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Change and Patterns in July

Change is coming! The more you resist it, the more abrupt it will feel.

July will remind you of your patterns. Most of us know our patterns but we do struggle to break them. 422 more words


How to Become a Creative Genius

In an earlier post we republished  Michael Michalko’s The Difference between the way the average person thinks and a creative genius thinks”

As Michael Michalko noticed that an average person focusses his attention on a specific information and excluding all else. 373 more words


Life, our dear friends, mostly has different plans for you than yourself,which makes it all magical and adventurous,if you re willing to accept and be open for it.

910 more words
Breaking Patterns



We took the decision, sold the car, bought the bus and gave up the apartment.

After speaking so many times how great it would be traveling in your home on wheels; 232 more words

Breaking Patterns

Thinking outside the Sea Map

In 17th and 18th centuries England, France, and Spain contested the Dutch domination of world trade and the control over the seas and trade routes. After initial English successes, the war ended in a decisive Dutch victory. 288 more words


Distortion Glasses

“I see J-Lo.” I can only imagine how challenging it must have been for her to keep a straight face when I said that. The corners of her mouth were doing tug-of-war with the knowledge that this was not a moment for laughter. 801 more words

The Art of Survival

Learned the art of survival
from father, a commando
trained warrior, never able
to leave the battles behind

A sharp-shooter, whose
expert eye tracked our… 183 more words