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SEC reveals it was hacked, information may have been used for illegal stock trades - The Washington Post

The Securities and Exchange Commission, the country’s top Wall Street regulator, announced Wednesday that hackers breached its system for storing documents filed by publicly traded companies last year, potentially accessing data that allowed the intruders to make an illegal profit. 117 more words

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Cybersecurity pros anticipate AI attacks

The next major cyberattack could involve artificial intelligence systems. It could even happen soon: At a recent cybersecurity conference, 62 industry professionals, out of the 100 questioned… 420 more words

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Cryptocurrency Cyber Crime Has Cost Victims Millions This Year - Bloomberg

  • More than 10% of ether holdings for ICOs this year missing

  • More than 30,000 have lost about $7,500 each from ether crime

Here’s another reason to be leery of the initial coin offerings being done at a staggering pace in the cryptocurrency world: there’s a one-in-10 chance you’ll end up a victim of theft. 491 more words

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Mercy In An Aquatic Ballet

Mercy In An Aquatic Ballet
by Michael Romani

Behemoths glide in slow motion
Dancing on the surface of the ocean
Humpback Whales in a water ballet
Immersed and then breeching in aquatic play

We bring the boats up closely
To get a better look, mostly
All these fins, flukes and tails
Gathered into a whale sized tale

It's an unbelievable sight to see
A Tongan homo aquatus fantasy
The oceans are a lung to the world
A new breath in each wave uncurled

But, for now in this moment's beauty
Men such as me have no greater duty
Than to speak out for fellow citizens
Against destroying the oceans for its ditizens

Bellowing echoes escape in tragic plea
Gentle giants crying out for mercy
Their dying souls spread across the sands
Asking quietly for man's helping hand

For me, as long as I have a breath in me
I will offer a silent prayer for thee
And I will speak as long as my voice does not fail
On behalf of you the beautiful Humpback Whales

(c) August 10, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserve
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Waiting for baby girl - part 1

My new niece is about to be born. As her mom, my sister-in-law, is nearing the 24-hours in labor mark, I’m reminded of my two baby’s births.  324 more words


Massive Security Breach Exposes 14 Million Verizon Subscribers' Data

Millions of Verizon customer records have been exposed by an Israeli technology company, a ZDNetreport claimed last night. According to the report, as many as 14 million Verizon customers who called the company’s customer service in the past six months may have their data exposed. 113 more words

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Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked! Over $1 Million Worth Bitcoin and Ether Stolen

One of the world’s largest Bitcoin and Ether cryptocurrencies exchanges Bithumb has recently been hacked, resulting in loss of more than $1 Million in cryptocurrencies after a number of its user accounts compromised. 219 more words

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