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The Words (Simon Williams)

the words
sit there
up in front
like a statue

too bold
and bright
to enliven
and befriend you

come this way
down the half-tunnelled path…
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With every breath...

With every breath
I plant the seeds of devotion.
I am a farmer of the heart.


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Please leave a mess when you go... (playing with haiku)

each breath is a poem
says this and says it again
rhythm of moments

the pear balances
whether lying or sitting
until it’s eaten! 70 more words

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Starting at the beginning...

‘In focusing on the breath when we meditate, we are learning right from the start to get comfortable with change. We see that we will have to be flexible…’

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Still breathing...

One of my primary intentions in beginning this blog was to document my journey through the mindfulness program outlined by Jon Kabat-Zinn in ‘Full Catastrophe Living.’ Other bloggers who have undertaken similar journeys, ‘ 473 more words

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Willingness is your second breathing:
Bring your attention to it;
and you will realise that even when you feel stuck
or hopeless,
your willingness continues…

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Remember to breathe... breathe to remember...


Our breathing is the roots of our calm presence and clear thinking. When we are born we stay with our mothers, and our fathers, held in their warmth, their life-giving energy, as we slowly grow our stamina and our courage for encountering and inhabiting our world. 476 more words

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