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Helping Premature Babies to Breastfeed

Teresa Pitman examines why premature babies are rarely breastfed, how breastfeeding promotes better physical health for babies who are born early, and what helps mothers succeed at breastfeeding a premature baby. 2,175 more words


10 products that make breastfeeding easier

Breastfeeding can be very rewarding but it may also take a while until you start enjoying it. While I was at the hospital after giving birth, I was lucky enough to get advice from nurses and lactation consultants who were just the best. 926 more words


Three Loaded Words: Body After Baby

I usually try to keep this blog pretty positive. I’m not 100% sold on the Law of Attraction, which states we attract what we are focusing on into our lives, but in this area I prefer to take the precautionary approach of Pascal’s Wager. 1,403 more words


Please help the other mommies out with your breastfeeding advice, experiences (good or bad), and tips. Look below to see if any mommies ask any questions. 73 more words


it's been a while...

i do not actively blog any more. my passion sort of fizzled after having brian. also, i went through a lot of muck trying to conceive again last year and just didn’t feel like i had a lot of positivity and encouragement to share. 2,462 more words


4 Embarrassing Reactions To Breastfeeding In Public

Let’s talk about boobs. Tits, wangies, knockers, bosoms, fried eggs, jugs, bee stings, bangers, melons, honkers, bahama mammas…. Whatever you want to call them, let’s talk about them – ones of the milky variety to be precise. 945 more words


Why can't mama sleep through the night, she's 34?!

Letters from Leila, mother to Milly.

I’m extremely proud to be a gentle/respectful parent to Milly. But I know not everyone finds it as easy as me, so I want to share my journey with you in case it helps in any way. 507 more words