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Boobday 31 Jul

Boobday is weekly again! Back to basics, no themes.

This photo is just a simple bathroom-mirror selfie – unedited, not even cropped. The only thing I did was add my watermark. 31 more words


15 Perks Of Having Large Boobs

Having big boobies can be a blessing and a curse. As a woman who has had a huge rack since middle school, I have grown to appreciate my girls. 76 more words


Week 8 - A lucky escape after all?

I’m officially two months pregnant! Despite how silly I know this will sound in six months’ time, it feels like I’ve been pregnant for ages now, and I’ve only known about it for four weeks! 545 more words


Stuffed Main Dishes: Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Asparagus and Parmesan Rice

4.61 / 5 Stars | 20 Reviews by maggiecp “Chicken breasts are rolled around lightly cooked asparagus with deli ham and Cheddar cheese, baked, and served on cheesy tomato-flavored rice. 17 more words

The Precious Moments You Should be Glad You Forgot

NAWW! Would you look at you!? Those baby photos are totes adorbs! Look at mumsy holding you. Look at papa bear sitting in his overalls on the motorbike with baby you on his lap. 552 more words


What Do Europeans Think About Nipples?

The last load of laundry is done.  The credit cards and ATM card have travel alerts activated.  The ugly-pictured passport is ready to go.  The only thing left is to decide which bra(s) I should pack. 175 more words

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