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Does the wind wind you up like a rubber band? If it does, that’s okay, because the windy wind can be used to take flight.

Calm breathing

When the body is in unrest, the mind is in unrest
When the mind is at rest, the body can rest
When the body is at rest, the mind can rest…

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(A piece I wrote in 2013)

What is an alarm system?

 It is a set up your house or work has to bring awareness when trouble arises. 558 more words


Story of the Elm Tree

I visit this tree often. In times of stress, fear or sadness. I do make an effort to also visit when im happy  and calm. But lets face it…we usually only visit our safe places when we are scared and feel threatened. 370 more words


Every Breath you take Part 2 - Khumbaka

A while ago I published an article on why the kind of managed breathing we do in yoga is so good for you in terms of mindfulness and general good health. 759 more words

Benefits Of Yoga

refrain ~

how sweet
the moment
when morning awakes
and rolls from her bed
in the dark
sweated and thirsty
for one more
lost to the memory… 38 more words


wasted breath

I’ve always loved fireworks. From the smallest sparklers and firecrackers to the amazing displays that occur around major holidays, I’ve always found myself mesmerized. I even remember the first time my dad let me save up my money to buy my own fireworks. 513 more words