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The Symbol

My dear friend Seema is the most talented artist that I have the pleasure of knowing. When I was pregnant, she painted little man’s nursery. When I explained that his room was beach themed and we wanted to feel like we were there, especially during the middle of the night feedings, she ran with it. 138 more words

Team Red Phoenix

Day 1 - DONE!

Today was a long day. We arrived at 745am after dropping little man off with Grandma, who was bringing him to daycare for us. After checking in and filling out a little paperwork, we were showed to our section. 386 more words

Team Red Phoenix

I am blessed

As I pack my bag in preparation for tomorrow and kiss my sweet little man good night, I feel blessed. For so many reasons.  In ways that I cannot begin to comprehend or adequately express. 137 more words

Team Red Phoenix

What Survival Looks Like

So Sunday morning nearly three weeks after my mastectomy,
we sit in bed and you point at my pyjama top
saying ‘I want to see your boo boo.’ 109 more words


When the port placement was explained to me a few weeks ago, the nurse expressed the importance of only allowing the surgeon and the oncologist access to the port. 425 more words

Team Red Phoenix

My soul is itching

What is it that is drawing me home. Why the constant excitement to go to a place that may be uncomfortable compared to where I am now. 115 more words


Breast cancer

According to a 2008 report breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in females and caused more than four hundred thousand deaths of women around the world in 2008 ( 463 more words