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Patent roll call, fall 2016

Filing for a patent on a research discovery is more than just a way to protect the intellectual property behind it. Patents are often a crucial step toward moving breakthroughs beyond the lab and into the market, where they can benefit society. 496 more words


An Innovative Technological Breakthrough in Healthcare

In the past couple years, there have been many advancements in technology that are working to further the healthcare industry substantially. Due to the fast paced nature of the healthcare industry and due to the ever-changing aspects of healthcare, people are creating new and innovative pieces of technology that overall have made a huge impact of the expanding industry of healthcare. 781 more words


Lana Vawser

A spirit of death has increased in its opposition against many and has been causing roadblock after roadblock, aborted and attempts to abort dreams and cause great confusion for many. 250 more words

All About Life

minting, baby, minting

he bends down to pick

something up, but they’ve implemented

the gold standard when he

can see what it is

on the floor. He hears about… 38 more words


My job requires me to deal with a lot of very unhealthy people at times; people who are mentally unhealthy, and sometimes even scary. I have a woman and her son on my caseload right now that have some very deep seeded mental health issues; the problem is that neither of them beleive they do. 285 more words

Cancer treatment startup based on U research wins Tekne Award

A startup company that develops next-generation cancer treatments based on University of Minnesota research has been awarded for its innovative therapies.

GeneSegues Therapeutics received the Minnesota High Tech Association’s… 131 more words


Magic of Numbers


I was speaking to one of my bestfriends the other day about numbers, and boy are they magical. Numbers can be woven in was which can discover vast parts of the universe we can’t see with the naked eye; to proving theories of possibilities that is physically impossible in this 3rd dimension. 249 more words