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5 Couples Explain Why They Broke Up (And Why They Got Back Together)

1. “We were together all four years of high school. When college time came around, we got into schools on opposite sides of the country. Everyone was telling us that breaking up made more sense. 605 more words

Letting Go

My relationship with my female partner, S, has ended.

My heart is broken and I am still very sad about it, but in reality, we both knew it had to happen. 1,040 more words


It's Okay To Mourn An Almost-Relationship

It goes without saying that the modern dating scene is the perfect playing field for those who don’t want to get too attached, are emotionally closed off, are merely looking for sex, or otherwise just plain don’t want a relationship. 1,057 more words

I Am Constantly Fighting You To Love Me

For a very long time I felt too small and insignificant to have what we had. I believed every word that tumbled out of the bullies’ mouths and finally, when hope was diminishing quickly, you, possibly the most important stranger to have entered my life, came along. 424 more words

When You're Emotionally Wrecked From The Person Who Only Wanted You Late At Night

I spent so much of my time seeking your unspoken approval, to the point where my self-worth was measured by whether or not you would come to love me. 734 more words

Why It's Hard To Break Up After A Long Term Relationship

When you open a calendar and see that another anniversary of your relationship is coming up, some might think that you get excited. But well, the excitement was present on the first year, second year, third year……but sixth years? 532 more words

How Do You Know They're The One?

Door closes and the moments that we had together become a distant memory. Intimate moments that we shared are now a taste of times where love was flowing and heart beat beating so fast it could be heard around the room. 375 more words