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Be careful with long-term NDVI trend analysis

Here are the results of an evaluation of the popular long-term NDVI data sets (GIMMS3g, SPOT-VGT, LTDR, VIP).

  • Feng Tian, Rasmus Fensholt, Jan Verbesselt, Kenneth Grogan, Stephanie Horion, & Yunjia Wang. 
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Life Worth Living - Me Before You Missed the Point

I was not even sure I was even going to discuss this film, because I had not seen it or even read the book it is based on. 877 more words

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Hydrogen peroxide vs. Clostridium difficile

This study has just been published in the Journal of Hopsital Infection, showing that the introduction of hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) for the terminal disinfection of rooms vacated by patients with CDI was assocaited with a significant reduction in the rate of CDI, from 1.0 to 0.4 cases per 1000 patient days. 587 more words

C. Difficile

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Need to feed the blog beast, need to feed the blog beast… Need to feed…the…

I’ve had a lot of good ideas for blog posts lately, stuff about Cervantes, aikido, Poe… But I’m not motivated to write any of them today. 321 more words


Here's a code for you

You know all of those PokeMon TCG Online code cards you get from certain booster packs and box sets? Yeah, I set up my blog to generate 2 – 4 (subject to change depending on the blog’s traffic) codes each day for you to redeem! 114 more words

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Debugging With gdb

If you need to debug a C or C++ program on Linux, I’d normally recommend using ddd, or some other graphical source code debugger. But if you are debugging remotely (over… 221 more words


Keeping it Fresh? Reflection on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

As I was debating what should write about for my first blog post, my mind went Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens which I went to see the movie in theaters with my brother and another friend in early January. 1,113 more words

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