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Two new BEAUTIFUL girls!

Our two new mice arrived today and I almost cried upon seeing them…guys, they are perfection :) <3

We haven’t 100% decided on their names yet, but we have two 11 week old girls, a solid white with black eyes (these are very hard to come by and this little girl is a stunner) and an almost solid black, with a small splash of white on her belly – again, truly beautiful. 149 more words


Just over a week to go!

Yep, in one weeks’ time we can properly think about breeding Carmella and Alexa.

I’m getting nervous now!

I had a dream last night where Alexa had given birth and Carmella was massively pregnant, but Alexa had built her nest on the top level of a wired cage, which meant we had to transfer the babies one-by-one, using lollipop sticks, to the bottom floor of the cage! 338 more words


Reviewed: "Criminal" by K.B. Hoyle

I read a book in December 2014 called Breeder by K.B. Hoyle and I loved it. The story of a dystopian world in which the perfect specimens of young women are selected to be breeders, producing the perfect offspring for the United World Order. 818 more words


I'm so excited!!

Ever since the age of about ten, I have always wanted a pet ferret.

At 12 I had a science teacher who also kept and bred ferrets, and I swear half my science lessons were spent quizzing him on the merits of ferret ownership and asking him if my set-up ideas sounded good! 705 more words


We have the mice!

Yay, the girls arrived late this afternoon :D

We have Alexa, a beautiful lilac and white girl, and Carmella, a satin mostly fawn / yellow girl with a little white on her. 349 more words


No girls yet!

Bit of a problem yesterday means the girls arrival has had to be delayed for a while…so now I’m just sat staring wistfully at an empty tank!! 22 more words


Ball Python Project (BPP)

I currently have 8 Ball Pythons and I plan to collect more and become a breeder. Throughout my time handling the snakes I will post updates using the tag (BPP) in the title as seen above.