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Patience ...

Today’s mission and this weeks missions are similar… the first to gather images for this seasons talks based on a new theme which will be something along the lines of “What is it really like to be a wildlife photographer” but of course with a catchy title and more thought put into the content! 314 more words


Editing the endless edit pile...

Editing is a process that is endless… when you start to get somewhere you get caught up on a new trip or images you find in the process… so iv tried to start editing things ¬†that i havnt yet had the chance to share… as it turns out i only have one hard drive with me so im having to edit images that do actually finally need edited!! 56 more words


Breeding Season

Thaddaea the gecko has been restless lately. I know she was supposed to be a male, but I had a good look at her bottom a while back and thought she looked like a female. 98 more words

Nature Study: Bobcats

January through March is breeding season for the big cats in Colorado. The males descend from high mountain peaks to search for a mate in the foothills. 323 more words

Nature Study

Where are the whales now?

Photos taken by Leslie Rapp, 2016

Where do our whales go in the winter? They head south to the Caribbean. Many of the whales in the N. 309 more words

Breeding Season

Beef Cattle Tips- January

January is the middle of the fall breeding season. Check bulls to be sure they are maintaining body condition and are still sound (feet, legs, eyes, and etc).   73 more words

Beef Cattle