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I Put 2,958 Miles In Between Us So I Could Finally Move On

Nearly two years in Los Angeles was enough of an experience for me. I fully emerged myself into an entirely new and unknown environment. I worked in film and television, I published my first book, I saw the spectacular scenery throughout the state of California, and I fell in love with a man twice my age. 655 more words

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Getting Nowhere Fast

Friday morning, I called the detective that was investigating him. There’s nothing new to report. My husband is still locked up. It feels weird to even write that sentence. 684 more words

Breaking Up

This Is How A Heart Breaks

For a heart to break it must first be whole. From the start of conception, the heart is one of the very first organs to develop in the womb. 519 more words


Data Dump

As I move past the one year mark, I am feeling more content and whole than ever. I will be deleting out all the old notes, thoughts, and near-blog-posts from my phone as a semi-final act of closure. 1,339 more words


You Will Be Okay Without Him

You still miss him so much.

You like to pretend that you don’t. You hang out with your friends and agree with them that you’re so much better off without him. 517 more words

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Let Me Go

need strength to walk
away from pleasure and pain
the remnants of our past
keep me connected to you

my brain thunders
with the memories… 50 more words


Maybe One Day

You were just passing through. Just a fleeting moment in my life. I thought I’d be sad the moment I realized that I may never see you again. 301 more words

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