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Spinning for a Great Cause...

GET spinning at Fitness First North Strathfield in Sydney this Sunday, 29 May 2016, to help raise money for the breast cancer charity, McGrath Foundation. 24 more words


Um, Exsqueeze me?

I awoke rather joyless this morning. Sore, restless and cranky. I actually felt a wee bit sick, which I haven’t at all for months. The shiny newness of my recovery period, filled with well wishes and around the clock narcotics, has dulled to a mundane routine anchored mostly by Advil. 439 more words

Porque me quiero me cuido

Hoy tuve mi mamografía anual. Aunque estoy en tratamiento, tengo que realizarme este chequeo anual para cerciorarme de que todo esté en orden. Me encontraron dos bolitas nuevas en mi seno real, así que tengo que regresar la próxima semana a un ultrasonido. 112 more words

If your face fits.

Hello everyone,

It’s strange I haven’t wrote on here for a while, but nothing really has happened.
My mum is doing well with her treatment. She has had a few bad weeks but she has one more chemo to go, which we are all glad about. 340 more words


Breast Cancer? Seriously?

I mentioned in my previous post that I was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer (BC).  Why am I capitalizing that, anyway?? I mean, it’s just a thing, right… not a proper noun or anything. 993 more words


One of the first things the surgeon will do in a mastectomy is to take out a couple of lymph nodes from your armpit. These are sent immediately to the lab and analyzed so that if there… 455 more words

My wish for you...

My wish for you is that you will do something in your life that’s out of your comfort zone. Something that you thought you’d never be able to do (in a good way, not an illegal way 😉) Yesterday, I completed my 4th half marathon, but my first one “post cancer.” I didn’t prepare enough for it, and I knew that. 656 more words