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The Lenten Writings:  April gives birth

This is a day where we remember the waiting, the not knowing what would come next on that long ago Saturday. The day between.

Waiting is SO hard. 387 more words


Doctor in Queens, NY Delivers Breech Babies!

Great news from the community of Birth workers in New York that has many of us shouting for joy and some of us just glad the news is out. 307 more words


Thanks for the Show Big Guy!

After several trips on the whale watching boat at Dana Point Harbor in California and seeing numerous pods of whales over the years, I finally got to see my first breeched whale!   193 more words

"Hang Time"

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.”
― Gloria Steinem

The next in my series of whale photos is this Humpback calf, as it defies gravity, leaping from the ocean waters in a graceful twist. 278 more words


TV Manufacturer Vizio Spies On Customers Using Advanced Big Data Analytics

US TV manufacturer Vizio’s underhanded Big Data dealing may have just cost it $2.2 million but I think it is something we can unfortunately expect to see a lot more of. 175 more words

Cyber Security

I have a breech baby and I am terrified!

Today I’m 31+4 weeks pregnant and my little Squish is still breech. So here I am, trying desperately not to cross my legs as I sit down to study/write this post. 545 more words


Mad Mondays: 5. The Ferguson Rifle

The disadvantages of a muzzle-loading firearm at this point were quite clear. They were slow to load, inaccurate and could not be easily re-loaded on horseback.  421 more words