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Breastfeeding 101

I breastfed M. until he was a little over twelve months which I felt was long enough. I was glad I fed him that long but then again, he was an easy baby to nurse. 382 more words


Woman Passed Out With One Breast Exposed and Lots of Drugs . . . and Told Cops They're For Her Stripping Injuries

A police officer in Key Largo, Florida was on patrol on Monday night, when he saw a woman passed out in a running car.

She had one breast hanging out of her shirt, her skirt was hiked up, and she had all sorts of drugs with her . 84 more words


Breast Implant Surgery - Is it Here to Stay?

Breast implant surgery is currently the main decision regarding cosmetic enhancements offered by breast implant surgeons around the Untied States. Measurements will demonstrate that the development of this industry has been enormous in the course of recent decades. 574 more words

Breast checks are important 

this is a bit of a random post but an important one, it’s so important to regularly check your breasts for any changes or lumps, no matter your age, shape or size!

Scarlett Johansson Had To Pump Breast Milk At The Oscar

Scarlett Johansson survived John Travolta on the red carpet, but what she didn’t survive was avoiding having pump.

She went back stage and took care of business before she went on stage to present at the Oscars. 24 more words


Breast Enlargement Skin cream: Boost Breast Size In a natural way

Perfectly, these times girls definitely have more aware their appearance, body, skin, experience specifically the dimension and condition from the breast. Unquestionably, all girls needs making a fuller, beautiful, attractive and beautiful larger breast. 588 more words


My Bucket List Got a Bit Smaller

We started planning our February vacation many months ago. We knew we wanted to go to Florida but not sure where. Finally, we settled on Universal Studios and Cape Canaveral. 632 more words

Breast Cancer