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When Did You Two Break Up?

Wow, a woman from my past! When did we break up? Let me see….

We were never really together, not in that sense. We were, when my now-wife found out that I had dinner with her, the first her, when my now-wife was back in Denmark. 607 more words


Better off alone

Still haven’t done it. And I cannot figure out why. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why am I making this so hard when I was at peace with the decision and the approach yesterday? 126 more words


Is it enough.

Is love enough for you?

Is it enough to keep you satisfied, through thick and thin and through all temptations. Or is it only enough to keep me naive, blind from the truth? 350 more words

I'm Moving On Because I Deserve To

This is how I cope when you are gone.

I pretend that you are dead. Just like how you cannot bring the dead to life, I cannot revive our love. 392 more words

How To Actually Get Over A Breakup

There’s no sugarcoating it: getting over my first breakup was miserable. I felt lonely and sad and confused and I had no idea how to begin the healing process. 1,243 more words

When You Fall In Love With Your Best Friend, But It All Falls Apart

Maybe it starts out as any friendship would, exchanges of shy smiles, casual talks of mutual interests. You know, the basics. Maybe you don’t think anything of it. 487 more words

You're Just A Chapter From My Life, Not The Happy Ending (And I'm Better Off Because Of It)

You came on strong. You did and said all of the right things to make me trust you, to really let you in. You told me you had never met anyone in your life who knows the real you, not even your family, and that I was your “best friend.” 629 more words