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What's your emotional heart-beat like?

Since my heart showed abnormal beats following my last surgery, I needed to stay hooked to a monitor for 48 hours. Likely due to the anesthesia, it reacted to the assault of a foreign substance; something I am coming to find is typical for my post-chemo ‘normal’. 1,249 more words


Honestly, Honesty Sucks

I know it’s something that’s necessary, especially when it comes to being honest with myself. Which happened in therapy today and now I can’t stop crying. 254 more words


On Silence

Silence is the natural state of all existence. Silence is the moment before the movement. The very beginning of creation itself was silence. It is the most miraculous of all things and it is always available, forever attainable. 405 more words



What would you do if you suddenly were to get everything you ever desired? Would you jump up and down and celebrate? Fall to your knees thanking God for what you had received? 415 more words



The life that you currently have was chosen by you. In fact, you are still currently choosing it. You have agreed upon every aspect of your reality. 524 more words


Pain Cycles

Denying your happiness
Hurts those that you love


Day 180: Go Forward!

Have you ever wondered how the Israeli could possibly keep going around the same mountain over and over, year- in- year- out for 40 good years? 386 more words