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Do You Still Think About Him?

Hi Beautiful Lady,

This week I had a few clients tell me it’s been hard forgetting or not thinking of their ex.  So I wanted to share 3 tools that I use if this is happening to you. 851 more words


Its called a breakup because its broken 

I know the last thing you’d want to do is read a book whilst decaying in your bed, moping over someone who probably doesn’t care that you’re wasting your life away crying into your delicious tub of ice cream. 117 more words


Blunt is Better #1

It was around 3 a.m last night when I woke up to get the largest glass of water I could find and use the washroom.. a heavy night of drinking and dancing at a bar the night before will do that too you, I swear since starting a clean diet and working out 6 times a week I get 14 hour hangovers.. 845 more words


Amber's Testimony | Youtube Vid

I was invited to be a guest to a church (Greater Works Apostolic Fellowship in Lithonia, GA) for their annual “No Secrets” event, Friday February 13… 308 more words


Ironicized Lover II

It was one of the cold nights of December 2013, when she sat all alone with the empty feelings in her heart, and wore a fake smile on her pale face. 1,123 more words


Love is all around...

So it’s the 4th of February and there is Valentines day stuff everywhere. I can’t walk by a card shop without feeling sad and angry, just the sight of red roses and teddies sets me off, thank goodness I don’t work in one. 519 more words


Beginning by Destroying

A couple days ago, I told my fiance I didn’t want to get married anymore. The reason is simple: she’s not pretty enough. That should be a good way to start a blog. 450 more words