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Almost Wedding Time

Time marches ever forward and we march towards the day when my lovely and perfect fiance will become my wife. The wedding is now less than a month off and the day when we say our vows and promise to spend the rest of our lives together will be here before we know it… 211 more words

Free the Nipple: A Controversial Issue

Free the Nipple is a campaign that was founded in 2014 after the documentary by Lina Esco, the actress and activist. The movement promotes gender equality and social justice for women’s bodies. 957 more words

Current Events

MUST WATCH: A Sexy Model Demonstrates On Cam How To Identify Fake Breasts!

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Women are very conscious of how they look like. We cannot deny the fact that most women cannot live without a mirror with them. 19 more words

My breasts

I have 4 breasts. I’ve lost 3 along the way, so that makes 7 in total – a strikingly magical number.

My right breast is an amazing, hand-crafted piece of art, sculpted out of my own flesh. 309 more words

Prelude to Passion

The towering clouds
And freshening breeze
Tell of the coming storm

Just so my love
Your grim face
And angry eyes
Betray your mood

You’re looking for a fight… 75 more words



the top of her ankles
glided easily beneath her knees
toward her thighs
against the breeze
as her skirt flew upwards
to torso height
uncovering her briefs… 128 more words


Reasons why men are obsessed by breasts

3 reasons why men are obsessed with breasts!
Have you ever wondered why you often catch men eyes fixed on your neck, although it is far deeper? 32 more words