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At A Loss

I’ve always been really good at explaining how I feel. What I’m thinking. Why I’m hurting. But recently I’ve found myself at a loss for words. 614 more words


the break up (day 1)

Well, today was the day I said goodbye…

…and I was kind of excited! I’d done the preparation and I was ready to do this. Below is a blow by blow of all food consumed today. 94 more words


I just need a hug.

I go through bouts of depression every now and then, I’ve always been really scared to admit that. I have horrible anxiety problems that I’ve found out run in my family too. 477 more words

Every action has a reaction.

So it happened.

My worst fear during my relationship came true, he left me and now is with her.

I spent the whole relationship obsessing over it, them. 188 more words


Letter to the man who hurt me

Hi there Baby,

Yes I still call you baby, force of habit or more like a habit I have not been able to let go of. 297 more words

10 Things Not To Do When Your Friend Goes Through a Breakup!

It’s 3:30am and your phone starts frantically vibrating on your bedside table. After several wasted attempts at trying to ignore it, you admit defeat and roll over, wondering who in the name of DiCaprio is trying to interrupt the most satisfying sleep you’ve had in weeks. 762 more words


I still find pieces of you in the back of my mind.