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This post is bought to you by nipple shields, lansinoh nipple cream and a shiiiit load of persistence.


I’ve never ever paid more attention to my breasts in my whole entire life.

My friend Biddy’s first words to me after finding out I was pregnant (after a flippin’ huge congrats of course) were ‘Breastfeeding is bloody hard mate. 639 more words


When self-weaning isn't smooth.

Full term breastfeeding isn’t too rare in my circles, outside of them though it is severely misunderstood. Have you ever seen somebody express how their child self-weaned and then add, almost in a way to preempt judgment and concern, that is was smooth or easy or simple? 952 more words


Pull at it

Suck me in
Squeeze me out
Milk me dry
Pull a nipple
Firmly grip
Get a hold
Lick your lips
Have some more
Mother’s bid
Mine to give.


A Milky Mishap

It probably shouldn’t be so hard, but getting all the elements of the work/daycare commute down has been a big part of my new working mom life. 637 more words

At Work

Breastfeeding mom reportedly kicked out of Layton trampoline park, demands apology

LAYTON, Utah – A Layton mother is demanding an apology after she says the manager of a trampoline park kicked her out for breastfeeding her 1-year-old son. 393 more words


Magnificent Monday

I prepped everything like a champ yesterday to ensure my morning would go smoothly.

After being up just about every hour with a teething 6 month old, my alarm graciously starts going off at 630am. 307 more words

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

World Breastfeeding Week 2015 is August 1-7. ¬†As someone who had breastfeeding successes (Things 2 and 3) and epic failure (Thing 1), I fully support a woman’s right to feed her baby–however that works for her. 563 more words