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Age: Adults

The song “CRYING” can be used to practice the Simple Past. First, students do a word search. Then, they listen to the song and fill in the blanks with the past form of the verbs given. 11 more words

Grammar Focus

Mahalo nui loa, @KwabenaFoli I am a Healer 

I just found this poem by Kwabena Foli and it made me stop scrolling through my Google images search as tears welled in my eyes. … 469 more words



I’m falling through too many emotions.

One minute, I couldn’t care less about you. I’m angry you didn’t fight for me. I’m angry you stopped caring. 269 more words


The Dust of the Clouds

She’s crying tears of air, into dusty clouds.

And she’s wrapping pieces of herself, into bloody shrouds.

She thought for once, her smile might stay, 283 more words


Eviction Notice

The following is a guest poetry post from Lauren at https://cremedelauren.wordpress.com/

Eviction Notice

It’s time to tear you off like the scab that you are. 88 more words

The Affairs Series, II

If what I think


happened, then you have

every right

to hate me, but granting

I couldn’t predict

we were going to end

up being so similar in… 18 more words