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A brief guide to modern parenting

First of all, you should really already have kids. That biological clock doesn’t tick forever, you know. I mean, wait until you’re financially stable and all that, of course. 898 more words


Here Is What You Don't Know

I came across this post on Facebook this morning and it struck a chord.  I thought I’d share, in case you hadn’t seen it yet. 1,129 more words

The Cautious Mom


I’ve been breastfeeding for 6 months (yee-har!!) and have fed baby F in all manner of places: restaurants, watching school plays, the middle of crowded shopping centres, coffee shops, parks. 132 more words

Family Life

Breastfeeding Empowerment

A breastfeeding revolution is in the works!

My previous posts have focused on the negative stigma society places on breastfeeding publically, but not everyone seems to feel this way. 327 more words

Milk: It Does a [Baby's] Body Good.

As a woman nearing my thirties, it’s only natural that my Facebook feed would be overrun with fellow female acquaintances announcing pregnancies and births. And it’s because of these ladies that I’ve noticed a common topic amongst them that really just irks the heck out of me. 527 more words

Bella And The Blonde

Breastfeeding Audience

I need some space, and so I am moving out.“, I exclaimed.

She said, “Your generation is extremely selfish. You don’t value relationships. 798 more words

Parenting Lessons Learned