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Face to Face

It seemed like every “problem” that he came up with, I had a solution. Except the real problem was, he didn’t want to find a solution. 145 more words

God Said - Friends - Journaling

Just got off a scope with Dr. Walter Sims. My first time with him. I had heard him before, about 20 seconds worth, about 4 months ago, but he was too ‘black’ for me, yelling and all that. 778 more words



Irony = getting dumped by a guy who initially thought you were out of his league

I’m slowly processing all that has happened, from sharing the shower 3 weeks ago to breaking up over a phone call. 169 more words

The Aftermath of War

I started a war for you
To conquer the world for saying no to us
For thinking our love was just not enough
But as I drew my sword against the world… 222 more words

Blank Verse

Who's gonna ?

It’s almost 11 pm
I’m tired
Yet reluctant to go to bed
My eyes are closing
It’s time i go resting
But I can’t help wondering… 24 more words


Mad Insanity

Sometimes I can’t differentiate what’s real and what’s not
I can’t tell reality from mental fabrication
I can’t tell unspoken voices from actual sounds
I just listen and heed what it says… 181 more words

Blank Verse


Woke up in the middle of night

Wondering what a nightmare feels like

Well, you’re not by my side

My heart beats faster and faster… 38 more words