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Said The Wrong Thing To a Breastfeeding Mother? No Worries, Make Amends Just Like This.

Want some milk with your cuppa joe? Recently at Stouthaus Coffee in Austin, TX, it wasn’t very clear whether mama’s milk was welcome on the premises. 1,208 more words


Why Do Some Breastfeeders Wear a Cover in Public?

Why do some mothers nurse under the curtain if the law says we don’t have to? Well, it’s not really anyone’s business why a woman may want to wear a cover, so if you feel a curiosity overtaking you, please know it’s best not to ask. 745 more words


13 Puzzling Breastfeeding Ads

I posted a list of The 7 Grossest Breastfeeding Ads a while back. Those were puzzling indeed, but all could be reasoned down to ignorance, idiocy, or ill intentions. 1,115 more words


Thank YOU!

I’ve recently had three very close girlfriends deliver three beautiful baby girls. One “first-time mom” and two “second-time moms”.

I was very excited that all three of them wanted to exclusively breastfeed. 391 more words


My First Year of Breastfeeding

Nearly three years ago, I found out I was expecting my first baby. I felt in my gut and womb and chest and heart that there was no other option but to breastfeed that baby. 5,966 more words


Comfort Level

Success in initiating breastfeeding will be affected by comfort level.  Everyone has a different comfort level.  Because breastfeeding involves a woman’s breasts, it isn’t always the most comfortable feeling for some moms. 208 more words

sleep champion & scared parents

Henry is a sleep champion! It didn’t seem this way when he was first born though. That first night in the hospital after giving birth to him at 9PM, the nurse left us in our room two hours later and we were alone. 666 more words