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Breeding Season

This week it was time to separate sheep into breeding groups. After much debate and deliberation I ended up using five rams this year. I don’t NEED five rams for the number of ewes I have but it’s always fun to find out how each ram will match with the flock…and there is also a bit of “not putting all one’s eggs in one basket”. 785 more words

Breeding Day for One Doe

This morning we found Snickers, my son’s three-year-old Toggenburg doe, in heat. If you’ve never had a goat in heat before and don’t know what to look for, here are the clues: 441 more words


Patience ...

Today’s mission and this weeks missions are similar… the first to gather images for this seasons talks based on a new theme which will be something along the lines of “What is it really like to be a wildlife photographer” but of course with a catchy title and more thought put into the content! 314 more words


Editing the endless edit pile...

Editing is a process that is endless… when you start to get somewhere you get caught up on a new trip or images you find in the process… so iv tried to start editing things  that i havnt yet had the chance to share… as it turns out i only have one hard drive with me so im having to edit images that do actually finally need edited!! 56 more words


Breeding Season

Thaddaea the gecko has been restless lately. I know she was supposed to be a male, but I had a good look at her bottom a while back and thought she looked like a female. 98 more words