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Society and Breastfeeding

Today, I had an awesome playdate with two new Moms from a group I started on Facebook for our area. In this group, we baby wear, cloth diaper…and breastfeed. 1,338 more words

Being A Mom

Normalize breastfeeding in public: the "breastfeeding selfie" phenomenon

Women are taking back their bodies and putting up a fight against criticism for how they choose to feed their babies.


MARIETTA, Ga. 979 more words


My First Time

The weather has been unseasonably warm considering it’s Winter in the state of Oklahoma. My husband and I decided to go visit the zoo last weekend. 1,416 more words

Stay At Home Mom

10 Tips for First-Time Breastfeeding Mamas

To breast feed or to bottle feed, there’s a lot of back and forth even shaming sometimes for mamas who do either. I say, give the breast a first go, if you make a lot of effort to breast feed and it’s just not working out then go to the bottle.  613 more words


8 Things I'll do differently with my 2nd baby

I. Accept any and all help

If you would have told me three years ago that I’d be the kind of new mom who felt she had to do everything herself, I would have laughed so hard at you I would’ve farted, laughed even harder, farted even harder and then finished chugging my comically large glass of wine. 785 more words


The Minute Men (Ep 79) - Breastfeeding in public, nyum nyum!

Fat Bidin presents
The Minute Men (Ep 79) – Breastfeeding in public, nyum nyum!

All you need to know about breastfeeding in public in ONE MINUTE! 19 more words


Breast Feeding in public

Lately Breast Feeding in public has become a topic on social media, the main question being… Should women be able to breast feed in public?? in the debate people have used points such as “Its offensive” or “That’s just disgusting” and even “Kids might see” but the real thing is, should we deny babies their right to feed just because people in the public eye find it ‘disgusting’? 91 more words