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Australia’s Biggest Power Producer Sees Future Without Coal

From Bloomberg Business: Australia’s largest electricity producer committed to close its coal-fired power plants within 35 years as part of an effort to cut the nation’s dependence on the fossil fuel. 162 more words


Energy Innovation and National Security

From Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy: Discussion with US Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus on the role that the US Navy plays in driving energy innovation as well as the broader relationship between energy and national security. 6 more words


Funding a Breakthrough

Today I saw an exciting article about new potential treatments for Multiple Sclerosis. I have posted the link below if anyone is interested in reading the full article. 305 more words


The $5 Billion Race to Build a Better Battery

From Bloomberg Markets: Young companies staked by big backers are challenging fossil fuels with new ways to hold sun and wind power in the $50 billion energy storage market. 291 more words


Bendy battery promises safe, speedy charging

From BBC: Scientists have built a flexible aluminium battery which they say could be a cheap, fast-charging and safe alternative to current designs. The protoype consists of a soft pouch, containing aluminium for one electrode and a graphite foam for the other – all surrounded by a special liquid salt. 161 more words


UK Testing New Power Transmission Pylon

From the BBC: The first new design of an electricity pylon in almost 90 years has been erected at a site in Nottinghamshire. The “T-pylon” is shorter, standing at about 120ft; the old steel giants are typically 165ft, yet still capable of operating at 400,000 volts because of the way the cables are held in place. 116 more words


U leaders tour Minnesota to learn about regional business needs

This spring, research and business leaders from the U will travel across Minnesota to meet with leaders in industry, government and economic development to discuss the needs of local economies. 315 more words