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Postpartum Oppression

Just days after my post on how difficult breastfeeding can be and how under – prepared new parents are for it, I find this article. 48 more words


Why I Love My "Covered Goods" Nursing Cover {Review}

It was a beautiful Mother’s Day afternoon, a nice day for a picnic at the park. My husband was keeping our two little ones happy and busy while I attended to our baby boy. 662 more words


My Nipples Are Obscene

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s that time of year again; summer. The season when, for some inexplicable reason, men walk round with their tops off. I take umbrage at this for a number of reasons. 313 more words


A Clearance Expedition

As a child of the early 90s, I spent a lot of my youth at the local mall. It was the center of my shopping universe for a long time, with big anchor stores such as Sears, and Filene’s, and Macy’s (back then, they were owned by separate parent companies). 495 more words

Working Mom

Hold up, baby! I am not ready

When I found out that I was pregnant with Baby L, one thing I was really excited to get to experience again was nursing. With Lil C, I absolutely loved the bond we had when he would curl into me and nurse. 498 more words


My boobs hurt!

Have you ever tried to “power pump?” Yes, pumping milk out of your breast every 10 minutes hurts for an hour or two! I am a mom of two babies and I try to read about producing milk as much as possible. 304 more words



It’s been two weeks and I can hardly remember what it feels like.

For seven and a half months, nursing my baby was woven into my day, and every fiber of my being. 116 more words