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Hello, silent for too long


Silent for too long, I’ve returned.

Just before the trial, by others, is forgotten, the words return.

Steeled by thunders deafening roar.

Revealed with lightenings darkness rending score. 168 more words


Five Guys, Sunday brunch and a zoo

Yeah, so, it’s been almost two weeks since I last blogged. My apologies.

Here’s the update: I completed the final round of AC, so I’m going to be all about the taxol for 12 weekly doses starting June 5. 718 more words

Hello, rushing between


Rushing between others wants and my loves needs, I return to you.

Hopefully, that these trials grow no greater, fearing sanitizes loss my greatest danger. 182 more words


#TBT - Full Circle

Throw back Thursday — I wrote this piece when we were on vacation last month:

Here I am, once again, blogging by the pool on the magical island of Kauai.   532 more words

Breast Cancer Under 40

Laurie Tindall's story

“Hearing the news that you have cancer, and then hearing the progression of the stages is daunting, fearful, and full of uncertainty… “FAITH, HOPE & LOVE… 685 more words

Hello, foraging through others


Foraging through others self castigations, I return to you.

Recriminations of reliability, feeding anxieties raging furnace for truth.

Not withstanding, my own doubts, unable to ferret out answers that sooth. 172 more words


My Bravado Is Back! 

I have owned it.
I’ve identified with it.
I am Proud.
And I Celebrate.

In parallel,
there are still times
it almost seems like
it happened to a different person. 199 more words

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