​After chemo dental check and clean – swapping one form of torture for another! Everything is good – no problems! Some cancer patients can develop ongoing mouth problems when the chemo takes away the saliva, luckily I have been spared that problem! 67 more words


I went to the aromatherapy shop to get some oils to ease the radiation burns. I got

coconut oil for the carrier oil

Lavender oil and Chamomile oil… 28 more words


Today I have my 19/31 RT treatment! Yesterday I was given a day off as my skin was too red and sore. Today, I will see the doctor before my treatment begins for an assessment of the skin. 86 more words

A plan put in place!

Evening all!!

As you may recall I mentioned about seeing the GP regarding referral for checks Breast Cancer wise, due to the family history. Well…. I got to see a Doctor at the hospital today, so it was a quick referral indeed. 296 more words

Have a Heart

It’s that time again. Well-meaning people are sending messages on Facebook urging their friends to post hearts or their bra color or whatever else in honor of “breast cancer awareness.” 561 more words


My Inheritance

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I became slightly obsessed with my dead grandmother.  Or, more accurately, I became obsessed with all of the things that I – the youngest of four siblings – inherited from my dead grandmother who I had never met. 414 more words