Finding out more about surgery

Surgery for breast cancer includes surgery to the breast and surgery to the axilla (armpit).

Surgery to the breast. 

Although there are many operations that we do, they fall into two groups: breast conservation surgery (wide local excision, lumpectomy) and mastectomy. 334 more words

Advocates For Breast Cancer

Ooops I Forgot to ask about...

Tomorrow I see my Oncologist who is my Primary Care giver since diagnosis. I am VERY AFRAID of seeing her ALWAYS – because I am a ‘Moffie’ and I am afraid she may find something new wrong with me… It’s ridiculous I know but I am only human, therefore I am having a denial day. 319 more words

Breast Cancer

Linda Got A New Car - And It Benefits The AutoNation Cure Bowl!

Wow. The ins and outs of buying a new (used) car! I sold my Chrysler 300 (bye-bye Baby Girl! Booo Hoo . . .) and it broke my heart, but Linda couldn’t drive it to work, as it was RWD and getting up snowy mountains in it didn’t work for her. 663 more words