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In 2005, Barbara Walters spoke on The View about her discomfort with nursing in public and particularly called out an incident on an airplane where a woman nursed her baby next to Ms. 1,009 more words

Breastfeeding in public

I remember last month was breastfeeding month. There were events I wanted to go to, to be able to learn more about it, meet breastfeeding moms (I’ve talked about not having anyone close to me who breastfed), and to look at anything breastfeeding-related products. 654 more words


Re-claim the Nipple & Public Breastfeeding

It is a curious cultural phenomenon that images of the female chest are considered solely as objects of sexual titillation and fodder for male masturbation. Bovine udders don’t seem to hold the same fascination for men, so why do the female human equivalents? 621 more words


Every single mother would relate to this. Breastfeeding is a ritual, it’s a routine, it’s as important as breathing right from the moment the baby is born. 1,065 more words


The surprising fact about breastfeeding in the UK vs USA

I wrote this a while ago, but for some reason it didn’t publish!!!! Breastfeeding week was 1-7 Aug! Whoops. Better late than never!


Did you know last week was breastfeeding week?   726 more words

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