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Step 1: Ujjayi

Ujjayi breath is achieved by breathing in and out through the nose while constricting the glottis at the back of the throat. Here’s how to do it: 827 more words

Yoga News

power of dreaming

the other day, my son, age 6 1/2, told me he had made a wish. he had wished for a fighter jet. it had been an eyelash wish. 331 more words


Wonderous Explorations: Look Up

Hi everyone!

Lately I’ve been going through a tough situation causing me to be very stressed out and worrisome. I need a break, but vacation isn’t for anothet week so I turned to a different way of relaxation. 297 more words


Take a Breath

This picture doesn’t capture the colorful glimpse I caught of the world yesterday. Yesterday, I saw soft blue paneling where there is actually eggshell paneling. A yellow shine on the roof reflected the light of a red setting sun. 318 more words


Start With Simply Starting ...

Start with simply starting.

Clear out a little space for yourself. Place a cushion, or a mat to sit on. Light an incense stick. Light a little lamp. 161 more words


The Ark of Salvation

Noah preached to the population around him for 120 years as he built the Ark. The wickedness of man had reached the apex of God’s forbearance. 362 more words

Biblical Truth

Love those that reach your heart, you don't know life's plans. So Love and laugh loudly! And always have hope.

I do believe it’s not about how long you know someone it’s about how much they touch your heart in this life that impacts us the most. 657 more words

Heartache Adventures