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Breastfeeding in Public - A Dad's Opinion

Here’s one for you…

My opinion on this subject doesn’t matter!

Nor does any other mens’ opinion for that matter. In fact, nor does any other persons’ opinion count either.

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Term 2 - Week No.9 'Modify & Adapt'

Progression strategy fed into my brain via Chris:

  • Substitute – What can I take away from the work to make it better?
  • Combine – If I combine two different elements what would happen?
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3rd Year

Term No.1 - Week No.2 - "Let's propose a project!"

Reasoning with my topic…

Here is a simple breakdown of my three topic areas I wish to cover…

Social Media & Body Confidence

With our constant search to improve there is a mass build up of pressure and climbing levels of expectation. 771 more words

3rd Year

Taking it Further.

Perfect timing! The brief for the summer project couldn’t be any more fitting to my latest project. With the task set ahead to collect information and visually explore any chosen path iv been handed the opportunity to explore breastfeeding in public much more. 59 more words

3rd Year

Term No.1 - Week No.1 - "Oh dear prints"

A Month of Somethings – Breast Feeding in Public.

kick start my most recent project,  I wish to touch back on a mini project I produced a while ago which looks at breastfeeding in public. 750 more words

3rd Year

Breast Feeding in Public - A Month of Somethings!

For my last and final project for the second year I have chosen to look at breast feeding in public. with strong feelings towards empowering women and supporting body confidence I feel this topic is very relevant and relates to many people. 108 more words

A Month Of Something's

'Raising the Skirt' with Performance Artist Nicola Hunter and Izzie Abbottobad...

After the powerful and provocative ‘Raising the Skirt’ exhibition I completely fell in love with artist Nicola Hunter (Formerly Nicola Canavan). For those of you who are unfamiliar, here is just a small insight into the project… 380 more words