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7 Unglamourous sides of Breastfeeding 

After breastfeeding my first-born, Phoebe for just over 9 months (read my bf Phoebe experiences here) I knew I wanted to do the same with baby Frankie and thankfully second time round it’s been much easier. 1,058 more words

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Guest Series: My breastfeeding experiences #3—Not Just Phoebe — and Jacob makes three

I was so happy to be involved with the wonderful Guest Series over on “And Jacob makes Three” Blog all about our Breastfeeding Experiences. Writing the post brought up some weird emotions and took me right back to those early days, but I’m pleased I was able to share my experiences of feeding Phoebe and everything that went with it. 76 more words

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Superhero Mammy Milk 

In my continued celebration of breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week it is time to talk about the benefits. Breastfeeding has loads of benefits, so many that to list them all would take most of this post. 176 more words


Ditch your disposable nursing pads and switch to these right now

Sponsored by the amazing Kindred Bravely*

Disposable nursing pads are expensive, non eco-friendly, uncomfortable, damp from holding moisture, increase your chances of getting infections, and the thing about them that probably bothered me the most – they were individually wrapped so there were so many little pieces of paper and plastic static clinging to me while I was trying to throw out the wrappers! 170 more words

Breastfeeding buddies

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to raise my children to know that this is completely normal. Breasts are the life source for babies, not to be sexualized. 70 more words

Lush are a step above the rest when it comes to breastfeeding mums!

I make no bones about telling people I love my job because I really do.  I’ve worked for Lush for 4 years and been on maternity leave twice in that time.   550 more words


Why I Prefer Breastfeeding

Many people have questioned my choice of breastfeeding. I have been told that formula is easier and more convenient so why breastfeed? Am I not embarrassed to breastfeed Anaís in public? 1,106 more words

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