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I Still Wear His Hoodie

I still wear H’s hoodie to bed even though it lost any semblance of warmth years ago. He and I had more magic than a starry sky. 301 more words

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Can Men and Women Be Friends

In my twenties, I learned that friends who fall in love with you will ultimately fall in hate with you. Resentment and irrational hope will do that. 473 more words

Dating And Relationships

One Year.

It’s been one year since my best friend broke up with me.

I’ve never been through anything that genuinely tested me as a person. And because of that I am grateful for the break up. 324 more words

Uninhabitable, Really

I’m paying rent to occupy a space in your heart.

It’s a dark, dank unwelcoming place.

It costs me too much.


Breaking up is hard to do

Progress is not possible without change.  This statement that one of my college professors used as their daily mantra has been swirling around in my mind lately.  891 more words


Things I Complained About to My Ex-Boyfriend

You made coffee and didn’t offer me any.

I made coffee and you expected me to make you some, too.

You’re playing Doom without the headphones on. 259 more words

Dating And Relationships

9 Little But Important Ways To Tell They Aren’t The One For You

It’s easy for us to feel discouraged from leaving a person we love, but when you just aren’t happy no matter how hard you try; leaving is all you can do. 965 more words