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What's going on with Stalker?

I was looking up the title for the last Stalker episode and found much uncertainty about the show’s future, everything ranging from ‘probably renewed for season two’ to ‘certain to be cancelled’.   453 more words


Nicholas D'Agosto As Travis Muncey in Breakout Kings (2012)

Travis Muncey (Nicholas D’Agosto), actor and stool pigeon, escapes from prison. The team captures him only to discover that Travis is the key to capturing Bob Dixon (Dominic Keating), one of the most powerful and violent arms trafficker in the world. 208 more words

Nicholas D’Agosto

The Christmas Countdown Begins!

Sup guys!

Happy December! Hope you all remembered to buy an advent calendar =D I’ve been looking forward to opening mine for weeks, so I was super excited to open it this morning, it’s a Marvel one so I was kinda hoping that I would get cool shaped chocolates in it….. 240 more words


Jimmi Simpson shirtless in Breakout Kings 2-02 "Round Two"

Jimmi Simpson looks rather impressive without a shirt, especially when he is rubbing sunscreen on himself.

Breakout Kings – Round Two

JavaScript required to play… 106 more words


Jason Behr shirtless in Breakout Kings 2-01 "An Unjust Death"

I will take Jason Behr skin anytime that I can get it, and even though we only see the briefest flash of stomach it is still beautiful just like his face. 8 more words