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Dear John: Tracy Solheim finds breaking up is hard to do — sort of

Tracy Solheim had to construct a Dear John letter for her new Out of Bounds release, Sleeping With the Enemy, and in her research uncovered some interesting tidbits. 819 more words

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To My Depression: A Breakup Letter

Hello old friend, (or arch nemesis) 

It seems as though you’ve been studying me like an exam you’ve never been quite prepared to take. You know so much about me but I keep learning new things about you that have never been clear before. 646 more words

A Letter (That Will Likely Go Unnoticed) To My Narcissistic Ex-Boyfriend

It’s over. Us. We. It’s back to you, and me, separate entities.

I dumped you over the phone while you were vacationing in Hawaii with your female best friend. 977 more words

Dear Porn, I'm Breaking Up With You

You probably knew that it would eventually come to this. I didn’t. I loved you with all my heart. When I was feeling down, all I dreamed of was getting home, dimming the lights, pouring some wine and spending some quality time with you. 809 more words

Dear Lucky 7, I'm Breaking Up with You

Dear Lucky 7,

You will hold a special place in my heart as the first show of the season that I’m breaking up with. Even more special since I couldn’t even stand to watch your entire pilot. 255 more words


The 12 Best Break Up letters Of All Time

I hope you will never have to write one of these but if so here is some help. Read More

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A Relationship Breakup - You Will Get Over It

After a relationship breakup, everything in the world can seem bleak and depressing. The most important thing to remember is that this is a normal reaction. 497 more words