Perfection Is Not Attainable

Bob Barker said, “I think that age as a number is not nearly as important as health. You can be in poor health and be pretty miserable at 40 or 50. 529 more words


The Impressions We Make

Since facebook has started bringing back memories of what we posted 3, 4, even 5 years ago, I am sure that I’m not the only one who has been tickled to see something we posted but had already forgotten. 885 more words

A Little Bit Of The Hodge Podge

$596K Grant Supports Examination of Chronic Stress in Breast Cancer Development

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey resident research member Wenwei Hu, PhD, has received a $596,250 Breakthrough Award (W81XWH-16-1-0358) from the U.S. Department of Defense through its Breast Cancer Research Program to study the role of chronic stress in breast cancer development.  268 more words

Rutgers Research

This Middle-Aged Guy In A Pink Tutu Seemed Ridiculous. Then I Learned The Beautiful Reason For It.

You might scratch your head when you see these photos and think “Why is that guy wearing a pink tutu?” The answer is, in equal parts, ridiculous and heartwarming. 28 more words


Onmi United Passes the One Million Mark to Fight Against Breast Cancer


Over the last five years, the Radar tire brand has raised more than $1 million to fight breast cancer. And Omni United (S) Pte. Ltd., owner and distributor of the Radar private brand, plans to continue the fight with the help of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). 580 more words

giving it some lols for cancer

This morning I tried to be normal and join in with something- it was the ‘secret’ breast cancer thing – yanno- you post ‘there’s a squirrel in my car’ or ‘I’m thinking of getting butt implants’ on social media and then anyone who comments or likes the post gets a jolly message about it being a big secret game for breast cancer awareness. 398 more words

Let's Get Personal For A Moment

The past couple of days have been a little bit hectic. I have my 9-5, Uber, school, and all these projects to do. But I am not complaining – really. 500 more words