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Researchers Pinpoint Causes For Spike in Breast Cancer Genetic Testing

Women with hereditary BRCA gene mutations have a 45 to 65 percent risk of developing breast cancer before age 70, compared to 7 percent in the general population, according to the National Cancer Institute. 11 more words

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Анастрозол Анабрэз Планшет - Использование, Побочные эффекты, Цена - Apple Pharmaceuticals

Анастрозольный планшет

Таблет Anabrez используется для рака молочной железы у женщин в постменопаузе. Анаберз содержит анастрозол в качестве активного ингредиента.


Анастрозол Анабрез Таблетка относится к классу лекарств, называемых нестероидными ингибиторами ароматазы. 10 more words

Anti Cancer Medicine

Researchers Find Link Between Bacterial Imbalances and Breast Cancer

Cleveland Clinic researchers have uncovered differences in the bacterial composition of breast tissue of healthy women vs. women with breast cancer. The research team has discovered for the first time that healthy breast tissue contains more of the bacterial species Methylobacterium, a finding which could offer a new perspective in the battle against… 24 more words

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Anastrozole Anabrez Tablet - Uses, Side effects, Price – Apple Pharmaceuticals

Anastrozole Tablet

Anabrez tablet is used for breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Anaberz contains Anastrozole as active ingredient.


Anastrozole Anabrez Tablet is in a class of medications called nonsteriodal aromatase inhibitors. 174 more words

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