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Questions From the Other Side.

What’s it like to be on the other side of a broken heart?

How do you look someone you love (or used to love?) in the eye and break their heart? 196 more words

"Call Me By Your Name" and the Heartbreak I've Never Had

On Sunday afternoon, I watched Call Me By Your Name and left the theater weeping.* Not because I left feeling hopeless, but simply nostalgic, for old lessons and old times.  1,624 more words


It’s a Legal Matter Baby

When the vicar asks, do you? You don’t say, well I will for a while. You say I do and when you do you better mean it because if you don’t you need to see a shrink. 1,492 more words

a.m. thoughts [IV]

Sometimes I wish it was easy to convince myself otherwise. You know how it is like? When your brain is telling you a thing but your heart and gut is telling you another? 221 more words

Day 67

Last week was my birthday.

I don’t know why I thought that he would call… or even leave a message. If not on the actual day, then maybe a few days later, out of consideration for not ruining my special day into a sea of tears. 518 more words


Learning to think differently after divorce

I like to learn new things. The process of discovering things for the first time, enjoying them, delving deeper, understanding and trying them out is fascinating and fun, whether it’s painting, dancing, reading or sword fighting. 995 more words

General Ramblings

lunar love

I am torn between loving you and leaving you.  And the worst part is, leaving would probably hurt myself more than it would hurt you.