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Never Satisfied

A few weeks ago my guy and I were paddling around the harbor in Ventura, California and I saw this boat. Isn’t it great?

The name put a little catch in my heart because It immediately reminded me of my Ex Husband. 567 more words


The Constancy of Change

It’s getting really empty in here! I’m down to one fork, one plate and one cup. All traces of “me” are being erased and packed away in cardboard boxes and big black plastic bags. 469 more words


Cookie Police!

Do you like cookies? My favorite is a coconut macaroon but I’ll try just about any cookie once. I guess I like cookies as much as the next person. 503 more words


Lowering your risk of a heart attack is easy.

Just breathe. Taking 6 slow, deep breaths – the kind that expand and contract your diaphragm – can reduce your blood pressure by 10 points in just minutes!  38 more words

Connie Sellecca

How to escape post-work fatigue and bubble with energy

Post-work fatigue can be a downer in multiple ways – you won’t have the energy to make yourself and family a proper dinner or you’ll miss that movie you’ve been looking forward to because you just can’t drag yourself off the couch and get dressed. 425 more words


Plot Twist!

I was almost in a car accident today – A BIG one. It was a close call and I’m still a little shaken. I was driving down the road with a friend and I looked in the rear view mirror to see a car coming up fast on my tail. 480 more words