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Slim Drainy

Guess whose back? Back again. Drainy’s back. Tell a friend.

That’s right folks, I woke up the morning with the normal amount of holes in my body and now I have an extra. 611 more words

Why Buddha Why?!?

People tell me to not think about the why…but for a scientific, curious, and just plain angry mind, that’s just been told she has breast cancer, it’s the only question on my mind. 417 more words


Hi, How Are You?

My dad had an incredible sense of humor. It wasn’t something he wore on the outside, it was more like a lil gift you received if you were able to crack the code of his language and delivery. 694 more words

To Die For*

“So, how can I help you?” The personal training coordinator says. We’re sitting in an office at the front of the gym. The panther sits by the window: gazing out at the road. 445 more words

Yes, I have a scar.

And I’ve been told it’s pretty bad a$$. 😉 Proceed with caution with the picture posted, as I don’t mean to offend.

I’ve been home since late Monday and spent most of the day yesterday resting. 448 more words


Younger women together – A chance to connect

Being diagnosed with Cancer at any age is a terrifying hurdle to be faced with but there is something particularly scary about getting diagnosed young; you have your whole future ahead of you and you’re suddenly dealt a hand of uncertainly about what the future may now hold. 809 more words

License To Chill

What a wild 24 hours it has been. One of my nearest, dearest, oldest, friends, Miranda, flew into town yesterday morning to see me for a few days before chemo and then accompany me there tomorrow (Tuesday the 26th). 639 more words