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A scientist who has studied polar bears for 34 years is starting to get really worried.

Even after half a lifetime analyzing polar bears in some of Earth’s least hospitable climates, Andrew Derocher still gets nervous trying to tag a 1,000 -pound bear on a frozen slab of ice in the open water. 934 more words


Breakthroughs are tough!

So the last couple of days has been frustrating but interesting and exciting for me. My MC (Main character) has been very silent as of late but my villain has not. 573 more words


Tonight, I had a breakthrough. Rather than be embarrassed and feel like a lazy fool, I took on a pointedly new mentality, and I did an amazing job dancing in contest.

104 more words

They tested a seat so people with disabilities could ride a camel. Here's how it went.

On edge of the Sahara Dunes, a few miles outside of the Moroccan town of Merzouga, a camel named Omalise seems to suspect something is up. 1,427 more words


How to take your panic over Trump and the environment and turn it into real action.

A lot of people are worried about the environment right now. And President Trump … well, he’s not helping. He’s called climate change a Chinese hoax, made no secret of his disdain for the Clean Power Plan, and signaled that he might withdraw the U.S. 10 more words


James Corden sent 297 copies of the same movie to Mar-a-Lago to educate Trump about HIV.

The movie “Philadelphia” was one of the first mainstream movies to tackle the HIV/ AIDS outbreak. That was more than 20 years ago.

The story follows a closeted homosexual lawyer in, well, Philadelphia who combats discrimination after his employer detects he has AIDS. 409 more words


Mechanical Computing Game Teaches Coding Fundamentals

Years ago, when Paul Boswell, Ph.D., was teaching at the University of Minnesota, he noticed many students from across the sciences ran up against a common barrier: they didn’t know how to program. 980 more words