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Adopt instead of buying...

Recently, I’ve started an Instagram account (hisimi_and_ cat friends) for my lovely cat friends. My objective is simple, to encourage people to adopt stray cats instead of buying. 257 more words


New Game Lets You Create Unholy Monster Mashups

(Source: kotaku.com)

If you’ve ever idly wondered what it would be like if the Predator and the Terminator had a child, Monster Breeder is the perfect game to scratch that highly specific itch. 376 more words


What To Do When You Pick Up Your Puppy From The Breeder

For our whole family this was the most eagerly awaited day of the year. For days we had pored over our pictures of Cinders our cockapoo, counting down to the time when we would fetch her home. 326 more words

Finley update: 5 weeks old!

On Thursday Finley turned 5 weeks old, and suddenly he is no more a little furry slug, but is actually an alert, active puppy!!

I can’t believe how adorable he is right now, it honestly blows my mind. 63 more words


Finley updates, 2-4 weeks old

Have I posted ANY info on Finley yet? 😕

Finley is currently 4.5 weeks old. His mum is 1/2 Labrador and his dad is a beautiful, trim full Lab. 179 more words


5 Tips To Help You Pick The Best Frenchie Puppy In The Litter

I knew I was serious about bringing home a Frenchie puppy about 8 months before it actually happened. I spent those months researching the breed… 1,514 more words

French Bulldog

The 10 Questions You Must Ask A French Bulldog Breeder If You Want A Happy, Healthy Puppy

French bulldogs are an expensive breed.

Typically puppies sell for anywhere between $2,000 and $6,000, depending on the color, gender, and bloodlines of the puppy as well as the registration (full or limited) and breeding rights you agree to with the breeder. 1,013 more words

French Bulldog