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Breed Specific Legislation: Ineffective, Costly, and Unjust

Most people can agree that it is unjust to make generalizations about someone, punish them, or discard them based on their appearance alone. You can’t just kick someone out of your community because they look a certain way.  397 more words

Pit Bulls

I was able to watch a show by dog trainer Cesar Millan on pit bulls. He made cogent arguments that they be accepted into society and went from bad neighborhoods where people make the dogs fight each other to shelters who rehabilitate these dogs and breed others to be family pets. 335 more words


Not Really A Dog Person

I am not really a dog person, but to me it seems ridiculous that a dog who has been forced by humans to fight and because of this has gained a reputation for “agressiveness” is being subjected to breed bans in many places.   96 more words


AKC GR Resources: Wow, Can I Get a Copy of That?

By Patty Van Sicklen, AKC Legislative Analyst

That was a frequent question by visitors to the AKC Government Relations booth at the 2014 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando, Florida. 274 more words

Government Relations

Small Louisiana Village Backtracking on Draconian Breed-Specific Law?

By Phil Guidry, AKC Government Relations Sr. Policy Analyst

Last month, the Board of Aldermen of Moreauville, Louisiana, a village of approximately 1,000 residents in Avoyelles Parish, passed a draconian breed-specific vicious dog law that bans the ownership of “pit bulls” and Rottweilers. 389 more words

Government Relations

The consequences of setting a dog up for failure

My heart is broken tonight over a terrible situation that has absolutely no winners.

It’s a no good deed goes unpunished story. A woman agreed to take on a challenging dog with an apparent history of biting to help a friend.   848 more words

Serious Stuff

Be Your Dog’s Best Friend and a Good Neighbor

By Patty Van Sicklen, AKC Government Relations Legislative Analyst

Dog limit laws. Breed bans. “No Dogs Allowed” signs at parks, lakes, and trails. Have you ever considered what prompts such restrictions? 291 more words

Government Relations