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Our Three Winners

“Ignorance killed my brother.”
“Spread love because they were full of love.”
— remarks from Deah, Yusor, and Razan’s families

Snow fell upon their bodies…

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A Heartbeat Away

In the war of words we fight to keep our scars healed

never really acknowledging our need for acceptance

shields up, because we have to, and yet… 40 more words

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The synchronicity of the universe astounds me; so I had to smile when I saw this post, after I had just posted "Breath." Sometimes when I read here, I am amazed as I see similar themes throughout wordpress on any given day. It's fun.

Deep Breaths

I swallow your breath

Engage in your want

Kisses, filled with depth





The moments

That cause us

To lose it

To catch it

To fight for it

To release it

Yet another thing unseen

As necessary as… 10 more words


It's back then

Cool sun, sky ice light blue. Commuters puff out their personal clouds and frown knowingly. “It’s back then. Aye, here’s winter again.”


Deep Breaths: this may only make sense to me

All my edges feel frayed.

Squeezed tight to hold the pieces of me together.

Emotional waves crashing over me, trying to remember how I get to shore. 202 more words


how should yoga feel?

Yoga is something that should feel really good. It doesn’t feel good all the time – we all have bad days when nothing seems to fit. 348 more words