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Breast reduction is a relatively new medical foray and it does take many by surprise. Normally, one hears so much about women trying to enhance their breast size with breast augmentation surgeries and implants. 282 more words

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Cut down your breast size by undergoing breast reduction surgery

Summary: If you are agonized by the load of heavy breasts, you should definitely plan to undergo breast reduction surgery.

The female gender is something that has long been celebrated in both ethos and sculptures. 467 more words

Breast Reduction surgery - A smart choice

Women who have oversized, large breast can do a breast reduction surgery. This surgery involves removing excess glandular tissue, skin and breast fat from the breasts to minimize the difficulties caused by oversized breasts and improve its shape. 257 more words

Breast Reduction Takes a Load Off Your Back

I am often asked, “What operation has the happiest post-op patients?” The answer is easy – Breast Reduction.

These patients are so happy and grateful; it makes this one of my favorite operations to do. 50 more words

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Things to Keep in Mind before Undergoing Breast Reduction Surgery

Over the years and across continents women of all age shape and size have contemplated and pondered over breast enhancement and breast reduction surgeries. However, it has been found that not a lot is known about breast reduction as compared to its glamorous counterpart. 488 more words

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Breast Reduction Diaries, Day 4

August 7, 2015

I ended up sleeping most of yesterday. I got myself some food for lunch and then just passed out. I was awake here and there to take my pills and occasionally do something productive. 281 more words

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