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Stop the mommy wars 


I always hashtag it. I always need to, Sadly.

In reality if my sons needed help and i wasnt around id want them to look for another mommy. 181 more words

Reasons I Drink

Day 70

Remember how I said that I’d never before thought about, talked about, or touched my boobs as much as I had in Jonathan’s first month? Well, there is another contender for my obsessive attention these days, and that, my friends, is poop. 857 more words



Before I became a mom, I was the kind of woman who had a place for everything. I kept a written planner for appointments, bills, life. 700 more words


Breastfeeding Emergency!

I’ve been working for the last few days about the not so glamorous side of things here, but I have not been able to finish it because I’ve been sick! 354 more words


I’m kelsea, I started this blog to share my adventure with you all. Things you’ll see on my blog are–


Part 1: Lactation Education

After recently finishing up placements in the postpartum wards in London and here in Hamilton, I’m left with a few observations, thoughts and internal dilemmas which I will address in this new blog series all about human breast milk and breastfeeding. 781 more words


my take away on breastfeeding

Our breastfeeding journey is not perfect. And looking back at it now, I regret that I’m not as prepared as I should be. So, here are the things I think moms should prepare if you have decided to breastfeed. 613 more words