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Trying out the Benelux-intercity train from Antwerp to Breda

We just had to. Since 9 April the Benelux-intercity train has a different route and thus links Antwerp to North Brabant town of Breda. 255 more words


The Declaration of Breda.

On this date in History: April 4, 1660. Charles II, King of England, Scotland and Ireland issues The Declaration of Breda.

The Declaration of Breda (dated April 4, 1660) was a proclamation by Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland in which he promised a general pardon for crimes committed during the English Civil War and the Interregnum for all those who recognised Charles as the lawful king; the retention by the current owners of property purchased during the same period; religious toleration; and the payment of pay arrears to members of the army, and that the army would be recommissioned into service under the crown. 712 more words

This Day In Royal History

Eindelijk Schaatsen / Finely Ice-Skating

Ooo jaaaa na 5 jaar eindelijk geschaatst op natuurijs. Wat supergeweldig zeggg!!!

Ooo yeahhh, finally skating on natural ice. It was 5 years ago that it was possible in this country. So enjoying and wonderful!

Selfie Timeeee

What's your opinion of Dutch people?

I’m Belgian, and speak Dutch, and this is obviously just my opinion, and you can call me a self-hating Belgian for saying this:

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