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Quantum Communication Achieved

Intuition from our everyday lives gives rise to the belief that information exchanged between remote parties is carried by physical particles. Surprisingly, in a recent theoretical study , quantum mechanics was found to allow for communication, even without the actual transmission of physical particles. 102 more words


Infertile mice successfully give birth after receiving 3D bioprinted ovary implant | 3D Printing News

A team of researchers from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and the McCormick School of Engineering has implanted 3D bioprinted prosthetic ovaries into a number of infertile mice. 31 more words


7 signs your diet will start tomorrow

If you’re like me who usually says “Bukas na lang ang diet”. We like the feeling of saying the word “tomorrow” cause we can justify whatever we want to eat  today, but completely hate it come the morning of next “day”. 477 more words

Hang Out

A pair of god-like hands emerged from a Venice canal. Here's how they got there.

On May 13, a pair of god-like hands emerged from the canals of Venice, Italy.

The building that the arms which are an art installing titled “Support” appear to be propping up is the historic Ca’ Sagredo hotel. 951 more words


A Box Full of Darkness

“Someone I loved once gave
me a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand
that this too was a gift.”

-Mary Oliver


NASA asked the internet to help edit raw pics of Jupiter. Here are 12 stunning responses.

Time and time again, NASA has proved itself capable of observing some of coolest shit in the universe.

Cool shit happening here. GIF from NASA… 279 more words



Father God, as I come to you with the emotions that I have with me on this rainy day. I’m just fighting to cling to your truths. 1,114 more words