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RefugeeAngry Seas regurgitating humanity on these shores for all to see.

Forlorn foreign forests shedding waifs, like golden fall leaves, on this land.

Violence filled eddies of wind sifting the remnants of man who here finally stand. 161 more words



HelloDeafened by this silence that too often fills this heart, I return to you.

It’s me again, struggling between the beginning and an end.

Sharing our desires as we see yours unfolding. 288 more words


A Cat, a can of Tuna and Cancer

By Khevin Barnes

In 1989 I bought my first house, where I lived with my first wife. This was also the year and time that we purchased our first cat. 773 more words

Breast Cancer

Hello once again

HelloOnce again in a familiar waiting room, I return to you.

Yes, it’s me again, waiting for her doctors review and blessing.

Too often these walls and windows have help this form. 205 more words


Ring side seat

Into the hall where citizens call on leaders for needs.Mindless of others needs he walked in, pulled a pistol and his life, he ends.

Stunned, to shocked to cry, sitting in this ring side seat for the worlds demise I sigh. 179 more words


Je Suis Paris

Under grey green skies, fearful storms arise.

Burning yearnings,

in the hearts of evil men,

foster its rise.

Tangled injustice,

anger living among us,

shrouded eyes. 153 more words


Pain called collect

Pain called collect from Paris tonight.

Dialing from hates own kitchen, steamed with delight.

Frustrated, at my absence, he left a message.

Gurgling calls for my life, bumbling threats to give me a fright. 108 more words