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Flawed arguments: A critique of “Upper Limit to Variable Renewable Energy”

My readers will pardon that I am, for the third time in a row, writing a piece inspired by a post by David Roberts of Vox. 2,737 more words


The Encyclical Letter

I don’t have much to say about the Encyclical Letter. It’s long and full of words. I am pleased that the Catholic Church is taking this seriously, but not because it’s the Catholic Church specifically, but because I think everyone should be taking this seriously. 726 more words

Climate Change


One of the motivations behind yesterday’s post was the sense that we will start to see people, who might be regarded as contrarians (or mitigation skeptics, as Victor might say), starting to adjust their views to be more consistent with that of those who’ve been arguing for action. 683 more words

Climate Change

Course and Program Descriptions

Rapid Results Intensive Mastermind Series – This is a powerful weekly private group coaching series that starts in the fall in August of 2015 and runs through December 2015 filled with real assignments and laser sharp strategies for real life situations in love, life and business that bring #RapidResults! 294 more words

Toy Parker Breakthrough Institute

Diamond Access Curriculum Online Courses Held through Udemy

The young lady in the video above is a shining example of how to breakthrough in spite of the critics, the skeptics, and anything that anyone else says. 300 more words

Toy Parker Breakthrough Institute

Its All About Energy - lots of it

Roger Pielke:

Keeping the Poor Poor – Against Antigrowth Environmentalism


Energy for All – What Universal Energy Access Will Take


Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger: 26 more words

Sustainable Development

Breaking the Climate Deadlock with R&D

Thanks to David McMullen for this post…

You do not need to be all that alarmist about the climate impact of increasing CO2 emissions to want to see energy go carbon free or at least greatly reduced. 787 more words