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Dude, where's my hair?

Yeah, so, the taxol is leaving me with low energy, which – combined with the fact that I’m essentially a lazy person – means I’ve been sitting around on the couch watching “Orange Is The New Black” for two weeks instead of writing on my blog. 671 more words

Hello, Hemorrhaging reason

HelloHemorrhaging reason to derelict desires, I return to you.

Bereft of understanding, still enamored with hope.

Languishing in angers festering pools.

Faith courses through exhausted veins, pulsing with your peace. 65 more words


hello, enamored with her

HelloEnamored with her growing confidence, I return to you.

Simply in awe at her improving health.

Though, shouldn’t be, for your actions I see in her and me. 199 more words


stalled by angers trace

Stalled by angers trace.Through plains thoughts, i race.

Pondering questions unfathomable, I brace.

Fielding frustrations angry mace.

Forgotten in times infernal chase.

Stubbornly seeking liberties face. 53 more words


hello, once again from the darkness


Once again from the darkness, I return to you.

Seeking direction, understanding and renewal.

Once again, doubt lingers, and festers my faith.

Stubbornly understanding is drummed into this cranium.. 217 more words


The last 4 lots of chemo.. Things were getting hard

So I have already written about my first four lots of chemo but not the last 4. This is when everything got really really hard for me. 693 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor

My Three Names by Jackie Fox (All About My Name Poetry Series)

My Three Names
by Jackie Fox

Jacqueline was heavy artillery.
Reserved for behavior so awful
Mom hauled out first, middle and last.

Except in fourth grade, when we had… 275 more words


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A bit of a departure from this blog's focus, but thought I'd share a poem I wrote recently.