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Sedona: A Serendipitous Journey

Taking yearly pilgrimages started after my serendipitous journey to Sedona.  What made that such a pivotal point, was the juxtaposition of entrapment with freedom.  During the preceding eight months of cancer treatment, I’d been closely monitored; by the clinical trials research company I worked for to see if I was able to do my job; by my family and friends to see how I was physically and emotionally holding up.  566 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor

What I Didn't Tell You....

I have been blessed with a husband who has supported me through all of my cancer crap. He stayed with me when I was diagnosed, took care of me when I went through treatment, didn’t make fun of me when I was bald, accepted that I was changed, and loved me no matter what.  388 more words

Breast Cancer Life

True Nature

I spotted the girl from across the room.  She was the one, looking unabashedly into the camera, with eyes that are serious, like they’re gazing into your soul.  610 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor

Valentine's Day - The Parliament of Fowls - an excerpt from a Chaucer poem

Please allow me to give you this day an excerpt from The Parliament of Fowls, by one of my favorite writers – Geoffrey Chaucer. 238 more words

Cancer Sucks


I thanked my friend for the “Thinking of You” card she’d sent, the one in my mailbox on top of the stack of bills.  “Oh, that ole thing?  569 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor

The Rhythm of the Day

I arrived at the two-week writer’s residency in central Kentucky, expecting to have to juggle my time between farm chores, shared kitchen duties with fellow artists, providing a community educational program, and writing.  676 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor

Not Like Me

I watched that ‘hunk of burnin’ love’ from across the crowd.  It had been a fun day, riding my bike around Mackinac Island in northern Michigan and then happening upon the outside summer concert.  647 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor