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The Sidewalk

I did it again.

After years of battling approval addiction, after years teaching others how to break free from the chains of people pleasing, I found myself right back at square one…I took on a task I wasn’t meant to take because I wanted to be the agreeable good girl. 735 more words

Walking With God

Empowering Transformations: What to Expect in your Private Session

I went to college to study health, but found that most of what we learned were details about different kinds of diseases. We studied the ways to promote health and prevent disease and we were taught to identify ways to intervene at earlier stages, before they had symptoms or the disease had progressed. 692 more words

Your Failed Relationships Are Actually Your Fault

So this touches on a very tender nerve, both for me personally and – I would hazard a guess – for almost any person with identity and socially related anxieties. 668 more words

Mental Health

Setting Myself up for Success in Positive Parenting

or Self-Sabotage is a Real Thing 

I made a mistake this evening.  I was on facebook and I clicked through a link to a blog post that a close friend had written in defense of occasional spanking.   336 more words

Gentle Parenting

What's Your Pattern?

It is the third week of the 60 Minute Minimum Challenge. In last week’s blog I wrote nothing is superficial about exercise.  What motivates one woman to glisten in post-workout-glow is no different from another woman who shakes with don’t-judge-me-fear once she steps foot in a gym. 647 more words

Fitness Challenge

My ghost

Sometimes it’s easy to be the person inside

But on days that are not, what they say is right

You are only truly here when you stop thinking… 53 more words

Eleanor Rigby

What's your emotional heart-beat like?

Since my heart showed abnormal beats following my last surgery, I needed to stay hooked to a monitor for 48 hours. Likely due to the anesthesia, it reacted to the assault of a foreign substance; something I am coming to find is typical for my post-chemo ‘normal’. 1,249 more words