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The 10 WBTi Indicators for Policies and Programs

World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) – What are countries assessed on?

“The World Health Assembly (WHA) and the UNICEF Executive Board adopted the Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding… 1,169 more words

Ways To Boost Breastmilk Production

As Salam Alikum Readers

Below are some proven ways that I have found that produces breast milk.

Add Nutritional yeast to a good broth you can use vegetable, chicken broth or beef broth or do what I like to do I just add it straight to my soups take 1/4 cups nutritional yeast 1 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce add to broth and heat to hot and enjoy. 168 more words

Everyday Life

A Year in Motherhood: Breastfeeding

*WARNING: This post contains some breastfeeding pics so you will see some slight boobage.*

People have always asked me about my decision to breastfeed, and how the journey went. 717 more words


Udder Chaos (or My Thoughts on Pumping and Bottle-feeding)

Title credit to my wonderful friend Nora.

When baby Mav was in the NICU, I wasn’t allowed to breastfeed him, so a few hours after my C-section my nurse helped me learn how to use the breast pump. 1,003 more words


Woke Mama: Heidi

Name & age: Heidi

Kids: Four – ranging from 24 years down to 11 months old, with a 17 and a 3 year old in the middle and 2 grandsons in between. 555 more words

Meet Mamas

“My milk being good from both breasts”

In a new publication of a Coptic letter from the 7th century CE, a wet nurse Maria expresses her grief and condolences over the death of a young girl (published by Naïm Vanthieghem, see bibliography below). 747 more words


Tongue tied babies. Is it just a breastfeeding issue?

I was speaking to a friend of mine whose baby just had her tongue tie snipped at 9 weeks old, she was asking me some questions about the aftercare and sharing her feeling. 702 more words

Tongue Tie