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Earlier today

So yeah earlier today I was talking on somethings you could do to relax yourself and keep a healthy brain. I just saw this and I though I might share it. 19 more words

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Soul Musings/Day 16: The Pause

“We too should make ourselves empty, that the great Soul of the Universe may fill us with its breath”. Laurence Binyon

It is within the stillness and emptiness of the pause that all life unfolds. 289 more words

Breathing Spaces

Soul Musings/Day 14: Heart Openers

What better practice this time of year than to do heart opening.

Whether in a yoga class, in meditation, smiling at a stranger or gazing in someones eyes. 376 more words


Soul Musings/Day 13: Trusting There Is Enough

Trusting that there is enough air to breathe is an underlying sustainable process that goes on day after day without our conscious attention.  Imagine for a moment that all aspects of your life carried this much… 423 more words

Breathing Spaces

Soul Musings/Day 1: Generous Breath

Focus on the pelvis. A basin for the breath. How can we possibly breathe fully if the receptacle that provides the primary foundation from which our being fills is locked and rigid. 211 more words

Breathing Spaces

Just Breathe!

Video speaks for itself. Breath is Life………Life is Breath!



Unless the Zombie Apocalypses is upon us everyone reading this is alive and I bet you all think that breathing is something that happens automatically and easily? 708 more words