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Sometimes it’s hard, fighting you for you.
Wrestling not against my error but against your fears.

Sometimes it’s hard, discerning thoughts you can’t verbalize.
Reading your mind without the gift of clairvoyance. 120 more words


Here’s The Truth About Letting Him Go: You Don’t Want To, But You Must

There’s a reason why things ended the way they did. Maybe timing or distance, maybe personalities or a connection that faded over time. Maybe there was a subtle shift, or a colossal fight that was too big to move on from. 587 more words

12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fight To Keep Him

1. If he wants to leave, let him walk. You can’t force feelings on someone who doesn’t have them. If his feelings have changed you pressuring him and trying to show him how much you love him will only push him away further and faster. 713 more words


listen… no, not like- middle of the night
something frightened you-
so you lay there silent
anticipating something violent
because you thought you heard footsteps- 209 more words


With Me You Could Have Been A Masterpiece

I used to think that you and I would finally put it all together someday, uncover our hearts and open our souls. I used to think we would stop being so proud and so stubborn about the logical course of things. 257 more words

What Did I Do But Love You Too Much?

When you’re the one who cares the most, loves the hardest, and misses too much, you give all of yourself to those who matter. Everything you have is put into others because you truly believe in the magic of relationships. 1,307 more words

Here's The One-Sentence Summary Of How You Handle Breakups, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Moves on.


Stuck on it for a couple days maybe weeks then goes out and parties.


They already had a backup. 84 more words