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Mrs. C ~ Nursing In Public ~ Jacksonville Zoo

Some moms think of breastfeeding as just feeding baby from your breast. The truth is there are SO many different aspects of breastfeeding. There’s feeding from the breast, pumping, donor milk, supplemental nursing system, donating milk, and I’m sure more I’m not thinking of at this moment. 1,423 more words


Boobs on a Plane

Today we embark on another first; this year is chock full of them. LincE will join us on an airplane. While I am looking forward to our destination, I am a little nervous about the journey. 291 more words

Supporting Breastfeeding Mamas!

Awesome news! I have a few products available for purchase that will show your support for breastfeeding mamas everywhere :) Please visit my shop here… 44 more words


Mrs. N ~ Nursing in Public

When I first started searching for models for my nursing in public campaign Mrs. N came to my mind right away!! I had just recently met her and done a Fresh48 session for her little guy, click… 336 more words


NIP Campaign

I’m sure by now every one of my fans is aware that I’m a big fan of breastfeeding ;) but I bet no one knows why. 421 more words

Stubborn Mothers Start Public Breastfeeding Campaign

A website called Breastfeeding Mama Talk was upset by a sign posted in a public area so its readersĀ took action. The sign asked nursing mothers to “please cover yourself.” Seems reasonable to me, but the moms decided to poke fun. 115 more words