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Parliamentary Debate on Puppy Farming, Ban Sales of Puppies and Kittens, Pup Aid

Congratulations to Pup Aid anti puppy farming campaign for getting today’s milestone Parliamentary debate on puppy farming.  This huge achievement has taken a lot of work via a petition to force the government to listen.   394 more words

Puppy Farming

Dangerous Dogs Act, dog breeding regulations,a Dog Charter?

Since the Dangerous Dogs Act was hastily rushed through in 1991 after a seeming increase in dog attacks it has been heavily criticised.  In the main this is because the breeds it banned are now more easily available and desirable to the people who shouldn’t have them and the law punishes dogs and not the idiot owners. 556 more words


Keith Lemon ITV show LemonAid and the Pug Puppy

 We all know TV can work wonders for good causes and many great documentaries have highlighted animal cruelty, the stray dog problem and much more.  There is another side, shown last night on the ITV show LemonAid was the throw away giving of dogs as prizes on TV. 913 more words

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