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5 Reasons To Take Time Off (But Not Too Much Time Off)

When it comes to setting goals and pursuing them, it’s important that you don’t get burned out. In other words, you need to take regularly scheduled breaks. 864 more words

Adrenalinez Top 5 Tracks

Hailing from Huelva, Spain, with a resume of amazing tracks on Funndark Records, Musication Records, Buragum Records, Spektra Recording, and Acida Records – Adrenalinez makes his Barely Legal Records debut with a BANGER!! 62 more words


Mav-1 - Catchin' Wreck

Here’s the latest from our fam, Mav-1 (@maverik_one).

He dropped a breakbeat boulangerie for all your seshing needs, so make sure you d/l Catchin’ Wreck, son.


Work, breaks and social time

I am aware that my last couple of posts have been very much centred around the idea of revision, coursework and school in general. This post is going to indirectly be linked to each one of these things. 698 more words

Attend: Vitamin B Presents About:Face

I don’t say this very often, but this event is truly important. Not only is it going to be a sweet party with some of the best breaks anywhere on the planet at this point. 322 more words


a break in routine .....

I do like this time of year, when  you have been in a routine for quite a few months after the festivities at Christmas, and then you have your first break from it. 174 more words

Atari Teenage Riot, das Internet und mein Remix

Ich habe Atari Teenage Riot’s “We are from the Internet” remixed. Für einen Remix-Wettbewerb. Übrigens der erste Remix-Wettbewerb, an dem ich je teilgenommen habe. Warum – ist leicht erklärt: 437 more words