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Why I post pictures of my children breastfeeding

I love to take pictures of my children. I share them with family and friends on Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes I share them on my blog, if they fit a post. 290 more words


Breastfeeding in public, still an issue mothers face

I also wrote this article a while back. I think this is still a major issue women face as evidenced by stories we still see in the media and I am sure by many we don’t. 836 more words


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With the recent studies showing that breastfeeding is even better for babies than we first thought, why is it still seen in a "taboo" light sometimes? I look at different perspectives here.

Lies, Myths, and Dumb Comments Regarding Breastfeeding

The dumb shit I’ve heard about breastfeeding… oh, I could fill a book. It is always surprising to me to read and hear the massive amount of misinformation circulating about something that has been around since the beginning of time. 1,784 more words


Said The Wrong Thing To a Breastfeeding Mother? No Worries, Make Amends Just Like This.

Want some milk with your cuppa joe? Recently at Stouthaus Coffee in Austin, TX, it wasn’t very clear whether mama’s milk was welcome on the premises. 1,208 more words


The Blob

I don’t care how natural it is: I will never get used to breastfeeding in public. I even get the willies when I see other  512 more words


Stop Dropping Your Shirts Here, says a "nurturing" play place for families

Breastfeeding harassment is not always “in your face.” Often, it takes place behind the anonymity of a computer screen shield in online forums and posts. Sometimes it comes in the form of a “well-meaning” but still uncomfortable comment from a relative or friend. 779 more words