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It’s Okay To Let Yourself Be Sad After A Breakup

I feel like I’ve never had a chance to be sad after a heartbreak. Once it’s over with someone, it’s over. I know that, but sometimes I pretend I don’t; if it’s over, we change. 563 more words

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I'm Done Pretending Like I Could've Fixed Us

I’m done pretending like I could’ve fixed us.

I tried. And I failed. I failed you. Or so I thought. But really, I failed myself. There was no way this was ever going to work. 311 more words

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My First Healing Step Post-Breakup

In the final hours with my boyfriend, I made egregious requests. Like, can you please write me a letter before you leave? To which he responded, and I’ll never forget, Can I just do it my way? 1,653 more words

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So lost

I’m having a hard time.  It’s the anniversary time of my mother dying, which is adding to my sadness.  Getting dumped didn’t help, I’m still sad about that.   260 more words

It Takes a Greater Love to Forget the Last

I was in 8th grade when I got my first girlfriend. To make a long story short, it didn’t work out. To me she was beautiful and fun and I cared for her deeply while being overly ambitious about how our relationship would last. 777 more words

Worth fighting for.

Love is the worst isn’t it?

I love you, so hold me. I love you, so love me too. I love you, this is your responsibility. 125 more words

I Think It's Time We Apologize For Loving Each Other The Wrong Way

It wasn’t until someone asked me, “What are the ways someone can show you that they love you?” that I stopped to think about how we love one another. 608 more words

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