and as a result, may or may not get turned off to the term. 482 more words

Breaking Patterns

Breaking Free

There is a time in everyone’s life when they reach a point of doubt and dwindled inspiration that spills into the daily fabric of life. Many tend to describe their confusing cycles in emotional terms and often remain stuck based on their perceptions of emotional labels. 479 more words

Breaking Patterns