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"Where to Buy a Watch Without Breaking the Bank"

The definition of an accessory is a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. While the selection of accessories for men is far less than those available to women, we as men can still make the same impact with our choice of accessories. 421 more words


Busão sem noção na Mogi-Bertioga


Em 2013 havia escrito um post sobre a descida da Mogi-Bertioga em bicicleta. Naquela ocasião eu não recomendava esta estrada para quem estivesse descendo sozinho, já que na serra há apenas uma única faixa para quem desce e os veículos pressionam e tentam, a todo momento, te tirar da pista. 670 more words

Style Suggestion: Valentine's Day

The day is almost upon us — a holiday to celebrate being with someone you love that also happens to bring up questions on what to do if your on your own. 1,168 more words

Men's Style

Velvet Dreams

I have finally found the perfect backpack! I am so in love with this velvet babe from Sandro Paris. As you might have seen in my previous post I already have the bomber jacket from the same collection. 154 more words


Onderzoek naar Pedo-pater 'loopt nog' niet zo lang als dat van ‘Pedo-Joris Demmink’.

( van onze VVD Pedo- Klasse- Justitie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Brazilië,waar zijn 4000 verdwenen  straatkinderen gebleven’. Bij de Dutch Pater?
Het ‘Doofpot-onderzoek’ naar de Vlaamse pedo pater, die wordt verdacht van arbeiders en wezen kindermisbruik en nu illegaal een… 373 more words


Moving away

I haven’t posted in a while because to be honest I have been much too busy. I moved to the Netherlands on the 1st and since then I have just been trying to find my way around whilst constantly apologising about being English and not being able to speak a second language. 451 more words


Today: Catching Up

I started a new semester this week! I’ve begun working on my thesis, so I haven’t got as many regular classes to attend as usual. This still means I will be really busy, but it also means I will have a little bit more flexibility in terms of planning school work and other activities. 105 more words