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It's almost over

It’s a common story, yours and mine, about a boy and girl and how things change with time.
it’s a shame to see where this roads leading, but we can’t go on, its too deceiving. 191 more words

He Said He Loves Me

Strap-It-On and Insert Without Lubrication: Otherwise known as "Ouch," or "We Aren't Facebook Friends Anymore?"

X boyfriend. He sucks. A drug addicted, a liar, a thief and apparently, interested in strap-ons and orgies. Fuck me in the ass without lube to hear from your friends what a shitbag you are, but it still hurts very badly. 262 more words

8 Reasons You Totally Have To Move On From Your Ex Today

Sure, it’s time-consuming and awkward to unfriend your ex on Facebook, remove him from your chat list, or to tell him to stop contacting you. But if those things are keeping you from recovering, what’s a half-hour of deleting and a couple weeks of awkwardness compared to months of perpetuated angst? 1,241 more words

Retail Therapy is in Order!!!!!

Date number three with the promising man I described in my last blog crashed and burned.  I had spent a part of my day getting my nails and hair done and putting on a cute sexy outfit in anticipation of our dinner date.   514 more words

Why do we ignore the warning of our inner voice?

I have been writing since as early as I can remember. I recently read a journal entry that blew my mind (and I am in a constant state of reflection). 178 more words

Relationships - Love

The Rooms In My Head


The rooms in my head are full.

filled with the pounding of my heart,

and the pain of yesterday.

And they are empty,

without beds or sofas, 54 more words

Breaking Up

Breaking up with Standard Time

By Steve Hill – Noodle Arm Disc Golf staff

March 5, 2015

Dear Standard Time,

As I gaze out the window at one of the final five o’clock hour sunsets of the many you’ve so gracefully delivered for the past few months, I can’t help but have one burning thought in my head: 649 more words

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