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9 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a personal challenge for each mother and child. Some get it right away, some don’t. Some have a milk supply that flows like a fountain, and some of us have to work really hard at keeping it up. 1,447 more words


How to use a Pacifier with a Breastfed Baby

I know there are a lot of debates about whether to use a pacifier, when to use a pacifier, should a pacifier be used, and etc. 298 more words


Normalize Breastfeeding

Why is it weird to see someone breastfeeding? 

I’ve contemplated the answer to this question my whole life. I remember sitting behind my aunt during church and being distracted by the fact that her boob was out. 402 more words


Nursing Bra Hacks & Dealing with Women's Fashion While Breast Feeding

The first months of breast feeding can be filled with challenges, irritations, and frustrations. If you’ve decided to breast feed your baby, you need to know that you’re doing something incredibly important and beneficial for your child. 997 more words


Take A Stand For Breastfeeding In South Africa



Breastfeeding is the biologically normal way to feed a child and it’s positive impact on the economy and health sectors of South Africa can no longer be denied. 300 more words


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I'm lucky enough to live in a region that is largely supportive of breastfeeding rights. I entered into this scene that was set up, fought for, petitioned and won over by many an oppressed and frustrated mother before me. Still yes, harassment in public happens far too often, but in my city of Houston we enjoy regular breastfeeding-friendly awareness events, local support by way of writers and sponsors and vendors and women's healthcare workers, and lots of options for La Leche League meetings and other in-person connections for new mothers. This is NOT the case everywhere. Some states and cities and countries need more help than others kickstarting the official protections of breastfeeding families. PLEASE SIGN these three petitions and share on your social media. Deadline is August 1st. Every vote matters!

Sick Momma & Macoki

My throat has been aching since Thursday of last week until last Saturday morning and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get sipon (colds). And yes, last Saturday I had colds when I woke up. 788 more words

Little Munchkin Maco