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On June 8, 2016 and in May 2015 several times, I went to the CSM site, a former factory site, and found the birds again that were staying in great numbers in a pond on the property. 111 more words

Contemporary Art



The images for the ‘Academiesingel’ series arose in a period of 3 months and consists of air and water images. This series shows the environment in which I live. 146 more words

Contemporary Art


2011 – 2016

This series started with my fascination for the blue of the sky just before it gets dark. Ever since I am engaged in the subject sky. 144 more words

Contemporary Art

Belcrum Beach Aircooled

Belcrum Beach Aircooled
24 juli 2016
Breda, The Netherlands

More details at:
Web site: http://www.vwshows.com/bba/


Are you scared to move?

In six weeks from now I am living in Netherlands. Breda will be my new home till the end of this year. When I am talking about this with people I hear often questions about safety in Europe, and if I am scared to move away from Finland. 655 more words

Dress to impress

Shop sign, Breda, May 2016

Just love this sign! Great style in all its simplicity. I tried out capturing the dress in different patterns like the sky- and wallpattern. 6 more words

Life Is A One Time Offer

“Life is a one time offer. Use it well.” 
– Unknown

This weekend, I was able to check another item off my bucket list! I cycled from my city to a small village in Belgium called Meers. 36 more words