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Yet more breaks in therapy

My therapist told me last night about two more breaks she has coming up in therapy. They are a couple of months away, and there is a week in between them. 467 more words

Fractured 1-3

Natural fracture patterns in Jurassic rocks at Seatown in Dorset, England, re-coloured with digital wizardry. 32 more words


Hosting a teen birthday party that breaks the norm - Paranoia Quest

When they are too old for Chuck E. Cheese and not yet old enough for the bar, what is your teen birthday party solution? Paranoia Quest, of course!

Devotion for Tuesday August 15, 2017

Topic: Christianity Breaks Barriers

Text: John 4:4 – 15

The ancestors of the Samaritans were introduced into the land of Israel by the King of Assyria, after he had led the ten tribes into captivity (2 Kings 17:24 – 41). 264 more words


There is Time

Authoring is hard. And those seventeen hour days finally caught up to me.

Here’s some truth: Being an author doesn’t only involve writing and editing. It involves answering emails and posting on social media and writing blogs and marketing. 639 more words

Potential froggings and possible breaks

Until a couple of weeks ago, my bamboo eyelet cardigan was coming along nicely, when suddenly, I started to not really like how it was shaping up. 149 more words


The Importance of Blogging Breaks

After a mini hiatus, I am slowly coming back to the blogging community! I’m beginning to write posts again and I’m starting to reply and post comments. 520 more words

Bb Posts

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