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What It Means When People Delete You Off Their Social Media List


Stage one

I am so tired of seeing every single thought you have.

This is too painful for me to see that you’re functioning at a high level. 258 more words

my therapist broke up with me

that’s right, i read the e-mail thread to a friend and that is how she summarized it. let me start from the beginning, more or less. 594 more words


Nada dura para sempre

It ended last night, when I let go. As all things do. There’s a strange sense of calm now, solace but without the sadness. I’m cold now, as calculated and reptilian as it is, sometimes you just have to cut a person from your life. 477 more words


4 Steps to Help Heal a Broken Heart in Thailand

1. Cry: You are going to feel like junk for the initial couple of weeks. Depending how enthusiastic of a man you will be, you may have a craving for sobbing for quite a long time. 463 more words

Thai Dating

Hidden tears

I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I sat down and immediately my head and shoulders sank into my hands and I started to silently cry. 641 more words


An open letter to those who love hard even when it's not right. 

It’s easy to fall in love. The motions are flawless and the butterflies are relentless. At the beginning everything is perfect. You treat each other with respect, your trust in each other is 100%, and you consciously think about how you’ll never let that person down. 590 more words


Stop Telling Me I Won The Breakup

If you Google “Win the breakup,” over 26.6 million results pop up.

With the advent of the Internet, the idea of winning the breakup has become more prevalent. 326 more words