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Poem Dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness

What’s Worth Kneeling For?

by Anthony Labson

I’m full of pride.

I can’t run from a fight

and I won’t shame my name.

I’ll stand ready to die. 164 more words

A Real Lens: the scrip from my inner optometrist

Look in the mirror. Even better, do it when you get out of the shower and have nothing covering you up. Complete silence, no distractions. What is there? 1,149 more words

Breast Cancer

Secret: why do women favour old men's N?!

How to define those old men? Perhaps in the eyes of most people, a little older, mature and steady. Are old men really so good? What charm does it really have? 648 more words

Breast Cancer

Teach yourself to test five kinds of gynecological diseases

All say ten women, nine inflammation, most of the women have been gynecological disease winded. What is gynecological disease exactly? How do you find out that you have gynecological diseases? 548 more words

Breast Cysts

"Common secret: Inner Secrets Revealed

Dreaming of the same sex.

If you dream about being in the same sex, it doesn’t mean you suddenly change your sexual orientation. It might be that you want to understand more about your relationship with the same sex. 213 more words

Breast Cancer