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The ntdll!DbgBreakPoint call is just an int 3??

who the hell will call this instead of making the int 3 directly??

.text:77EF4108 _DbgBreakPoint@0 proc near              ; CODE XREF: DbgUiRemoteBreakin(x)+37p
.text:77EF4108                                         ; DATA XREF: .text:off_77EF61D8o
.text:77EF4108                 int     3               ; Trap to Debugger
.text:77EF4109                 retn
.text:77EF4109 _DbgBreakPoint@0 endp

Watching is in the eye of the beholder

Recently I was investigating the inner working of Oracle. One of the things that is fundamental to the Oracle database is the SCN (system change number). 3,140 more words


Debugging Basics: How do breakpoints even work?

A breakpoint is a signal that tells the attached debugger to suspend the program. The program is then paused. A suspended program can be resumed any time. 347 more words


BreakPoint – California Proposes Bill to Protect Planned Parenthood

Those who saw the videos recorded by the Center for Medical Progress that exposed Planned Parenthood’s baby-parts-for-cash racket will never forget them. Not knowing they were being filmed, Planned Parenthood officials matter-of-factly discussed making profit from the salvaged organs and tissue of aborted babies. 560 more words


Progressively Regressive Sexuality

“Sexual progressives claim to be ushering in a “brave new world” of freedom. But their “new” morality is as old as the hills. Christ and His Church radically transformed a far more sexually cruel and chaotic world than ours.” From Colson Center; Breakpoint. 12 more words

Discipleship Training

Be careful with long-term NDVI trend analysis

Here are the results of an evaluation of the popular long-term NDVI data sets (GIMMS3g, SPOT-VGT, LTDR, VIP).

  • Feng Tian, Rasmus Fensholt, Jan Verbesselt, Kenneth Grogan, Stephanie Horion, & Yunjia Wang. 
  • 378 more words

Life Worth Living - Me Before You Missed the Point

I was not even sure I was even going to discuss this film, because I had not seen it or even read the book it is based on. 877 more words

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