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The power of your Breath; what have we forgotten?

Hello my friends, as always, I pray that you are in good health, wherever you may be. Today we shall focus on an issue that is of great importance in today’s day and age, yet is completely ignored by so many. 1,997 more words


The Worst Part About Being Sick...

…is not being able to breathe.

I rely so heavily on my breath now. I used to get pissed at my shrink when she would say things like, “Use your breath,” or, “You always have your breath.” It agitated me to the extreme. 162 more words


Flow to be Healed Yoga Program

Announcing Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation’s new Flow to be Healed Yoga program at The Bernard & Millie Duker’s Children’s Hospital in The Melodies Center! 764 more words


got patience

making do by

meandering into my

muscles, in sinews

I lay flat

I think of

your mouth

soft tissue

the sour-hoppy

flavour licking… 101 more words

Conscious Breath: Full Yogic Breathing

Have you ever forgotten how to breathe? Have you ever found yourself suddenly gasping for air or feeling light-headed? I know I have.

As a child (especially while playing) I found myself randomly panting and gulping down air as fast as possible. 499 more words

Temple PA Orthodontist Gives Tips for Fresh Breath While Wearing Braces

Wearing braces can pose many challenges. You can’t eat everything you’d like; it’s tougher to floss, and it’s harder to keep your teeth clean and free of food debris. 31 more words

Hong Kong - The Perfect City For Yoga

Yoga has made a tremendous growth in Hong Kong over the past few years, going from just small, independent trainers and studios here and there, to our current-day cult followings of Lulu Lemon or PURE Yoga. 343 more words