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How To Breastfeed in Public

Well, there’s a short answer to this question; and it goes a little something like: In whichever way is most comfortable for Mum and baby. 977 more words

Food Glorious Food

One of the big concerns about travelling with young kids is food. So here’s a feeding 101 for bubs on the move.

Under 6 months. Milk only… 315 more words

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Beautiful beautiful Oman!

A mere 3 hour flight from Delhi (so the Calcutta flight was pretty much a test run), it’s a different feel of the middle-east, closer to Turkey than to the Dubai we’ve come to expect from this term. 836 more words

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A right tit

Here’s a picture of a right tit.

And here’s another one.

Yup. it’s Nigel Farage, that racial tension mongering arse. He taps into the middle aged, middle class, just below the surface racism, sexism and every other kind of ism that sadly people in our peer group seem to subscribe to.   616 more words

Disappearing Baby

With astonishment everyone peered,
For her baby had just – disappeared.
Then the waiter confessed:
“Yes I covered her breasts,
And the baby as well – it was weird.”

Hotel cover up


Diaper Changing in Public

My husband and I took Punkie to a restaurant yesterday.  It’s a pub with a restaurant area.  I changed Punkie’s diaper in the restaurant because there was no changing table in either restroom and neither had a place to put a child for a diaper change except for the floor.  412 more words

Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices - just recognize them. - Edward R. Murrow and Fabulous Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

August is starting out on an interesting note. The temperature has risen to the point you could get breakfast going on the asphalt on your driveway by around 8:00 a.m. 1,097 more words