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So much better than bottles of milk delivered to your door:

Champagne Bollinger

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So much better than bottles of milk delivered to your door: Bollinger Special Cuvée!


The End of Breastfeeding

I was one of those lucky moms who was able to breastfeed their child. We hear all this stuff about “breast is best” and women feel an incredible amount of pressure to breastfeed their children. 379 more words

Breast Cancer

Pink Life

While I was making my trip to dump my brown-gold, I could hear the bees in the crepe myrtles…they were COVERED! There was a day when I would’ve freaked out over the thought of all those bees, but not any more (we’ll talk later about yellowjackets). 88 more words

Breast Cancer

The Michigan 3-Day Coaches Talk About...The Michigan 3-Day Coaches!

They’re the helpful cheerleaders on the other end of the phone call or email when you have questions or concerns. They’re the smiling faces welcoming you and your teams at meet-ups and workshops and building up community excitement for the 3-Day. 643 more words


Wing - III: Glide

Storms don’t stop sea gulls from flying. Different from calm days where they use their wings to push through the air, they glide instead. The strong winds keep them aloft and hovering. 50 more words

Breast Cancer