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Oops, I did it again...

I’m just going to call this weekend a bit of a break (and I’m taking next Saturday off, too, to see a friend) and hope to get back to normal writing tomorrow. 16 more words

Just Blogging

Two Months: Day 19

Sometimes you look at his name and it looks foreign to you. Not because his name is his name, just because you’re feeling like its lost some of its familiarness. 321 more words


Two Months: Night 18

Well, you were stressed this afternoon with all your studying and homework. Usually in cases like this, you message him or something and just talking to him helps you stress a little less. 360 more words



The confusion and emptiness brought on by discovering no, you do not have an extra pack of cookies.


Two Months: Day 18, Part 2

You said ‘yeah, that’s all you had to say, you were still really mad. You miss him though’.

And he says to ‘just leave him alone, okay?’ He didn’t even say that he misses you too. 110 more words


Letters you won't be receiving, nine

Hey honey,

I have so many things tot say to you right now. You really think that’s all I have to say. No, there are so many things.¬† 526 more words


Two Months: Day 18

Well, you posted everything yesterday today because yesterday turned out to be pretty full.

Anyways, he didn’t say anything last night. So you emailed him to say he probably stayed up late last night talking to one of them. 204 more words