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How to enable break point without source code in Eclipse

Debugger is most common task for a debugger whenever you are developing a new system, integrating with third party library and even maintaining existing system. Eclipse is a very powerful integrated development environment for Java project including compiler, editor and also… 149 more words



The ntdll!DbgBreakPoint call is just an int 3??

who the hell will call this instead of making the int 3 directly??

.text:77EF4108 _DbgBreakPoint@0 proc near              ; CODE XREF: DbgUiRemoteBreakin(x)+37p
.text:77EF4108                                         ; DATA XREF: .text:off_77EF61D8o
.text:77EF4108                 int     3               ; Trap to Debugger
.text:77EF4109                 retn
.text:77EF4109 _DbgBreakPoint@0 endp

Watching is in the eye of the beholder

Recently I was investigating the inner working of Oracle. One of the things that is fundamental to the Oracle database is the SCN (system change number). 3,140 more words


Debugging Basics: How do breakpoints even work?

A breakpoint is a signal that tells the attached debugger to suspend the program. The program is then paused. A suspended program can be resumed any time. 411 more words


BreakPoint – California Proposes Bill to Protect Planned Parenthood

Those who saw the videos recorded by the Center for Medical Progress that exposed Planned Parenthood’s baby-parts-for-cash racket will never forget them. Not knowing they were being filmed, Planned Parenthood officials matter-of-factly discussed making profit from the salvaged organs and tissue of aborted babies. 560 more words


Progressively Regressive Sexuality

“Sexual progressives claim to be ushering in a “brave new world” of freedom. But their “new” morality is as old as the hills. Christ and His Church radically transformed a far more sexually cruel and chaotic world than ours.” From Colson Center; Breakpoint. 12 more words

Discipleship Training

Be careful with long-term NDVI trend analysis

Here are the results of an evaluation of the popular long-term NDVI data sets (GIMMS3g, SPOT-VGT, LTDR, VIP).

  • Feng Tian, Rasmus Fensholt, Jan Verbesselt, Kenneth Grogan, Stephanie Horion, & Yunjia Wang. 
  • 378 more words