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change of plans

It’s been a tough week.

On Monday I waited in vain all day for a call back from the GI doctor, but in the high point of the week so far, Baby Guy slept for a… 604 more words

Didn’t bring complete accessories of the electric pump, and just had a feeling of maybe… just maybe… try and do hand expressing method?

Underestimated the result. 32 more words


What NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

It’s astounding to women how quickly pregnancy changes peoples’ interactions with them. Suddenly, all the social boundaries we enjoy seem to be wiped away–personal space? Nope, you’ll have people gravitating toward your baby bump like a planet to the sun, hand extended. 797 more words


Breastfeeding Part Two: More Pain, Public Feeding and Pooping

Having breastfed my little sleep theif for nearly two months now and hearing the thoughts of other mums at a breastfeeding group here are some more titbits (see what I did there!) about breastfeeding… 1,090 more words


Yesterday's Post

I have 4 very clear rules about commenting on my blog:

  1. Respect
  2. Support
  3. Polite
  4. Positivity

Ultimately, My Perfect Breakdown is my blog and I reserve the right to moderate comments.  509 more words


New me~

Well this is it! On Sunday the 24th of April I decided to change my life. I’ve decided to give up sugar except at very special occasions birthdays mainly etc. 245 more words


Breastfeeding, Inducing Lactation and Adoption (Part1)

~This post is intended for those interested in induced lactation and breastfeeding~

Breastfeeding has always been a normal, comfortable and interesting topic for me.  My mom always told us about her breastfeeding relationships with her three children and how disappointing it was when we all weaned ourselves and became wildly independent individuals. 620 more words