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He paid the $200 at the door
to Sasha
Louise is the third door on the right
she said
he walked upstairs
lay on the bed and pulled his trousers down… 368 more words

Erotic Fiction

Liberty, equality, fraternity, boobs.

I’ve recently become aware of something called the free the nipple campaign (to be honest, I wasn’t aware that nipples were currently enslaved). Now I’m all for liberty and freedom and everything, but…really ladies? 1,358 more words



the top of her ankles
glided easily beneath her knees
toward her thighs
against the breeze
as her skirt flew upwards
to torso height
uncovering her briefs… 128 more words


fringe festival 2

I went to a dance class today – the same style that I do at home, and it’s only a 15-minute walk from where I’m staying (which is quite a bit more convenient than at home). 57 more words