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Moving Forward

How often do the little things trip us up and hold us back? I’ve been working on getting all my “ducks in a row” with my new coaching business and a friend suggested I create a new Twitter account. 202 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor


Stilled by her beauty.Beating my breath returns.

Mountains in times path fall.

Recalling my first glimpse and awe.

Cast aside glances hypnotic advances.

Denied, again I tried. 21 more words


In them all

I waited for you.Splinter laced feet on bare boards.

Watching for a glimpse.

In the waves laughter.

The winds repeating call.

I realized.

You were there, in them all.



Sorry Business

       “The truth comes out of this hairbrush.” – Dula Nurruwuthun

If I could, I’d create a pole so high
it would pierce the sky, and still… 169 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor

Ashes of my world

Lord you found me in the ashes of my world,filled with longing, in its hurt I was curled.

Doubtful any could heal these pains,

Constantly drenched in angers rains. 74 more words


A Proud Moment

I have been a runner for many years but it wasn’t until after my breast cancer diagnosis and a year and a half of surgeries that I had a goal to have a PR road race. 305 more words

It died

Tonight, it died, with its spark of inspiration, winning is times duration.This dream of mine, now to never into rockets of discovery climb.

Long has it flourished, in these backwaters of my heart, with hope nourished. 131 more words