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Bat-shit Crazy

Freaky – ‘nuff said.

Chateau Pierrefonds, Oise, France.


Do I have Breast Cancer?

By Dr. Shradha Sharma (PT)

Pain in the breast is a common occurrence in late teen females and even those who are in their twenties. How do we differentiate between a breast pain due to hormones and one which is indicative of Cancer? 587 more words

Breast Cancer

Breasts Enlargement

Time for some fun. We all want those big ones,right? Oh,yeah,pump up the jam! No,but this one seems to actually work. So,lets get those big ones.

The "C' Word

In 2005 I started getting really sick and started to go through a series of test to try to figure out what was going on with my body. 1,181 more words

Boobs/Moobs let’s be gender neutral about them!

Breast cancer has been in the news again and I thought it was time that I did a blog about breasts.  It’s not just women who get breast cancer so as our bodies are pretty similar in design, let’s take the gender out of breasts and see what lies beneath that goes a bit awry. 860 more words


Dear Boobs: I miss you

I’m going to come right out and say it – I miss you.

It has been six months since you disappeared overnight and were replaced with two lumpy basketballs which cry milk at every inopportune moment. 390 more words


The boobs Manifesto.

What is the real definition of women’s breats: Maybe an anatomic part of a woman’s body. Maybe the clear signal that we are mammals.

If we go to check in the dictionaire the definition would be: 625 more words