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The big 'C'

Hello and welcome!

Before I get going with this, my first blog post, I have a few confessions to make.  Firstly, I have never blogged before and am a… 762 more words

Breast Cancer

Limbo II and car repair

My wife got some more news yesterday.  Her CEA (CEA is a somewhat reliable blood test that indirectly measures cancer cell activity within a human body) is 31.  181 more words

Sorry Business

       “The truth comes out of this hairbrush.” – Dula Nurruwuthun

If I could, I’d create a pole so high
it would pierce the sky, and still… 169 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor

The D word

Bebe’s excellent school counselor told us last week that Bebe is terrified of me dying. Gut wrenching. That is a huge burden for a 7 yr old to carry. 800 more words

Breast Cancer and the Old Testament Prophets

This summer I read through the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah. I didn’t have a particular reason for reading them. I guess I just wanted to hang out with some of the major prophets. 392 more words

Keeping It Real

Dr. Fuhrman on Breast Cancer | Dr. Fuhrman

Cruciferous vegetables powerfully prevent breast cancer.

Vitamin D powerfully protects against breast cancer.

Mammograms cause some breast cancers, reduce deaths by almost the same number of deaths they cause and overall do very little to extend lives. 2,206 more words

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