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Using bras as my canvas…

About the bras…

  • The Eyes Of Social Media: The constant watch of someone else, always feeling under pressure. The idea of someone looking at your boobs and being able to say you’re looking back.
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3rd Year

- Project Proposal -

My project is a part of a world wide women empowered campaign. Through investigating social media, the female body and body confidence I want to produce a piece thats supports, educates and highlights what being a woman stands for. 445 more words

3rd Year

Reasoning with my topic.

Here is a simple breakdown for my three topic areas I wish to cover…

Social Media & Body Confidence

With our constant search to improve there is a mass build up of pressure and climbing levels of expectation. 297 more words

3rd Year

Taking it Further.

Perfect timing! The brief for the summer project couldn’t be any more fitting to my latest project. With the task set ahead to collect information and visually explore any chosen path iv been handed the opportunity to explore breast feeding in public much more. 59 more words

3rd Year

The Doodles.

To expand my prints and take them further I need to find a purpose or give them a place. Thinking of ideas I asked questions such as: Where would I like them to be seem? 175 more words

3rd Year