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Alyssa Milano's Breastfeeding at Work Got Me Thinking

I recently read an article about Alyssa Milano being a normal mom, juggling work and raising her new baby. Fantastic.

But please don’t show me a picture of you looking amazing while breastfeeding and then tell me that you’re just like the rest of us. 255 more words

Making a Boob of Yourself

Public breastfeeding. This is a tricky one because there is a lot going on and it can be rather intimidating. One has to consider and attempt to control several factors: 423 more words

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Top five smart breastfeeding dresses for a summer wedding or BBQ

Breastfeeding fashion is a topic we could talk about until the cows come home.

We absolutely heart how much the industry has moved on from simple vest tops to gorgeous, luxury, stylish tops and dresses, which let you subtly nurse your baby while staying glam. 65 more words


Angry Strangers Berate a Mom for Breastfeeding in Public (VIDEO)

A new mother was called a “disgusting pig” for feeding her baby in a public park, a shocking YouTube video reveals.

The footage shows the woman quietly… 192 more words


Toddler Teachings At The Happiest Place On Earth

Before a few weeks ago, the last time I went to Disneyworld was on Spring Break during my freshman year in college. I rode the rollercoasters, didn’t give a rat’s tail about sun protection in favor of a baked “glow,” and visited a movie theater where I’m sure I complained about someone’s baby crying “too loudly.” My most recent trip couldn’t have been any more different. 1,079 more words


Edmonton mom says she was shamed for breastfeeding at children's play centre

WATCH ABOVE: An Edmonton mother vows never to return to a local children’s play centre, after she says she was told to breastfeed her young child somewhere else. 795 more words


Baby Santa Visits The Easter Bunny

After several weeks, we have caught up with Baby Santa at his visit with Hoppy, the Easter Bunny.

Baby Santa did not want to draw the attention of his adoring fans, so he dressed incognito. 259 more words