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One year later.. he broke up with me.

It’s funny how you can’t keep track of things in your own relationship when there is chaos. I read my prior blog post of February 2016. 566 more words

To my beloveth Demon

Written by Elysian Huyz

To my beloved demon

who doesn’t love me anymore.

Two months after, it doesn’t hurt as much,

At least not as much as it used to, 144 more words



​You stood in my face

And said I should grow

Yet I was 23 years old

You shut me down

Like a troubled child

I was your baby… 234 more words


Bitch FM - Music To Get Over That Asshole

After bawling your eyes out to Sad FM, you are now ready for Bitch FM.

When you get over the initial knife-to-the-heart feeling and reality starts to set back in, Bitch FM is there for you to regain your power. 314 more words


On my own

Soundtrack to this post – Sia – Big Girls Cry

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here.  I intended on keeping this blog up to date.   1,308 more words


The Anatomy of A Breakup​

You’ve finally got it right! You’ve landed yourself a jackpot with your new interest  and they’re everything you’ve ever wished for. They say all the right things, they do all the right things, they make all right moves, they find all the right solutions to your problems. 1,631 more words


My Breakthrough Came TODAY! 5-9-16

4 months and 2 weeks later.


Waiting for WHAT????!

Waiting to be friends. Waiting for him to talk. Waiting. Just waiting. Early on God said we would be best friends. 672 more words

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