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Hello, watching another's failure strain

Watching another’s failure strain a tenuous relationship, I return to you.
Not groveling or lamenting, but humbled and willing.
No greater goal have I than yours. 142 more words


Can you wig it?

Yeah, so, today was the first day I wore one of my wigs in public.

I’ve been worrying that my wigs look like wigs, and that I will walk outside and everyone will think, “Who is she fooling? 352 more words

Alone in a crowd

I was going through treatments for breast cancer in 2006-2007. I worked so hard to be the same person I was B.C. – before cancer. I remember how challenging it was to be happy all the time. 204 more words

Breast Cancer

Hello, under swirling storm clouds

Under swirling storm clouds I return to you.
Watching unfettered winds wreaking havoc in our lives.
Tempest of nature confusing mortal men.
Nothing’s for chance, it’s all in the grand plan. 158 more words


Hair today, gone tomorrow

Yeah, so, if my hair had a theme song, it would be “I’m Coming Out.”

I’m shedding a lot of hair. A LOT. I thought I was emotionally prepared for it. 699 more words

Hello, hearing a tired call

Hearing a tired call for your healing i return to you.
Hands pressed tightly, chasing away the mornings fright.
Giving you all, before the physician makes his call. 190 more words


Culture of Counting

Have you ever noticed that people just don’t know what to say when you share that you are a breast cancer survivor? Or, maybe you are someone who has been in that situation, fumbling for the right words…I know I did before my breast cancer journey.  274 more words