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Hugh Hefner's Wife Was Not Poisoned By Her Breast Implants

ASPS surgeon takes aim at claim by wife of Playboy magazine founder that her breast implants caused her to be ‘poisoned’. Jack Fisher, MD, a key figure in debunking erroneous claims that breast implants cause systemic disease, uses science to refute Crystal Hefner’s declaration that her silicone implants directly led to symptoms of disease and other complications. 412 more words


The consumption of saturated fat increases the risk of breast cancer

The amount and type of fat ingested in adolescence determine breast density and thus the risk of developing breast cancer after reaching adulthood. Specifically, according shows a study conducted by researchers at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Maryland in Baltimore (USA) and published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention , shows that a higher consumption of fats saturated or lower fat intake mono or polyunsaturated in adolescence are associated with increased breast density, and therefore with an increased risk of cancer, once arrival the second decade of life… 283 more words

To Give the Boob or Not?

A Perspective on Breastfeeding.

Before I go into my experiences with breastfeeding, I want to acknowledge that this is a very controversial topic. Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone would be able to have an opinion on how a mother chooses to feed their child. 839 more words


I have a problem

those sighs kill me. stop

that! I beg you, at least

slow them down. the sniffles

I mean. bodily functions

spotlight your humanity. can

I just touch you? 51 more words


Breastfeeding Project

This is a work-in-progress!

I’m currently working on a breastfeeding project. I’d like to show that special view that only the mother gets, looking down on her baby as it nurses at her breast. 172 more words



What a crude title! But not really. I find myself saying often they are just boobs. But it’s been annoying me a lot lately how breast and women are treated. 752 more words

Avon39 Fighting Breast Cancer

In just 2 days I will be taking on a huge challenge. I’m walking 39 miles in 2 days supporting the fight against breast cancer. If you know anyone that battles any cancer you are aware the toll it takes on your body. 75 more words

Moving Forward