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Breastfeeding Empowerment

A breastfeeding revolution is in the works!

My previous posts have focused on the negative stigma society places on breastfeeding publically, but not everyone seems to feel this way. 327 more words

Milk: It Does a [Baby's] Body Good.

As a woman nearing my thirties, it’s only natural that my Facebook feed would be overrun with fellow female acquaintances announcing pregnancies and births. And it’s because of these ladies that I’ve noticed a common topic amongst them that really just irks the heck out of me. 527 more words

Bella And The Blonde

Breastfeeding Audience

I need some space, and so I am moving out.“, I exclaimed.

She said, “Your generation is extremely selfish. You don’t value relationships. 798 more words

Parenting Lessons Learned

Helpful Aps for Babies in Tokyo

Shortly after my daughter was born when I started to venture out in Tokyo with her, I began to notice all the facilities available to parents in various places. 264 more words


Can you help me with this, please?

How come some people are absolutely disgusted
whenever something like this takes place in their presence

while most are perfectly OK with


(Breastfeeding in public) A Short Survey

Hello I’m Myah,

For a society and culture assignment I need to gain the public’s opinion and overall outlook on the discrimination on breastfeeding. It would be really greatly appreciated  if you could take a short amount of time to fill it out. 8 more words


The nod

I looked in every stall, even the handicapped ones in the back. Hopeful I’d see one, but nope, nada, zilch. There was only one in the entire bathroom. 409 more words