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Mammograms and What Could Have Been

It’s funny how your life can change in just a second. One little second can turn everything you ever knew upside down. And, before you read any further, I want to let you know that I am FINE. 1,016 more words

Body Positivity

What to Expect if Your Breast Cancer Returns

The shocking news that Olivia Newton-John’s back pain was caused by breast cancer that metastasized to her sacrum serves as a reminder of the disease can reoccur. 611 more words

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Risk Can Be Lessening

Breast cancer is a most common risk to a woman’s health around the globe. Breast cancer screening UK has emphasized the need of early screening in order to defeat breast cancer before its too late. 469 more words


Post Breast Cancer Treatment Instructions

It’s really very painful to go through breast cancer treatment though very fortunate for a breast cancer patient for overcoming this menace. It doesn’t mean that one has to become very much careless about her actually the survivor needs more and more care so to avoid the recurrence which is a bitter fact. 269 more words


Life After Beast Cancer

We usually talk about the risk factors, symptoms, cures and treatment methods of breast cancer. We emphasize the need to understand the important of breast cancer screening… 474 more words


Older Age & Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer itself is a very threatening disease but it becomes scarier when gets it in older age.  Breast cancer screening results clarify the situation by highlighting the issue. 498 more words