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An oldie, but goodie

Here is your ending. You will walk there too.

It was like we both happened to be walking in the same direction, against the whispers of the wind, parallel to the rising ocean. 287 more words


Why is it that girls can fall out of love so totally and quickly? Why does their adoration never return once it is gone?

I’m actually going to spoil the suspense and begin with my conclusion on this issue.

In general, for us guys, love does not involve idolization. We don’t have to convince ourselves that a girl is king of the world and the very source of magic in our reality. 412 more words


Day 19: Little Baby Soldier

so, the lady who I talked crap about yesterday called me today and was super nice and encouraging. yes, im a dick. but, also, i am completely drained after a lifetime of being used by narcopaths. 669 more words

Breaking Up

Day 18: In Which I Reached Out

Today i saw my old therapist. she only charged me $30 for the hour, which was very generous and appreciated since i have taken on so many expenses with him leaving. 1,154 more words

Breaking Up

Retail Therapy

A funny thing happened recently. I was on the bus home from work, and decided to make a list of things I’ve been thinking about buying. 682 more words


Day 17: Life Brings Only Good Experiences

Life brings only good experiences. I am open to new and wonderful changes.

Before he even left, I started to prepare myself for what might happen.

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Breaking Up