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Thoughts on Being Single

Once again I’m single.
Soon enough I’ll start to mingle.
I’m sad things did not work out.
But at the same time I lack doubt, 116 more words


My Mint Green Sheets

He was so broken when I met him. Our first meeting was one of a kind and one I will always remember. It was back in April of 2013 when I heard his name for the first time. 980 more words


Where we currently stand

I hear his name and about a thousand great memories come to mind. I see his name and about a thousand bad moments flash right before my eyes. 846 more words


It should always feel easy...

How do you let yourself love again?

I’m so scared of being hurt. I’m scared I won’t be good enough. I’m scared that someone else will have to deal with all of my emotional baggage that this relationship caused me. 334 more words


Empty Eyes

Your eyes used to be happy when you smiled.
They were what made my heart beguiled.
Now they’re as hollow as your soul.
It’s sad to see what life took as toll. 126 more words


At A Loss

I’ve always been really good at explaining how I feel. What I’m thinking. Why I’m hurting. But recently I’ve found myself at a loss for words. 614 more words


the break up (day 1)

Well, today was the day I said goodbye…

…and I was kind of excited! I’d done the preparation and I was ready to do this. Below is a blow by blow of all food consumed today. 94 more words