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Day 40

I haven’t been writing.

I’ve been eating again.

I was brave enough to listen to music, and it was an extremely rewarding experience. I’ll probably do it again soon. 622 more words

Breaking Up

We Get On

“Wait,” I say, and he fights back a small noise of impatience, the same one he made a few minutes ago when he tried to tear my panties off with needful hands and I made him do it with subservience and his teeth. 799 more words


The train pulled away
it pulled at me
pulled all I’d known
away, leaving me
lost in a scent
that was neither
you nor I… 93 more words



It doesn’t matter where I go
if you are waiting for me
it doesn’t matter what I say
if you aren’t listening to me
You think I am just what I am inside your head… 211 more words


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The Egyptian and the Blonde.

Breathing took me forever. But for some reason I had three months stuck in my head. Through all the pain. All the tears. All the skipped meals and smoked cigarettes after I watched her leave me for the 4th fucking time, all I could tell myself was three. 490 more words

What the heck.

So I tried one last time to engage the lover in conversation. He wasn’t talking so I guess he isn’t interested. It makes me sad and hurts my feelings. 68 more words