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Reminder to self

I try to focus on gratitude for every day I get to experience, for the massive amounts of love in my life, for having options outside of just fading away from this disease. 334 more words

Breast Cancer

My Breast Cancer Scares

“Here, give me your hand. Can you feel that?”

Wait, wait, wait. This is supposed to the “easy” part of the annual gyn appointment. Quick boob check, then I’m outta here. 570 more words


Hocus Pocus Diagnosis

The Magic Trick

Set up: Seemingly healthy 35 year old woman

Slight of hand: Random bi-lateral lactation leading to mammogram and biopsy

Show of cards: Cancer… 948 more words

7. Rants: What not to say to someone with cancer

This post is part of a new section on my blog called Rants. It is where I get to have a rant about all the things that have pissed me off on this journey. 1,251 more words


Selfie for a #lifer

One year with cancer but also with a new face, a new body.Not easy to accept these changes in a short time.

The most difficult thing is to watch album before Cancer, it breaks my heart each time. 147 more words


6. Diet: Part I – The early days

There are a lot diets out there claiming to be the best for healing cancer. And I would dabble with them all. I started with the alkaline diet, went to keto, vegan, raw, juicing, back to keto, back to alkaline. 1,299 more words