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Choosing clothes...

When choosing clothes, you have to keep in mind ONLY 2 things.


Is it that hard?

Further explanation here:

Are you fat? 125 more words


Risk Factors in Breast Cancer

Risk Factors in Breast Cancer
Several risk factors for breast cancer have been well documented. However, for the majority of women presenting with breast cancer it is not possible to identify specific risk factors (IARC, 2008; Lacey et al., 2009). 1,542 more words

Breast Self-Examination

It’s without say that breast examination is paramount for ladies. The photo below shows how it should be done. Words may not describe exactly how you ought to do.


Introduction to Breast Cancer in Women

Introduction to Breast Cancer in Women

Breast cancer is the top cancer in women both in the developed and the developing world. The incidence of breast cancer is increasing in the developing world due to increase life expectancy, increase urbanization and adoption of western lifestyles. 284 more words


With short hair, tight jeans, and a flowery short shirt, she strides down the street to go to her office/ leering eyes, jerky motions of the neck, a head in discordance with his movement, he is the jackass that has a dangling member in the middle of the street/ Down member, down says years of human civilization but the uncouth mind knows no restrain, gently strokes the beast/ the sun comes out from behind the clouds to reveal all/ her petite mounds outlining the shirt, a thing of beauty/ his erect lack of respect in stark crassness/ she meets his eyes but doesn’t look below the neck, never losing eye contact with the wannabe ravisher/ the pointy tip of the tongue penetrate the shut door made by his lips, a drop of saliva lust hanging/ she walks up to him and stands close with the stare as before/ his saliva rolls down the chin/ Slap!!/ she walks off with her short hair, tight jeans and the flowery shirt/ his saliva yields to gravity, his lust falls to the dust to make a brown globule/ the erect member goes in a shell like a tortoise’s neck/ whipped for life, his rapacious desire. 10 more words

Man cuts off girlfriend’s breast, dumps her body in pit toilet

Residents of Balogun area of Osogbo were shocked when detectives from Osun State Police Command exhumed the decomposing remains of a 19-year-old girl, Bilikisu from a pit toilet at Abaja compound of the town. 268 more words

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