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Breastfeeding in public 出门喂母乳

Ideally a breastfeeding infant should be allowed to feed whenever it wants — in church, in a restaurant, even on a commuter train! I recommend clothing designed for that purpose, which allows Mom to discreetly feed in public. 13 more words


Breastfeeding in public

I always found breastfeeding in public OK. No one ever said anything to me, wherever I fed my daughter, and people never seemed to stare either. 92 more words

Breastfeeding In Public

All about the boob...

Towards the end of my pregnancy I gave a lot of thought to breastfeeding. Mainly panicking that it wouldn’t work, resulting in many questionable dreams (or maybe nightmares) centred around my boobs and their baby feeding abilities. 389 more words


Breastfeeding in public

Many mothers are comfortable breastfeeding in public. But maybe that’s not you.

If you feel anxious about breastfeeding in public these tips can help you: 400 more words

UK has one of the lowest rates of Breastfeeding in public

The stigmatisation of breastfeeding in public has caused women to shy away, Public health England reveals that 43% of women in the East breastfed in 2018. 622 more words

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How to Breastfeed Like a Pro from Day One

So you’re about to have a new baby, or you’ve already done that. You’ve decided that you want to breastfeed because why wouldn’t you and now you just need to figure out how to do this thing. 570 more words