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Hello, yesterday pain held 

HelloYesterday pain held my heart, today hope, I return to you.

Reading eyes fear filled, sorrows misery on countless brows.

Blessings yet received, I sing of a day, where love holds sway of humanity. 128 more words


Hello, getting to the point

HelloGetting to the point, not quite there, I return to you.

Perplexed by setbacks, understanding each cause.

Grated nerves, calloused knees and a chorus of, “pleas.” 110 more words


hello, heavy hearted

HelloHeavy hearted, full of joy and despair, I return to you.

Watching from afar, as disease overtook your child.

reading, hearing and understanding his walk stronger each day grew. 196 more words


Hello, agitated as others

HelloAgitated as others denounce your love, I’ve come back to you.

You, and our relationship where we grow stronger.

Stronger in faith centered on a hope which overcomes the hate. 104 more words


Hello, unfinished though invested

HelloUnfinished though invested, with these cares, I return to you.

Yesterday’s burdens still fresh on shoulders.

Today’s building even as the morning grows.

To you, I give these cares and fears. 86 more words


What I am actually fighting

When I decided to get serious about bringing more awareness to metastatic breast cancer, I was thrilled that Susan G Komen asked me to be part of a national campaign.  518 more words


Double cancer standards...

I know I was one of the lucky ones.

I had breast cancer.

I survived.

I was lucky to find it when I did, was lucky my GP referred me to the breast clinic straight away, was lucky they could see me within 2 weeks, and was lucky to be able to access all the treatment I needed. 152 more words