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New Documentary Shines Light on Medical Alternatives

 a review by Dana Taylor

Filmmaker Jeff Hays takes on the status quo via the medium of documentaries. In Bought he revealed the unholy alliance between big government, big pharma, and big agra. 323 more words


The Toxicity of Unsolicited Advice

I’ve found myself in relationships throughout my life that are openly hostile to my emotional needs.  Where it becomes the imperative truth that if I talk about myself, my feelings or problems, it is seen as an invitation for attack, not an invitation to connection or intimacy.   1,310 more words

New Alzheimer’s Treatment Without Drugs

(Originally posted on March 31, 2015)

Australian scientists have successfully tested a new Alzheimer’s treatment on mice. This new treatment incorporates the use of ultrasound technology instead of drugs to clear plaques and restore memory. 247 more words


MnDRIVE technologies move beyond the lab

Since its inception, MnDRIVE (Minnesota’s Discovery, Research and InnoVation Economy) has fueled a multitude of research projects, all with the common goal of finding innovative solutions for grand challenges that fall within four research areas. 930 more words


Diving In

When I think about my 34 years, it is easy for memories to flood into my mind, painting a picture of countless experiences that have benefited or hindered who I am today.   356 more words

Mental Health

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It's been almost two years since I started this blog, since I opened this "Pandora's Box" and learned that Iove poetry -- that I am a poet. I love this community, and though I'm not always present here, this is a security blanket, a sanctuary for me to come to, to read and share. I've come such a long way from this first post. I've now been in Cross Fit for almost 3 months, lost a fair amount of weight, am gaining more confidence daily, and most of all am learning to finally trust myself completely. Words are healing. Yours have been as well as creating combinations of my own that are. I look forward to my continued journey, as painful as it may continue to be, knowing that others share in life's agonies and triumphs with me, spoken or unspoken. 

The turning point

A calling within me is getting louder and louder until a day comes when I can no longer ignore it. What used to be a thought visiting me once in a while, reminding me how much I used to enjoy blogging has now grown into a feeling of restlessness every time I sit down to distract myself from hearing it. 983 more words


Nano Dimension Patents New Hybrid Process for Electronic 3D Printing - 3D Printing Industry

The current standard curing and sintering approach uses a number of different systems to cure and sinter the inks. Each such system adds cost and complexity, while this new approach has the potential to reduce both.  

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