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The Zen of meetings: Remembering to listen

Sometimes being in the moment means being bored. That is the uncomfortable reality of attending meetings.

I’m not a big fan of meetings. If they go on too long, and what meeting doesn’t, they release the squirmy preteen who lives in my head. 409 more words


August Poem 27

A tiny ring,

Smoke escaped his mouth.

He sat down on that rock

Next of smoke.


He held his breath and pulled another

Bag out of the back pocket of his toga. 9 more words


We were born to live.....not just work, pay bill, sleep and repeat

The 21st century – the century of technology and more choice.

We get up, go to work, pay bills, watch TV, sleep and repeat.

We have more choice yet we are a nation who is stressed out and cant keep up with the demand of having so much choice. 137 more words

When someone ‘gives’ you a broken lawn mower; a broken anything for that matter,

They’re not doing you a favour that requires you to give a favour back.

22 more words

changing times

When my partner used to go away, I’d freak out. Bail up with all the doors locked, not sleep and generally have a full-scale panic attack until he returned. 74 more words


The Everyday Vacation

Yoga for me is chance to take a little vacation everyday. A break from the usual routine, to relax, rediscover and refresh for or from the day. 380 more words