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Today I had my 6 week follow-up with my plastic surgeon, post-reconstruction surgery.

I had a whole list of questions like, do I still have to wear a bra around the clock, can I sleep on my stomach, etc. 466 more words

Keep spreading...

During my appointment last week, my blood was drawn and my tumor markers were taken.  They typically take a few days and I looked online for the results this past Saturday.  387 more words


What the WHAT?!


Grancer has reached a major milestone. We (and by ‘we,’ I mean me) have had over 100,000 visitors to this blog! 330 more words

What's up, buttercup?


It’s been awhile since I’ve lasted posted a blog entry. Big changes have happened since my last post and big changes will be happening over the next few months. 425 more words


Look! My hair is finally long enough for a hair accessory!!

When people see me lately, often the first thing they say is, ‘wow, look how long your hair is!’ 510 more words

Waiting For The Miracle*

In bed at parental home with crippling stomach pains.

Achievements of the day:

  1. Sleep through until almost 6am. The sky is purple as I stare out at it whilst listening to The Future and drinking atea, waiting for the miracle of sunrise.
  2. 95 more words

Beautiful Disaster

Three weeks into cancer and I’m figuring out a few things:

  • My port, “Rose,” is my best friend.
  • If I can nab a recliner in a certain area of MD Anderson, a hospitality cart rolls by with hot tea – multiple flavor options.
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