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Lost God

To he who is lost
God is, too
yet God is everywhere
part of all you see
and do not see

Breath deeply
for even in the air… 34 more words


Orange Unicorn - Breaaaaaathe 03

I’ve been needing presence of mind. With the first week of classes of my junior year under my belt, all I wanted this past week was rest and to be present. 78 more words

Orange Unicorn

How to Drive in SoCal

Did you know that there are new driving rules? ¬†You won’t find these rules written down in your Driver’s Hand Book or online. You have to learn these rules by driving around in Southern California. 408 more words


Trying On Guard!

I get sick EVERY time I fly. It never fails. With the enclosed space, the re-circulated air and 150 bodies – some of which are carrying nasty bacteria – I’m usually a goner. 478 more words


It's laundry time...

I have made the decision that life is not like a box of chocolates.

(Especially when you mysteriously went of chocolate 6 weeks ago.)

Life is like a load of washing you hang out to dry when there’s a chance of rain. 252 more words

Morning routine

I believe that small adjustments are a quick way to a happy day. (I know, I’m sorry for rhyming, annoying.)

I wouldn’t consider myself a morning person, I could sleep for many more hours than I do. 364 more words


The Biggest Test Of My Life! How Can I Be Calm?!?!

“Is my university entry exam, which i have been preparing for a year, problem is that although i have been getting good scores in my verbal exam all year, today I did one where i got a really bad score, so im panicking, what can i do?

245 more words
Breathing Techniques