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Working against the margins

By George Hoagland

Today’s humanities professor isn’t the tweed-patched, undersocialized, clumsy technophobe we imagined scurrying around campus. Nor is she the zany free-spirited instructor who came later; you know, the teacher who just wants her class to feel the subject matter, to experience it on some kind of spiritual level. 925 more words


Research leads to record 16 startups in FY15

Technology commercialization transforms the latest breakthroughs into everyday solutions that improve our health, environment and quality of life.

At the University of Minnesota, researchers are developing inventions that aim to tackle some of society’s greatest challenges. 628 more words



Yesterday was not too dissimilar from any other day. Except, I planned better. I wrote out my schedule to the minute… when I saw that I was 40 minutes behind, I did not panic; instead, I decided to trust in my organization skills and give some room for moments of error. 214 more words


Stress Ode

OOOoh, Stress. How my life feels like an ode, worshiping the very ground you stomp on. How I’ve invited you in like the friend who says, “Let’s get drinks!” but never has money to pay the bill. 163 more words


Watson kicks off cognitive computing research

The recent avian flu outbreak proved devastating to Minnesota. The virus killed more than 9 million of the state’s turkeys and chickens and wiped out the flocks of 108 poultry farms, according to a… 1,032 more words


Yoga Nidra for Pitta Dosha

Yoga Nidra for Balancing Pitta

Yoga Nidra is loosely translated to mean the ‘yoga of sleep’ – however this is misleading, because the purpose of this long meditation is to actually remain partly awake, while you let other parts completely relax into deep restoration. 280 more words


MN-REACH readies new med-tech, pharma for market

A new University of Minnesota program is helping ensure the most promising new medical technologies and pharmaceuticals are ready to be brought to market.

The U’s MN-REACH program provides university-wide commercial expertise and resources to help develop and commercialize diagnostics, therapeutics, preventive medicine and medical devices. 539 more words