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* Stressed? Quick Tips to Nourish and Restore

When you notice your body and brain are no longer cooperating and you are looking blankly at a blank screen … What do you do? 746 more words

Middle Ground

* Breathe from your Middle Ground

I am recovering from a lingering cold which has zapped the energy for several days. Today I’m finally breathing better and feeling more like my self again. 399 more words

Middle Ground

The Last Breath

Breathing is an indicator of whether we are alive or not.

We come into this world taking our first breath with somewhat of a struggle as we inhale this new substance called air. 514 more words

Breathing Spaces

5 Reasons for Yoga By Rachel Cope Tarvin

Yoga has been proven to have may benefits. Although I myself do not practice it, (but I do use some moves for mobility.) I definitely see its usefulness in a good training program in order to stay balanced and mobile. 725 more words


Soul Musings/Day 16: The Pause

“We too should make ourselves empty, that the great Soul of the Universe may fill us with its breath”. Laurence Binyon

It is within the stillness and emptiness of the pause that all life unfolds. 289 more words

Breathing Spaces

Soul Musings/Day 13: Trusting There Is Enough

Trusting that there is enough air to breathe is an underlying sustainable process that goes on day after day without our conscious attention.  Imagine for a moment that all aspects of your life carried this much… 423 more words

Breathing Spaces

Soul Musings/Day 6: Essensual Breath

All life that came before us depended on senses to navigate their particular place in the world, their physical survival actually depending upon it. As this connection deepens, and in some cases returns, our direct experience of life in the moment expands. 248 more words

Breathing Spaces