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Do you ever have that moment where something that kicked your butt the last time you encountered it gets shattered all to hell and back the next time you run into it? 881 more words


In God’s Time

“Don’t worry, Baby. It will happen in God’s time!”

This was a phrase I used to hate hearing. In these moments, I could understand the person who said them meant well, but it usually left me feeling like, … 649 more words


Tales of Quinnterest #15 - What am I making for lunch? Some time to enjoy it.

I was eating some cheese and crackers and chips with Reggae Reggae sauce last night. Sitting outside, with nothing to do but talk and eat, I was focused fully on the flavours. 467 more words

The Journey

The Power of Relationship

“The nature of the relationship dictates everything!”

As I sat at my work desk attempting to remain present-minded enough to do my work, that phrase rose in my spirit. 493 more words


Tales of Quinnterest #11 - Never settling for less

I ache. A lot. Yesterday’s Day In the Life of a Wannabe Gym Junkie did me in.

No pain, no gain, right?

It’s gotten me thinking (a dangerous habit I’ve gotten into) a little bit about my blog on… 604 more words

The Journey

Tales of Quinnterest #10 - Day in the Life of a Wannabe Gym Junkie

This is what myhandlooks like typing. And I left that incorrectly spaced to demonstrate how bad it was trying to type even 15 minutes after the end of the session. 823 more words

The Journey

Tales of Quinnterest #9 - I could've stayed where I was and have a life you'd be proud of. But I'd rather chase things never thought of.

Today I’m hashtag smashing it.

I got up well early (for me) 6am. Breakfast networking awaited. And since I was the poster boy for this event, I figured I’d better show my face :) 662 more words

The Journey