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Police, Thugs Plan House-To-House Attacks On Members Of The Islamic Movement In Kaduna

Reports reaching us indicate that the Police, in an unholy alliance with thugs called Civilian JTF, have planned a house-to-house attacks on certain targeted members of the Islamic Movement living in Kaduna from today. 296 more words


Fundamental Rights Case: FHC Kaduna Adjourns For The Umpteenth Time, As Police Demonstrated Abuses

Yesterday Thursday the 21st of June, 2018 will remain a landmark day in the history of subterfuge and rights abuses in Kaduna, as the Federal High Court in Kaduna for the umpteenth time adjourned sitting in the case brought before it seeking the enforcement of the fundamental rights of members of the Islamic Movement over technical issues, even as the police demonstrated worst practices in rights abuses. 279 more words


Alzheimer's Link To Herpes Virus In Brain, Say Scientists

Tests of brain tissue from nearly 1,000 people found that two strains of herpes virus were far more abundant in the brains of those with early-stage Alzheimer’s than in healthy controls. 220 more words

How Twitter Made the Tech World's Most Unlikely Comeback

An anonymous reader quotes a report from BuzzFeed: Two years ago, people were writing eulogies for Twitter. Rudderless and without product direction, the company was losing users and advertisers, and seemed unable to contain a metastasizing trolling crisis that was destroying its credibility. 267 more words

SpaceX Wins $130 Million Air Force Launch Contract, Marking a First For Falcon Heavy

The U.S. Air Force has awarded a $130 million firm-fixed-price contract to SpaceX for the launch of its classified AFSPC-52 satellite on a Falcon Heavy rocket. 135 more words

Algeria Shuts Off Entire Country's Internet To Stop Students From Cheating

Algeria has begun instituting nationwide internet blackouts to prevent students from leaking high school diploma exams online. Gizmodo reports: The country will turn off mobile and landline internet service across the country for an hour at a time during the exam period, which started on Wednesday and runs through June 25. 144 more words