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Born This Day in 1833 ~ Lydia Jane GRAY

Name: Lydia Jane GRAY
Birth: 22 April 1833; Ohio
Parents: John GRAY and Elizabeth BREECH
Spouse: Jeremiah PITTMAN
Death: 09 February 1923; Flushing, Belmont County, Ohio… 7 more words


letting go: the extensive lessons of motherhood

I stand in the kitchen chopping upĀ pumpkin to roast and feel my baby kicking: low in my pelvis.

Instead of feeling elated at my baby saying hello, I feel drained. 718 more words


37 Week Update

I’ve made it to full term! I can’t believe that I have a full-sized baby in my belly now and I’m only three weeks from my due date! 824 more words


A bump in the road (or how not to do pregnancy)

Before I became pregnant I had an image in my head of how it would be. I would be glowing with magical thick pregnancy hair and beautiful, clear pregnancy skin. 863 more words


Twins!! A footling breech and a frank breech!

“At 7am it was time to get in the birthing pool that was set up in the middle of the dining room. It felt amazing and just what I needed at that point. 96 more words

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“New Canadian guidelines reverse the long held thought that all breech babies should get a section and are now confirming what we all know bum down babies can be born through vaginas.” To read several (frank and footling) breech birth stories, <<click here>>.

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Uncooperative Baby

About a month ago I had an ultrasound to check the baby’s growth. My fundal height had been measuring on the small side and I hadn’t been gaining as much weight as one would expect so as a precaution one of my midwives ordered an ultrasound just to be sure that the baby was growing properly. 414 more words

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