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From the Beginning

Today I did a little tidying, consolidating a few things of hers in preparation for the inevitable time when she will come back to the apartment and collect all of her belongings. 117 more words


Love Is A Battlefield

I had dinner with the guy who broke my heart, and it was everything I didn’t want it to be. It had been a year since we had seen each other. 655 more words

I Heart SB

The Painful Reality Of Ending A Relationship Because Of Distance And Bad Timing

Sometimes, you just have to let people go and do what’s best for them even if you want them to be yours forever.

If this is the person you’re meant to be with, life has a funny way of bringing them back into your life, but you first have to learn how to let them go!

This Is How You Know That Your Relationship Is Finally Dead

There are things in our lives that are easy and then there are things that are not. Moving on after a breakup definitely falls under the latter. 1,539 more words

no more dates...

My brain is like Swiss cheese, I keep forgetting what I last told you guys, so sorry for any reappearances.

He texted me on Saturday without me starting a conversation, which surprised me. 839 more words


Notcute awkservation ten1717

If your boyfriend/girlfriend ever says to you, ‘Well, I mean, I would be sad if you died,’ then your relationship is most certainly over

This Is How You Gracefully Let Her Go

Take her home. Understand that it would be difficult to console her in public, thus preventing her to walk out on you when you say it’s over. 369 more words