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Why Don't We?

Why don’t we
let out our emotions?

Why don’t we express what we’re feeling
to the fullest?

Why do we hide?

Why don’t we be fearless?! 129 more words

New to Yoga? What to Expect From Your First Class

So whether you do your first downward dog at 14 or 44, it’s not your history, but your presence on the mat that counts.

995 more words
Yoga Tradition

Check out my Get Moving session on Fitbit Coach!

just finished a great workout with @Fitbit Coach, my new workout obsession. I love that I can do this workout anytime, anywhere – you should try it! 6 more words



It’s gonna hurt, I’m not gonna lie it’s gonna hurt for a long time. the pain in your chest, the emptiness inside, it will seem to go on for forever. 185 more words

Never skip a day

Spending a single day without taking one deep breath mindfully and concentrating on how mother nature’s air fills our lungs to nurture us is just simply wasting a day. 28 more words


A Recipe for Peace of Mind

Every day sit quietly.

Choose not to think.

Take a deep breath.

Continue to breathe.

Give your brain a rest.

Relax all your limbs

Close your eyes. 26 more words