Peggy's PSA...

Today is my birthday…thanks! This is the day of the year I give myself the best present I can think of. I know it’s a little ridiculous and maybe some people think it’s a little weird/sad/loser-like that I give myself a present every year, but hear me out. 1,079 more words


Why Awareness Isn't Enough

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As a counselor, this is important to me because so many of my clients are ashamed or feel “crazy” because of their mental health diagnosis, so having more awareness to decrease the stigma is a great thing. 338 more words


Woman Crush Wednesday | Breast Cancer Survivor Walks 1,000 Miles Topless

Paulette Leaphart flaunts (yes, I wrote flaunt not bear) her scars like an Olympian flashing their medals every time she walks topless across the country. 310 more words

Look Good Feel Better | Makeup Tips

I attended a Look Good Feel Better class hosted by the American Cancer Society on Monday and it was great! For anyone who doesn’t know, this class talks about makeup, wigs, headscarves and more for women who are currently going through chemotherapy or radiation. 197 more words