Thinking Pink in Sierra Leone

“Cancer shouldn’t be a death sentence. It isn’t a death sentence in the West; why should it be one in Sierra Leone?”

Who’s asking? Her name’s Cremelda Pratt, and she’s the founder of Thinking Pink: an NGO dedicated to fighting breast cancer in Sierra Leone. 459 more words


Self Imposed Road Blocks & Accidental 10Ks

Yesterday morning I ran my very first race.

Myself, two wonderful women from my IDEX cohort, and my boss Bhavna Toor all ran the Pinkathon, India’s largest women only race, on behalf of… 1,338 more words



Your boobs are full of fat- radiologist
It’s like a dream for us- radiologist

We can see right through, perfect for us

Okay so that’s great news; so you dig the fatness of them, what now, they hurt more than a root canal, in my way all the time, my clothes hate them – I desire to punch them, often… 244 more words