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Breast is best

“When a mother nurses her baby, she is giving that child her name, her story and her life’s song.

A nursed baby will grow to be string in body, mind and spirit” 641 more words


Opioids and breast cancer recurrence: A Danish population-based cohort study

Cancer: published online: 24 JUL 2015

Opioids may alter immune function, thereby potentially affecting cancer recurrence. The authors investigated the association between postdiagnosis opioid use and breast cancer recurrence.

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Ethnicity, deprivation and screening: survival from breast cancer among screening-eligible women in the West Midlands diagnosed from 1989 to 2011

British Journal of Cancer (2015) 113, 548–555

Background: Social inequalities in breast cancer survival are smaller when the cancer is screen-detected. We examined survival from screen-detected and non screen-detected breast cancer by ethnicity and deprivation.

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Nodal radiation in breast cancer does not improve survival

The Lancet Oncology: Published Online: 30 July 2015

Two separate clinical studies by Timothy Whelan and Philip Poortmans and their colleagues demonstrate that, in early stage breast cancer, addition of regional lymph node irradiation to standard radiation does not improve overall survival, but reduces recurrence.

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Hey ladies, have any cup size you want with this deceptively simple “air bra”

Not that we would know, considering we’ve never even seen a female breast in real life, let alone come close enough to a woman to have a conversation about it, but we hear that a lot of women are somewhat, let’s say, self-conscious about their… 338 more words

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Protests in Hong Kong Over a Woman's Conviction for Assaulting a Cop With Her Breast

Around 200 protesters staged a demonstration in front of Hong Kong’s police headquarters on Sunday, wearing and waving bras and carrying placards to protest the recent conviction of a woman for assaulting a police officer with her breast, the… 154 more words

A Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

You just turned 16.

It seems like I blinked and you went from a curious toddler to a handsome, bright young man with such a bright future within your grasp. 604 more words