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Breastfeeding - what do I need?

So I think I went into the whole breastfeeding experience with my eyes wide open. So many people laboured to me how hard it was. Mainly those who had for one reason or another not been able to breastfeed. 712 more words

The Truth About Breastfeeding

I’ve discovered there are different truths for everyone when it comes to breastfeeding. However, I have also discovered there are universal truths for every…single… mom who decides to make this relationship a top priority. 875 more words

Why Buy the Cow...

Let’s talk about breastfeeding or pumping…or breastfeeding and pumping.

I have a love-hate relationship with breastfeeding.  I know.  I can hear the sanctomommies gasping already.  I love my kids.   277 more words


Help! Extensively hydrolysed and amino acid based formula milks taste disgusting!

Your baby has Cows Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) and you have been prescribed an extensively hydrolysed or amino acid based formula…. but they smell and taste disgusting and your baby refuses to take them! 366 more words


Dairy-free Breakfast Faves

Alrighty, so a little back story.

Before I had J, I was vegetarian for about 6 years. No meat, which means I HEAVILY relied on dairy for protein. 476 more words

Breastfeeding Is Simply Amazing – But Our Focus On It Is Excessive 

by Joanna Cates (guest writer)

It’s difficult to know how to start a post about breastfeeding. I feel like people read the first few sentences of any article on this subject to know which side of the breastfeeding-fence the writer sits on before deciding whether to bother reading on. 1,684 more words


Why Breastfeed?


Breastfeeding is an excellent source of nutrition for your baby. In fact, breast milk provides the exact nutrients your baby needs at each stage of their life. 1,347 more words