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My experience of my sister's Breast Cancer

The words Breast Cancer are scary. They make everyone feel uneasy. We’ve all heard of The Pink Ribbon and McGrath Foundation and many other amazing Breast Cancer charities but it doesn’t really hit home until someone you are close to experiences it. 768 more words


Stay Puft Marshmallow Face

Low point of chemo today. Feeling lethargic, shaky and swollen.

We made it to the cancer center this morning for our hydration date with my new cancer pal Jessica and her family. 359 more words

The Good, The Bad and the Morbidly Curious

They say attitude is of the most importance when fighting any disease.

I figure, this is the hand I was dealt. I have some pretty good cards in my hand, really. 537 more words


Gone Are Those Hair Metal Days (The Side Effects of Chemo)

Ok, so maybe those hair metal days were gone about 15 years ago, but STILL. What if Bohemian Rhapsody all of a sudden just starting playing, I at least had a choice! 665 more words


Don't Get Excited

Don’t have a lot to share with y’all tonight. My appetite is better this time around. I have taken the nutritionist’s advice and have eaten the following in the last 24 hours: 194 more words

I am a woman and I want it all!

There has, once again this week, been a lot in the media about female career progression and the gender pay gap. There is absolutely no secret that working life for men and women is often different, especially once children are involved; but this week the realisation hit me that there is now another factor which will stand to hinder both my professional and personal life choices, and that is illness. 1,401 more words

Listen All Y'all It's Nutrition Sabotage!!!!

The day after chemo I go back to the cancer center for a Neulasta shot. You’ve heard me speak of this before. It costs like $1000 per shot (take that, Epipen!) and is meant to hyper-generate white blood cells. 386 more words