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Solitary Call

If you heed

Your heart’s need

To silence

The fretting discord

That bestrewed your soul,

You’ll hear

The gentle chime

Of each breath


Its solitary call. 11 more words

Anecdotes Of Life

a staggering compilation

but do you feel stimulated and does the warm air wrap itself around your ankles and whip at your neckflesh and do men hold your face in their hands with tenderness and does the wild eye of the sky keep pouring hot rain onto the pavement? 403 more words

5 work prayers I say daily

I work in customer service. A special type of this form.

From here on, special isn’t being used as the typical dictionary definition.

  1. Lord. Jesus. Take this wheel because they can perfectly see but they’re being extremely lazy and don’t want to help themselves.
  2. 225 more words
A Bit More Random


Breathing…it’s as simple as taking air in and releasing it again. So simple in fact that our bodies do it automatically without us ever thinking about it. 184 more words


on the mat: Tadasana


The end of the day

Standing in Tadasana
palms touch in prayer, eyes close
soles feel the ground for the first time today

a conscious breath… 26 more words

Inner Peace


The Coming Storm

The world abounds

with lessons for the soul

– a foreboding sky

with a silver sheen

or a butterfly showing

color before the storm… 48 more words

Are you ready?

We put on a pot of coffee, choose an outfit, and rush out the door – hopefully sporting a matching pair of shoes. Apart from your physical preparation, how are you getting ready for the day… 326 more words