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2017 Atlanta 2 Day Kickoff

What an awesome morning kicking off the 2017 Atlanta 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer. I was right there in the middle of all the action. 98 more words


Here again

Gathering courage from your pain.I’m here again, looking for blessings not this curse.

Healing as you are, in Christ I trust.

But, I’m here again about to go bust. 130 more words


Oh friend

Oh my friend of you I’ve dreamed.Of rushing streams and mountain flowers.

These fields we’ve covered, the nights near fires we hovered.

Of passions powers to forget the hours. 76 more words


Vivid dreams

So vivid comes this dream that shaking I awaken.Walking from my bed in a sweat as I seek the nights vision.

Words tumbling from my heart fill pages with wonder and fear. 171 more words


I traveled hereĀ 

I traveled here to tell you of a friend. Her life ended, so suddenly.

But when I arrived, I found she was not gone.

In the walks around her home. 554 more words


Happy birthday

Again your birthday arrives, with songs and well wishes.

Absent are these from your ears,

That from afar seek to be so near.

For a moment be still, … 33 more words


Grandmothers wait

Here am I, to hear your words, what hope can mine sow!Are these the last I will hear in gladness, I cannot know!

Trembling and confused, you organize a few and choose! 146 more words