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No longer

The night that no one is there.When no one comes to the door.

When no one cares for the poor.

Then you will know.

Faith’s seeds can no longer be sown. 15 more words


Standing beside

Standing beside my bed.Startled awake from noises in my head.

Are they real these threats I see?

Will each continue to trouble me.

How can I know? 83 more words


This trail

Beside this trail remain we three.Witness to eras and omens reborn.

Hearing cries and sighs of the passing.

Burdened not by angers passions.

Watching each pass by unthinking. 29 more words


Anguished discourse

Turned from understanding to distrust. It seems, So long ago your faith, another ground to dust.

Standing now, with an anguish, you find unjust.

Misguided, mistrusting, reasons only you are sure. 89 more words


39 Miles Towards A Cure

I have decided to participate in this years “AVON 39” Walk to End Breast Cancer.

This will be my third walk I have participated in over the past 6 years.   258 more words


Four letter word

Help,A four letter word.

Cursed and blessed,

Hope it assigns.

Empathy it shares.

Love for all who dare.

Purpose for which it began.


A four letter word.



#SceneGirl Survivor - Lauren

We were honored to meet Lauren through on a fellow #SceneGirl’s bachelorette party in Key West this past July. We already knew that she was a special person because of the stories we were told regarding her journey to become a 26 year old breast cancer survivor. 703 more words