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To The Guy I Thought I'd Never Get Over: I Finally Moved On

It was all my imagination. The idea of what we could have been. I so badly wanted to be your person. It always felt like it would happen eventually, even if the signs were there. 642 more words

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When You Watch Your Person Fall For Someone Else

It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time—the time it took is when I wasn’t fully present. You fell for someone else because I didn’t pay attention. 440 more words

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The Crucial Life Lesson My Girlfriend Taught Me Right Before We Broke Up

I dated a woman for about four months shortly after I began my second graduate degree.

Near the end of our relationship, we got into a heated discussion over how we might start spending more time together as a couple. 1,756 more words


It Was Just A Shitty Job

5 Weeks now.

Still can’t sleep through a Sunday night.

Doing better with the other nights…

Well, Wednesday is still a bit rough. …

5 Weeks, and I’m still angry. 365 more words

My Own Private Train Wreck

When It's Time To Finally Let Go After A Breakup

This is a hard time. Currently you can’t see any way out of the dark pit that is your emotions.

It feels like the world is caving in on you and that you are one with the rejection you went through. 541 more words

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I'm Not Sorry For Missing You

City lights, Friday night.

While everyone is busy planning where and how to spend the night, here I am, walking aimlessly in this sea of people. 402 more words

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To The Man Who Changed Me

To the man who opened up his heart to me even when he was afraid to. Who trusted me with his secrets, deepest thoughts and harbored regrets. 380 more words

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