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Sick and lonely

I have a horrible cold so I am taking the day off work. I don’t even feel that bad because its unpaid still.

When I am sick like this I feel lonelier than ever. 127 more words


The breakup

We got back together and I was happy again.

Somehow it descended back into lies, and anxiety, and weed, and anger. I leant heavily on this new found feeling where I knew his life was better with me in it and I abused it. 482 more words


The End

The end part of the story starts from when his dad got sick. before that I can remember things had been going well and he had just completed a really impressive proposal for his masters, although im sure there was still a lot of insecurity on my part but he was still patient with me. 433 more words


The Middle

We learnt about each other. He told me about his life. He was 24 and had a passion for media. He told me about his rough public school. 374 more words


The beginning

My final semester of university consisted of ticking off a few first year communications units, just to make sure I had met the compulsory requirements. I had spent four years changing universities, degrees and majors and had finally convinced the uni to mash my time wasting into a “communications” degree, majoring in museum studies and piling everything else into “creative services”. 297 more words


Letter to the man who hurt me

Hi there Baby,

Yes I still call you baby, force of habit or more like a habit I have not been able to let go of. 297 more words

10 Things Not To Do When Your Friend Goes Through a Breakup!

It’s 3:30am and your phone starts frantically vibrating on your bedside table. After several wasted attempts at trying to ignore it, you admit defeat and roll over, wondering who in the name of DiCaprio is trying to interrupt the most satisfying sleep you’ve had in weeks. 762 more words