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Language has evolved beyond my capacity to use it

Hooves on the waves, water stampeding stone,

the letters I write, the sounds I hear clash… 95 more words


they came ...

they came

they conquered

they completely overwhelmed

they left.

and here i am –

conquered, and overwhelmed.

fuck christmas.



Guess what niggahs …

“I” am not Now,

nor have I ever been,

part of the “We”.



*trigger warning*

Today I feel breathless
I feel as though no amount of air can fill me inside
No amount of air can make me feel alive… 224 more words

oh yes, its that 'christmas' thing

It’s that time of year where the expectations shoot through the roof.

What do I mean – other than the usual …’buy me’, ‘try me’ thing? 308 more words


366 reasons to smile ~ +351.

+351. Oh yes, lost that a long time ago ;)


A picture of a meerkat upper body with his little paw over one of his ‘brows’, like he’s looking at something in the distance and the caption reads: 15 more words



The heart stirs at the sound of a motorcycle—speeding—broken noise coming through glass. I tell myself that, maybe, after enough practice, the stirring will understand the breath, or that the breath will instruct the stirring to understand that the motor of the engine eventually rises like a flag, eventually reaches the summit like a hiker. 28 more words