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Better late than never – a birth story finally told

My daughter turns two on Sunday. I really can’t believe it. It’s the mystery of parents everywhere, how the long days, sleepless nights, and daily wonders transcend into what seem to be short years. 1,827 more words

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2nd Trimester: A change in fetal movement (decrease intensity and frequency of kicks)

On 16th March, I just had my monthly antenatal check-up.  My OB-GYN was happy to see that my baby was very active during the routine ultrasound screening.   572 more words


Breech A Variation Of Normal

To me breech is a variation of normal. Well not only to me, 4% of babies are breech so it must be pretty normal to them too.

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Birth Video Of A Breech Baby

Breech birth seems to be widely searched on the Internet and information on a normal birth with a breech baby is getting more and more difficult to access. 197 more words

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Everything Is Just Breechy

I think the best way to help the woman is to keep the atmosphere calm and create as little stress as possible.

I also agree with this:

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And the good news is…Breech!

New Canadian guidelines reverse the long held thought that all breech babies should get a section and are now confirming what we all know bum down babies can be born through vaginas. 21 more words

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Frank Breech Birth Video

Here is a fantastic video of a frank Breech taken last week.

This woman had an unusual journey into homebirth. She lives in rural Australia and had to come into the city to birth so had booked the birth centre.

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