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No Such Thing as 'Responsible Breeder'

Many people, upon learning of the atrocities of puppy, kitten and rabbit mills, decide to buy their animals from so called ‘responsible breeders’. While it is true maybe thy don’t keep their animals in cages, and provide vet care, they are by no means responsible. 184 more words

Animal Issues

Socialization of the Chesapeake

One of the greatest things I love about Chesapeake’s is their loyalty to their owner. With this loyalty comes a great responsibility to the owner. … 616 more words

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

One Female Puppy Available

We have one puppy left and she is extremely playful, spunky, sweet and intelligent.  She has more ball drive than her sisters, and is just adorable!  117 more words

Southern Indiana

Three Key Strategies To Reduce Genetic Canine Disorders


The Institute of Canine Biology is an independent, international consortium of canine biologists.


By Carol Beuchat PhD

In many breeds, dodging genetic disorders is becoming a significant problem because troublesome recessive mutations can be widespread in the population. 1,219 more words


Diaries of a Dog Trainer (part 3).

Acquiring Misty was somewhat of a bizarre event. Although I can’t remember the details of the entire event, I do recall the conversation my mother had with my grandad at the time. 1,873 more words

Sheltie Breeders - Selecting the Right Breeder Can Save You Heartache and Money

Judy Weir:  Deciding to have a pet in your home is a decision that some people fail to fully appreciate. It’s a commitment that will impact your home, family, your wallet and your lifestyle. 1,105 more words