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Mommy Treats: My Guilt-Free Pleasure

Have you ever craved for something you really like? Have you had a second thought of purchasing for yourself? Do you feel guilty for indulging? If you said yes then here’s a few words to make you feel better. 893 more words


Daisy the Dairy Cow

I’ve been expressing since the day V was born.

I’ve been extremely lucky with my supply (started with colostrum the day he was born and have over supplied since early on). 295 more words

Lesbian Mums

Where to begin?

I had KJ when I was very young. I was a single mom with little support. I had absolutely no idea about swaddling much less breastfeeding or colic or schedules or myself really. 397 more words

Sleep Training: Night 5

Here we are 5th night of crib sleeping and we are pros already. We started rice cereal dinner around 6:30p and they ate one after another. 292 more words

Mom Tings

Sleep Training: Night 4

We had an army family meeting at 4p today so we were thrown off schedule a little. When we got back in the house the girls finished their bottles and we all hung out. 293 more words

Mom Tings

Jordyn’s Birth Story

I realized earlier today that I hadn’t shared Jordyn’s birth yet. It always takes me a long to get around to it just because I need to come down from all the excitement of having a new baby. 1,122 more words

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3 Weeks in...

My little beebz is officially 3 weeks and 1 day old. He doesn’t fit in NB onesies anymore.. we have to put him in his 0-3 month or 3 month clothes! 769 more words