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Sip of Breath

You might not believe this: Those who put up a bright bubbly face are those with the darkest minds.

Our society demands us to be agreeable, accomodating, and entertaining. 253 more words


Be with it

Is everything going exactly as you planned today? Maybe you sat in traffic longer than usual. Or a colleague didn’t respond to an email the way you wanted. 247 more words


Stop for a Minute

The loud boy making jokes that weren’t a tad funny stopped mid sentence

and then the girl twirling her hair

looking at him with eyes that could engulf any flame and undermine it was blinking- 244 more words


Creating your Own Meditation Space

Following on from the post ‘What is Mindfulness-based Meditation?‘, it is vital for you to create your own space, safe haven, in order to practice meditation. 355 more words

Mental Health

What is Mindfulness-based Meditation?

With an estimated 350 million people affected worldwide, depression is one of the most common mental health conditions, and worryingly it is on the rise. Depressive symptoms range widely in their severity and treatments vary from person to person. 302 more words

Mental Health


From the first light
To the end of days
From infant’s first cry
To the last breath
Every trouble in mind
Every victory dance
You’ve been there… 26 more words


The Divine Breath

In you I breath, in you I find comfort

But when I suffocate due to worldly attraction

And doubt our divine existence

The divine in you breaths the divine in me… 21 more words