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The cracks are starting to show

Ugh. I have so much to post about but zero energy. Here’s a broad overview:


The business hasn’t taken off as we had hoped so J has started job hunting. 380 more words



Holy over diagnosis, Batman! Every newborn has reflux?


*DISCLAIMER* I speak only from my own experience, I am not attempting to solicit medical advice. Always consult a physician with your concerns regarding your baby’s health. 640 more words


Nobody Told Me Weaning Would Be So Damn Hard

I felt a heavy ball of mourning in the pit of my stomach the last time I breastfed my son; physically, it felt like there was a cheese grater scraping over my nipples (I knew it was time to stop), but emotionally, I felt like we could go on forever. 165 more words

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When Breast Isn't Best

I have had grown women apologize to me about what they do with their bodies. “I bought formula today so I can sleep without waking to nurse. 722 more words

Losing Milk: taking antibiotics while breastfeeding 

Ok so long story short I went to the doctor for a recurring gastrointestinal problem and he put me on antibiotics. So far so good right? 272 more words

Exclusive Pumping

Yoga for Crossfit? 

Ask me about yoga for Crossfit two years ago and I’d laugh in your face. I’d probably roll my eyes and say, ‘that’s cute, but I like to do more challenging things that empower and strengthen me like lift weights.’ 1,292 more words


Midnight Delight

I’m sitting in the rocking chair in my daughter’s nursery as I write on here. Currently, I’m nursing her to sleep. I’ve exhausted all my other regular habitual nighttime-nurse-this-baby-to-sleep regimens (ie. 572 more words