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How to Multitask Like a Pro

When you think of “multitask”, do you envision yourself worn down, or maybe just not getting anything productive done because you are doing a little of everything halfway? 832 more words


Explain the oddities on your resumé or we'll make something up

You have a four year gap in your timeline. Please explain it or we might think you were in prison instead of simply taking time out for family. 360 more words


Take a Break and Be More Effective

There’s no doubt about it. This is a busy time of year! As you work to juggle the many personal and professional demands the final months of the year bring, it’s important to remember to take breaks, too. 370 more words

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7 ways to utilize your Thanksgiving break

Let’s face it — Thanksgiving break goes by way too fast. In order to make sure you’re making the most of it, here are a few ways to utilize the days off. 446 more words


Tips for taking breaks Pt. 1

Everyone at some point needs to take a break from their work at some point. When someone works nonstop for prolonged periods of time it affects their productivity, focus, creativity, etc. 391 more words

Woman's Fiancé Breaks Up With Her Via Text! What She Did Next Is AMAZING!!

Can you imagine if your fiancé broke up with you over a text message a week before your wedding? That is exactly what happened to this woman. 26 more words


Grilled Sandwiches

This is so easy and since we don’t have a microwave to use at work, lunch is best served as a sandwich as opposed to cold pasta or cold anything that should be heated up.