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I started this blog just over a week ago, and the reaction is the BEST! The support from my friends and family is awesome! But I finally feel I am reaching out to all mama’s out there on uniting and supporting one another! 204 more words

Getting your boobs out in public - Breastfeeding tips

Following my post about breastfeeding and World Breastfeeding Week, I wanted to write a short blog on breastfeeding in public.

The idea of getting my boobs out in front of complete strangers filled me with dread. 510 more words


Too much stigma still attached to breastfeeding in public, reveals survey

People still feel uncomfortable witnessing mums breastfeeding in pubs and restaurants, despite it being against the law to stop a parent nursing their child in public. 507 more words



So when we talk about Breastfeeding and normalising it one of the most controversial topic that crops up is “breastfeeding in public”,I thought to take this weeks celebration as an oppurtunity to talk about breastfeeding in public and my experience so far. 737 more words


Breastfeeding in Public...and what to say if someone disapproves...

When it comes to feeding in public, I don’t see my breasts as a sexual thing. They’re just another part of my body. But what can you say if you are ever challenged? 842 more words


Breastfeeding tips from a shy mum

I didn’t grow up in a naked house.

That’s not to say I’m not comfortable in my own skin, it’s just I don’t want strangers to see all of it. 875 more words


Never give up on a bad day

They say you should never give up on a bad day. Well today was not a bad day, but yesterday, it felt like it was. So should I give up breastfeeding? 492 more words