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How To Know If Your Relationship Has Run Its Course

The conclusion to break-up can be an honest, heart-felt assessment made from a calm, loving place OR it can erupt from a myopic, triggered frustration based on intense pain, jealousy or anger. 2,531 more words

Why I Don't Regret Being The One Who Ghosted

Ah, ghosting.

Easily one of the most obnoxious things a person could ever do. There’s endless articles about it, coping mechanisms, and even ways to do it right. 526 more words

Here Is Why Second Heartbreak Is The Worst

You meet someone. There’s something about their eyes or about the way they laugh, but you just can’t get them off your mind. You’re filled with this fluttering feeling you’ve only heard of in songs and seen in movies. 833 more words

I Cried For My Guilt — I Wasn't Ready To Be A Mom

It was January 12th and we had to be at the clinic by 9 AM. They take you into a few rooms before the procedure. They ask you a bunch of questions, advise you of all of your options and then they take a physical. 893 more words

How to Deal with a Valentine's Day Breakup

There’s only one thing worse than being single on Valentine’s Day: experiencing a break up on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, according to various studies, break-up rates happen to increase as the holiday nears. 427 more words



Stop building fantasies in your head
Impossible expectations
Darling that’s why you keep getting your heart broken
And your feelings hurt


Is There a Cure for Dreams?

I remember years ago, sitting with a group of lovely new mothers in a “Mommy and Me” class, as we talked about the changes that motherhood had brought into our lives. 794 more words

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