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Chinese man claims to tell women's fortune by cupping their breasts. 

I kid you not. This story is true. What is more surprising is that one woman actually let this guy do it.

The video was recorded by passers by who couldn’t believe what they were seeing. 66 more words


Whose Breasts Are Those !

Could envy of ambrosia, spill off their earthly ends?
How poesy of mankind, is sweeter than God’s prose?
Twin epithets of love and shame, how future’s faith it tends… 114 more words


The small boob

Hey lovelies,

How are you?

Today I want to address something really personal. I want to tell you about my small boob. My B cup. My little lady lump… 273 more words


Fashion - Part 1: Breasts

So let’s talk fashion. Specifically women’s fashion. Even more specifically large-breasted women’s fashion. As a woman who suffers from large breasts—and yes, suffer is the correct word—I have the authority to enlighten you on a few things. 791 more words

Pierced nipples #1

Recently I’ve joined the “Fuck It Club”. I’ve spent far too long trying to fit in, to be what others want. It’s great therapy. Fuck everyone. 170 more words

Erotic Fantasy