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HER2 Positive Breast Cancer

What is HER2 positive breast cancer ? The excessive presence of HER2 (human epidermal growth factor) protein receptors in breast tissue lead to malignant growth and clinically termed as HER2 positive breast cancer. 25 more words

Tips and tricks for NB

Hello everyone! Finally it’s weekend ! What are your plans for this last days of April?

Today I give you the best tips for NB . 1,269 more words

Breast Enhancement

Breast cancer e-support program vs routine care

Zhu, J. et al. (2017) BMC Cancer. 17:291

Background: Women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy suffer from a number of symptoms and report receiving inadequate support from health care professionals. 163 more words


8 Plants That Look Like Human Body Parts

1. Psychotria elata

There is a unique plant that you can see when traveling to South America. Slightly curved shape of its leaves. Actually usual, but the red color in there makes it unique, much like the thick lips flushed sexy. 475 more words

Thought Bite

Women with incurable breast cancer receiving insufficient care

Three quarters (76%) of NHS trusts and health boards say that they do not have enough specialist nursing care for people with incurable secondary breast cancer | OnMedica… 95 more words


Risks, Complications of Breast Implants, Cosmetic Surgery | Breast.is

Cosmetic surgery and the idea of it should be made obsolete. It is vain as a desire. However, a different topic of reconstructive surgery has useful purposes and can be essential. 233 more words


eBook: Herbal Breast Enlargement | Breast.is

Free ebook guide on science about breast development and herb properties, to help you achieve herbal breast enlargement. Latest edition was released April 15, 2017. It is available at… 20 more words