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One Way Street

I didn’t have a good night’s sleep. I woke up early, had some watermelon, packed my things and left my friend’s house. Wish I could’ve stayed longer but his girlfriend was arriving today. 478 more words



Is it better to
see me doing well, or not
to see me at all?

Original Poetry

Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Long They Take To Get Over A Breakup

1. Leo

Leos definitely get over a breakup the fastest. It’s simply not in your nature to let yourself wallow for long. You’re definitely very loving and warm in your relationships, but as soon as something ends, you’re less focused on rehashing what went wrong and more focused on doing what you can to continue improving and taking care of yourself. 1,145 more words

Delayed Feelings

It’s been a month since we broke up.

It’s been a month that I’ve distracted myself from the heartache and pain of our breakup. That’s why I’m a bit thankful that I’m busy at work and adjusting to a new chapter of my life which is my work life. 555 more words


Things To Do Instead of Calling Your Ex

You’ve just come out of a relationship. Be it five years or five months, breaking up with your best friend is one of the hardest situations you’ll have to overcome. 818 more words


You Don't Want Me

As we sat on his bed side-by-side, like we had so many times before, I felt myself shattering on the inside. I let him in—all the way in, and as much as I was disappointed in him for hurting me, I was even more disappointed in myself for letting him do it again. 542 more words


Feeling The Pain

It’s been four days since I arrived here. After the stalking incident with The Burning Man, I didn’t feel safe at home. I called a friend and he offered me his home for a few days. 151 more words

Breaking Up