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Single in the Sanctuary: Walking Away

Yesterday marked the 18th anniversary of ending a very unhealthy relationship.  I had just turned 25 years old.

This former relationship was toxic, verbally abusive and robbed my soul of its joy.   327 more words


Divorce; doing it right 

I’ve not got many things right in my life; fewer as a parent, however one thing I have got right, weirdly, is divorce.

Readers of my blog will know that last year Paul and I decided to go our separate ways, after 10 years and get divorced. 633 more words

The General

He stands
tall and fair
a belt around his waist
destruction on his breath
and murder in his eyes.

A different passion requests him now… 75 more words


Sky-jester (or, Chroicocephalus stultus pt.II).

Sky-jester pirouettes on sooty tipped wings
beak opened wide in raucous mid-sing
a life shooting by under web-footed claws
keen to draw laughs despite all his flaws. 98 more words


Breaking Up

Hello Glam & Sassy loves!  We have all been through it. The dreaded break up.  Whether you were the break up-er or the break up-ee, it is never easy at the time.  595 more words

Fashion And Accessories

Hello my wonderful dreamers! <3

Today I’m going to explain to you what I think a person should do to get over someone. I’ve been toying with a few theories on how to get over someone and one of them seems to be the most effective. 346 more words

Things That Have Happened To Me.

Rhiannon April 29 & 30 (Days 53 & 54)

Well, it happened again, we didn’t post so this is another double day.

Yesterday and today have been emotional roller coasters for sure.

To keep in line with the intentions of the blog, I’m going to focus on the positives, though I need to address one negative. 218 more words