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Startup contributes to growing statewide gene editing industry

The science of gene editing is exploding, propelled by transformational new technology and the diminishing cost of sequencing genomes. But there are limitations. Right now, it’s difficult for scientists to make more than a few genetic changes to a cell at once. 588 more words


Amazon Kindle Ranking News

At the moment, my book “The Duck Who Flew Upside Down” has risen to #14 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children’s eBooks > Animals > More Animals > Ducks & Other Waterfowl. 38 more words

'Dirty' mice may be better models of human biology

Researchers have long noted disparities between the functioning of the human immune system and that of laboratory mice. Could it be because, unlike us, they live in antiseptic cages, shielded from exposure to infectious organisms? 745 more words


1) Maybe he/she didn’t really want to let you go, but so that you can chose what truly makes you happy.

2) sometimes it is not he/she stops missing you everyday. 54 more words


New Documentary Shines Light on Medical Alternatives

 a review by Dana Taylor

Filmmaker Jeff Hays takes on the status quo via the medium of documentaries. In Bought he revealed the unholy alliance between big government, big pharma, and big agra. 328 more words


The Toxicity of Unsolicited Advice

I’ve found myself in relationships throughout my life that are openly hostile to my emotional needs.  Where it becomes the imperative truth that if I talk about myself, my feelings or problems, it is seen as an invitation for attack, not an invitation to connection or intimacy.   1,310 more words

New Alzheimer’s Treatment Without Drugs

(Originally posted on March 31, 2015)

Australian scientists have successfully tested a new Alzheimer’s treatment on mice. This new treatment incorporates the use of ultrasound technology instead of drugs to clear plaques and restore memory. 247 more words