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Donating Breast Milk

I’ve been interested in donating breast milk ever since I found out it is a thing that you can do.

Yesterday I found out that I can do it right here in Brisbane! 542 more words


Cause and Effect

Every individual baby is different. Size, weight, length, prematurity, ethnicity, chromosomes. Every little body functions differently. Every little body reacts differently. But, why is the same amount of vaccination given to every baby receiving? 1,861 more words


Dry fruits & nuts laddu

Some sweets are specially made for healthy living. Who doesn’t want a sweet which is not made of white sugar but still tasty and healthy?. … 249 more words


Mom Talk: Breastfeeding

Look at that little bundle of joy, it’s not screaming or crying. It’s asleep and now you have a minute to rest before the next feeding. 476 more words

Mom Talk

Trouble with concept of pregnancy, breastfeeding and newborn babies

I find myself staring at pregnant women, anyone breastfeeding or tiny newborns in a way I never did before. And I don’t stare in an ‘aww, isn’t that lovely way’. 433 more words



When i was sent home with my newborn, I felt waves of panic and disbelief. Friends and family assure me that since I’m a doctor, I’m all set. 854 more words


The Baby Gear Hall of Fame

Hey y’all!

I am working on a post about what to expect the first few weeks with a newborn/twins. That post still needs some work because it is turning into a book! 696 more words