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Because Cowden Syndrome means surgeries, apparently

Is there ever going to be a time in my life where surgery isn’t up for discussion?

I really don’t know what to do.  I have had most of the “main” surgeries associated with Cowden Syndrome (thyroidectomy and hysterectomy).  186 more words

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You'll want to take off your bra after reading this

Evening everyone,

Its 11.30pm and I’ve just done something i never even thought of doing before, that is cutting the wires out from all of my bras. 440 more words

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Why You Should Be Massaging Your Breasts

So last night i couldn’t sleep and started researching different topics, i have a slight obsession (all thanks to a touch of health anxiety) with constantly researching natural ways on how to do things, or the benefits of super foods etc. 524 more words

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Nipple Discharge – Non-milky and Non-bloody – How to Deal

Nipple discharge refers to any fluid that flows out of the nipple of the breast.

Nipple discharge may be milky, non-milky and non-bloody, or bloody.  A non-milky nipple discharge can be clear, yellow, green, gray, or brown (and not bloody).   203 more words

Breast Nipple Discharge

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Bowls

Dinner recipes are not something I often plan, except maybe to choose which meat to take out of the freezer for the following day. Before cooking, I survey my veggie options, grab what I have, and pick some type of grain (or sweet potatoes or quinoa). 457 more words