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Session 5

I had had a really busy Thursday and had spent a lot of time sitting down either at work (9 hours); in a car (2½ hours); and at a function in the evening (9½ hours).  664 more words

Breast Cancer

Session 3

We started the session off with boat pose (supported navasana).  I am still experiencing discomfort in my shoulder and arm when they are not supported.  Gravity is not my friend at the moment.  269 more words

Breast Cancer

Session 2

This session involved poses for my back.  The first pose was a forward bend, but I felt that this was too strong on my back, so we had to modify it by using a chair.  498 more words

Breast Cancer

Session 1

I’ve been doing yoga for over 20 years and have been going to my current class for around 14 years. It definitely helped me with me recovery. 553 more words

Breast Cancer

So anyhow, radiation.

It’s been an interesting few
months. That’s actually an ancient Chinese curse – may you live in interesting
times. Regardless of whether I’ve been cursed or not – and I suspect not… 1,157 more words



I am a homebody. I love my house (well, the parts that are finished) and I really love the people in it (we aren’t finished, either, but that’s a different thing). 343 more words

This kickboxing vegan CAN

I used to run to keep fit; I hated it. It was a chore and a struggle get out of the door. I could very easily dissuade myself from running, a constant battle in my head, often talking to myself – hating every step. 269 more words